Sensual, Romantic Sex: The Secrets To Passionate Love Making

It's crazy.

Today we are so overexposed to crazy, rough sex adult videos, that we don't even really know how to have sensual, romantic sex with our special someone… 💑

Be it your man, your wife… ❤️

Having sex and making love are two different things.

I must say, I never experienced love making before I met my current girlfriend 2 years ago (and I am 30, male).

You cannot make love to a random hookup.

You cannot make love with someone you don't deeply love.

Sensual, romantic sex is the closest thing to tantric sex. But no need to complicate it, you don't need to know tantra to practice it.

You move slowly, there's lots of eye contact, slow kissing, body exploration…

Sensual sex has a lot more presence, a lot less thrusting.

It's beautiful and amazing thing to grow into with your loved one.

In this guide you'll learn how to have sensual, romantic sex by hearing many people sharing their stories and best tips.

It's about perspective, it's about understanding the feeling that happens when you make love to someone.

And then… then you just do it…

Rough sex is cool, but romantic sex is the best thing you can ever experience…

Making Love Vs Having Sex

In my opinion:

Fucking is about me (self-centered), while making love is about us.

Here's a story that best illustrates the difference:

“I (26, male) have always put a divide in my sex life between making love and having sex.”

Don’t get me wrong, there is an emotional connection between myself and my partner (24, female), but that’s not what’s on display during sex.

My GF and I have some sick nasty sex, I love it and it’s crazy. I’ve never connected with someone so well before, especially sexually.

We’re totally open about our weird stuff, which is really weird stuff, even by hentai standards kinda weird stuff.

I’d mentioned early in the relationship that I have this mental divide between making love and having sex. She didn’t really understand what I meant.

I explained that when you make love there is a lot more eye contact, sensual kissing, you hold each other tight, it’s much slower paced and you say sweet things to each other, stuff you wouldn’t normally say.

It’s emotionally charged and a special moment you share.

I told her I’d never done it before but always wanted to.

She of course teased me about it.

She’s a wild child and we’ve both had trouble communicating emotions verbally.

We both show affection physically with kisses, cuddles and are very selective of our partners.

We have very high sex drives so when she started having trouble getting in the mood it was, odd.

She’d never had that happen before and we’d been having better and better sex the last week or so.

Just finished a willy clone she’s been incredibly excited for and to take home with her too.

I realized something was off when we were doing a session of one of her fetishes and she just didn’t really seem into it.

We stopped about 20 minutes in and talked about what’s going on.

She felt really bad about it and apologized.

She’s usually ready to go at the drop of a hat.

She confessed that she wanted more kisses, affection, and sweet talk for a little bit.

I held her on my lap in a cuddle type position for a little while and talked about what’s going on with her and had a nice moment.

I put away the kinky stuff, sat back down and pulled her onto my lap and we cuddled for a bit longer.

After a while I pulled her chin up and started kissing her sensually.

Usually there is a fair amount of tongue and it’s all hot and heavy.

This time I kept the pace slow and light, no tongue.

Moved to kissing on her neck and saying some sweet stuff about how much I love her and what she means to me.

She started shuttering and getting into things.

I took her by the hand and moved from the living room couch to my bed.

Things continued as they do and we made love.

It was a beautiful moment.

She has a hard time looking me in the eye during sex.

This time we had a lot of eye contact and that means a lot to me, she’s shy about it.

She even sweet talked me which is not at all her forte.

She has an extremely hard time opening up to people so for her to be vulnerable like that means the world to me.

After things hit their climax we laid there staring at each other, kissing and flipping each other shit about being all mushy.

She got really red in the face and told me it was the best sex she’d ever had.

That hit me petty hard emotionally.

Her sex drive is back up to full throttle too.”

Source: DanteChurch

How to Have Romantic Sex? How To Make Love To A Man Or Woman?

Let's move on to how to…

How do you actually do that? 😐

To me as a man a crucial ingredient to make love-making enjoyable was…

To stop masturbating…

I stopped touching myself for a week.

