Sex Dolls 101: Your Ultimate Guide To Best Realistic Sex Dolls in 2019

Sex dolls…💃

The next best thing to having real sex or cuddles. 🍑

If you're new to this world and only considering getting your first sex doll, this guide will help you to prepare for this decision.💋

You'll learn from other people doll stories, you'll discover different type and price point sex dolls.

All in one place.

The truth is: it's not smart to start with a real-size sex doll.

It can be a shock and weird experience if you haven't gotten any other male masturbator before…

And then just boom — you shell out $1000–2000 for realistic sex doll that weighs 60–100 pounds and creepily looks at you.

🖕 The best advice is to start slow: try a fleshlight, onahole, or tenga first.

If you're looking for realistic, yet small and affordable masturbators Onaholes are closest thing to that.

The quality toys weigh 2–3kg and has internal bone structure similar to real-size sex dolls.

For example, Puni Ana Onahole doll weighs 4kg and has internal bone structure. (I'll review it more later).

Find it on Amazon here.

What To Know Before Buying A Realistic Sex doll?

First of all, mental preparation.

Silicon dolls are getting more and more realistic, it can be weird laying next to a realistic looking, yet not alive sex doll.

While some people use it to cuddle, some use it to get as much sex in all the holes they want…

Then there's a naming issue..

Do you name her? Or you keep having anonymous sexual encounters?

Just be prepared what you're getting into, watch videos like this to see how it could feel and look:

Sex Dolls Are Heavy

Don't be surprised that they weigh 35–70 pounds.

You may have experienced sex with real women, but this is a dead weight.

This is not a body that will assist you in positioning process.

That's why it's nicer to simply start with something smaller as few kg…or get a smaller doll vs curvy bigger doll.

Most sex dolls are made from silicone and internal bone structure is made from metal.

It's all. Heavy. Just keep that in mind.

Cleaning With Most Dolls Will Be Challenging

With all these realistic sex dolls the challenge is how do you get your semen out after you're done?

You'll need to wipe everything down, rinse with hot water, apply baby powder…all while managing to move 40–50lbs of dead weight around.

It can make you feel like a serial killer haha.

Just know that and some people recommend wearing a condom just to make everything easier.

Or… you can get removable sex organs for easier cleaning (or insert), that can help with that.

What Are The Best Sex Dolls You Can Find?

Alright, now let's go from smaller sex dolls with just the body structure first…to real life-like size sex dolls.

I do recommend to start smaller first — see if you like it, and then upgrade to something like realistic sex doll.

Puni Ana SPDX Onahole Doll ($228) ⭐️

This quality doll (body) will give you perfect introduction to how sex doll may feel like.

There are several different Puni Ana models out there like:

  • puni ana
  • puni ana dx
  • puni ana futaworo
  • puni ana spdx

I’ll focus on SPDX since it’s the biggest and the most recommended onahole of all of them.

Find it on Amazon here.

Other models are simply smaller and cheaper.

But SPDX is the biggest, nearly full body (larger than hips) and the most realistic vaginal tunnels you’ll ever use.

It weighs 4kg!

SPDX has a very nice plastic bone skeleton which will make the sexual process a realistic hands-free thrusting experience.

Cleaning: This toy will require full cleaning and drying. Usage of antibacterial toy cleaner and baby powder to keep it lasting for long.

Watch this video to get a deeper insight of how the sex doll looks and feels like:

It’s Japanese (sorry), so just turn off the audio and watch it.

Best Cheap Male Sex Doll With Two Holes & Breasts ($36.69)

If you want to start really small, then this is even more affordable starter option. You can use both vaginal and anal holes.

It's size and weight is:

  • Dimensions: 9.8X6.5 inches) ,
  • Weight: 3.71 lb
Find it on Amazon here.

It's quite heavy and will be easy to clean.

Just know it's gonna be a lot more wiggly than Onahole, since it doesn't have the bone structure (hence a lot cheaper price).

The size of the holes will be good for even above the average size penis owners.

Selani Shemale Sex Doll ($149.99)

For guys with more delicate tastes this is a super quality sex doll that will come with anal hole, penis and breasts.

Some couples love using this toy together — effectively creating their own homemade threesome.

Find it on Amazon here.

Also makes a nice gay sex doll.

It's pretty heavy — it weights 16.53lbs (7.49kg)

Dimensions are — 20.47"x11.41"x6.69".

It's made from silicone & TPR material which will feel like a life like skin.

Anal hole is ribbed to offer more interesting sensations. Enjoy the sexy freakiness.

Jenny Realistic Sex Doll ($609)

Okay, now we're into the real-size sex dolls!

This comes the highest recommended on Amazon.

Remember how we talked about weight and size?

This sex doll is 158cm, it weighs 70.54lbs (32kg).

Still heavy, but smaller compared to other models.

There are