Previously I couldn't enjoy sensual sex because I had overstimulated myself with porn, so I went on porn, no masturbation detox

And this made all the difference. 👍

You see, when you reset your mind, you get a lot more sensitive.

Suddenly I couldn't even have rough sex even if I wanted… I would ejaculate in few minutes!

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Because of this sensitivity I naturally wanted slower sex and I was able to enjoy every second of it.

I do think that women are naturally equipped to know how to make love to a man… just a man needs to be open to the exploration.

As a man, you just need to build up your sexual energy.

And then…when you're having sex the next time:

  • prepare the atmosphere ( no interruptions, slow music)
  • go incredibly slow (the good old missionary while making out always is a great start)
  • have plenty of eye contact
  • plenty of slow kissing
  • explore each other's bodies with light, sensual touch
  • be in the moment — think of it as a sensual meditation
This could be a nice music to make love to.

Here are other people best tips on how to actually enjoy romantic sex:

“I always got soooo turned on when my ex and I would have passionate, romantic sex. “

“For example, I would sit on his lap with his cock inside me, and slowly ride him while tightly wrapping my arms around him and staring into his eyes.

Talking is key in these scenarios.

He would whisper “God, baby you’re the most beautiful thing in the world. I love you so much.”

As he said that, with his cock sliding in and out of me really slow, it was pretty much pushing me over the edge of the cliff.

In those romantic moments, think about how much your SO means to you, and look into his eyes.

It makes the whole thing so unbelievably overwhelming. It’s hot as hell.”

Source: Ubernoobster

“I’m the midst of rediscovering romantic sex myself. “

“What works for us is really slowing things down and taking our time.

Lots more kissing, rubbing noses, looking at each other, touching, embracing, smiling/laughing and foreplay.

I love when my SO puts his fingers in my hair or cups my face when kissing me.

Penetration is slower too (no jackhammering until maybe the very end) and I’m actually remembering that it feels really really good this way.

We kiss when in missionary, or in cowgirl he’ll pull me toward him and kiss me and hug me, or he’ll kiss my neck or back in doggy.

If we talk during it, it usually involves “I love you so much, I’m so happy you’re mine, you’re beautiful”.

I love how we just linger on each other, like we really really need/want each other.

When we have this kind of sex I almost feel like I’m melting into him, we’re that connected.
It’s different, it’s not a dopamine rush like when we have rough sex, the good feelings last longer, probably cause we’re all cuddly and sweet for a good while afterward.

After sex hold each other and kiss for awhile, look at her and tell her she’s beautiful and that you love her.

Telling a woman she’s beautiful is almost like telling her thanks for sharing your body with me, it’s a wonderful thing to hear.”

Source: woohooanal1

“I love slow passionate sex. I light some candles, put on some music.”

“We make out, I touch her.

I don’t just slide my dick in.

I start with the tip for a few.

Then she starts begging for more.

Eventually I slide all the way in.

But I rarely just pound away.

It’s always slow, gentle, unless she asks for it harder.

My dick usually just sits inside her, pulsating, feeling her wet warm pussy.

Eventually I buy myself inside her at the right angle until she cums.

Most women don’t like when you just slam your dick inside them.

Learn to make love.

Passion and intensity is where it’s at.”

Source: Dmizzle1

“There are two kinds of sex: fucking and love-making. How to make love to man..”

Fucking is fun and wild and exciting.
Love making is slow and passionate and makes you feel extremely close to your partner.

“Both are pretty important in a relationship, particularly if one or both of you is inexperienced.

Love-making is a whole different kind of experience, and I personally would feel uncomfortable in a relationship that is completely without it.


You need a different mindset for this.

You’re not there to impress him. [Trust me, there will be no need]

You are not there just to “have a little fun,” and most importantly, you’re not there for the climax!

Its the journey you’re focused on here, not the destination. And you’re taking this trip with your guy, not for him.

Here is what you do:

This needs to be after a romantic evening, or spontaneous. [No brainer, those nights where you’re cuddling in bed, but neither of you are really expecting anything to happen, but then it does.]

Drag out the foreplay session. In fact, be prepared to drag this entire session out a few hours. [The word slow is thrown around a lot. It must be important.]

Don’t do anything wild tonight.

Missionary and/or the female equivalent.

Positions which allow eye contact, kissing, and hand holding, hugging, other things that you may still be doing from your foreplay.

Ride slow. Enjoy the feeling, make it last.

Tease your guy. What’s important is that your world revolves around that feeling, and the man giving it to you.

Make it last. If you or him start getting close, slow down or even stop. Start playing like its foreplay again, even while he’s inside you.

Go again when you both are ready. If you do this right, and get a good enough understanding of each other, you may even be able to reach that wondrous simultaneous orgasm.

Its all about enjoying each others bodies, and a bit of mutual selfishness. Resist the urge to get off, and enjoy the feeling for what it is.

And don’t worry about pleasing him.

If he’s anything like me, nothing feels so good as a long, slow lovemaking session, and I rarely have orgasms so strong.”

Source: Anonymous

To mix it up here's a helpful video with tips how to make love to a man (but honestly this will work for both genders):

“Make the experience less about the sex and more about the mental connection.”

“Go slow. Look him in the eyes. Talk to him.

Make it a game to go as slow as you can, without causing frustration. Starting from removing clothes, etc. Go slow, without any goal in mind.

Take him inside you, then stop. Don’t move. Look at him. Talk to him. Move slowly, every so often, to keep things going.

Escalate things very slowly. The goal is to enjoy without teasing.

Once you are both done, just lay together.

Talk. Caress. Don’t be in a hurry.

I think this is a bigger problem than most will admit from your generation.

You have grown up with the internet and constant access to hardcore porn.

You’ve seen so much porn that you think that is how sex is — how it must be.

Nothing wrong with that, you’re just conditioned to expect sex to be that way.

I read over and over that younger guys generally have this porn idea of how sex is — blow job, bang away as fast as possible, change positions midstream, pull out and shoot it on her stomach or tits.

Nothing wrong with that, but sex doesn’t have to be that way, or any way, and sex optimized for camera angles isn’t necessarily the best.

So, slow down, and practice slowing down. Have fun!”

Source: OldHobbit

“Our favorite romantic sex position is the lotus, where I sit on his lap facing him with him inside me and we rock back and forth.”

“The other day I was going to jump him and he stopped me and slowly stripped me and kissed me gently and slowly all over before pulling off his own clothes.

He also whispered that he wanted to make love to me before we started in the spooning position.

It almost made me cry.”

Source: elemonated

How Does Romantic, Sensual Sex Looks Like?

I've collected these stories that best describe the difference so you could get some ideas how to do it yourself.

Whether a man or woman, you can initiate it yourself.

You don't need to discuss it…

Just take the lead and calm your partner down and enjoy the bliss…

“Making love for the first time? Not just fucking”

“I had the best sex of my life today and I've been thinking a lot about what made it so great.

My partner is stubborn and impatient as hell and this gets emphasised when he is thinking with the wrong head (though he is very attentive to my needs).

He really likes to charge in and normally I give in because Im ready for it and I am often just as impatient as him.

However, I felt like the spark was gone for a while honestly.

Of course I still loved him, but I was really anxious when he would try to initiate and I couldn't figure out why no matter how much we talked about it.

But after tonight I think I know what a good most of it is.

I've been practicing asking for and doing things as more of a “slow burn” and I really think I caught onto something.

Today, I was on top for the first time in a while.

I got to worship his body the way I had always wanted to but never could as a bottom.

Because he’s an impatient and wildly horny man, he just begged and begged for me to give him what he wanted.

But I knew he would like what I was doing more.

I knew I would like it more too.

A slow but deep grinding bounce, small kisses wherever I could reach, a position where he could touch my tits, pure blissful torture.

He kept grabbing at my hips to try to get leverage or to coax me to go faster/harder but I had the high ground.

I would let him fuck me from underneath me and grind back and forth as he gripped at me, but not every time.

I could tell he liked what I was doing. I loved knowing that he wanted it that bad.

I also loved knowing that what I was doing to him was just as good, if not better, because I definitely enjoyed it more.

And you know what?

I was completely right.

He usually isn't very vocal and I had him moaning.

It was beautiful. Like legitimate music to my ears.

The faces he made.. I could go on.

I think what I had been missing before is the loving and “worshiping” aspects of what we did today.

The small kisses, the physical and obvious body language asking for more, slowly burning and melting all over each other.. It was wonderful.

I didn't get a chance to talk to him about it much but I hope he feels the same way.

We’ve been together for a while now and Im only just figuring all of this out.

I feel a little strange about it, but I'm also much more satisfied with what happened than I have been before.”

Source: Raviolisaurus

“Romantic, sensual love making is the most beautiful experience…”

“Once again, my boyfriend has left me drunk off of his love.

We just had an amazing night of deep, slow lovemaking and my heart feels like it could burst.

In our seven years together, we have had lots of sex…but tonight was just really special.

The entire time we were wrapped up tight in each other’s arms, him deep inside me, thrusting ever so slowly every once and awhile.

The deepest sex I’ve ever had…so deep it hurt a little at one point.

But it was so special and he was SO gentle with me.

As we held each other tight, we whispered I love you to each other over and over, hugging tighter with each profession of our love.

Running our fingers through each other’s hair, him holding me in the tightest embrace I’ve ever felt, his loving words whispered in my ear, the pressure I felt deep inside me….we were in our own little heaven.

Pulling back to look into each other’s eyes and just staring at each other and smiling.

I can’t help but smile when I look at him.

He’s my entire world.

He said the sweetest, most loving things to me tonight.

At one point he stopped thrusting from the bottom, gently laid me on my back, got on top of me, and as he slowly slid inside me, he wrapped me in his arms and looked me in the eyes saying “I love you so much”.

Then he leaned down and whispered in my ear so softly “I’m going to marry you” and made the sweetest, slowest, most meaningful love to me.

Every thrust, every French kiss, every tight hug…had so much love behind it.

I was so overwhelmed by his love that I cried happy tears into his shoulder as he cradled me in his arms and we made love extra slow.

We made the decision to stop taking my birth control awhile back and ever since, we have been having the most natural, passionate, loving sex we have ever had.

The way it’s meant to be, letting our bodies do what they were made to do.

Nothing feels better than the way we melt together when we make love, the way our two hearts become one.

I am getting chills just thinking about it.

After seven years, I still get crazy butterflies when he gives me that look and I know it’s about to happen.

His kiss still makes me melt in his arms, and when he looks me in the eyes and smiles at me I still blush.

He makes me feel so safe and takes such good care of me.

Reaching for his hand and feeling his familiar big, warm grasp is like a sigh of relief from the stress of the world.

Falling into his embrace at the end of the day alone is worth living for.

What we have is truly a gift from god and I feel so blessed and lucky to have a love like this.

Making love with him is the most beautiful, pure, loving experience.

Our love, combined with the intense sexual pleasure and our playful loving nature, creates a soul-melting experience that can hardly be put into words.

True lovemaking is so beautiful and magical.”


Bringing It All Together

I guess the most important thing to love making is simply the intention.

The intention to make love to your partner instead of fucking, having sex with him/her.

Creating a romantic atmosphere will help a lot too — candles, romantic music and time where you simply do nothing — just be together with each other.

We're constantly in rush, doing something, running somewhere.

Love making could be a reason to reconnect with your partner, slow down and be in the moment.

Try it.

It's totally worth it and now you have the tools, ideas how to make it happen!

Make your man or woman happy! 🍷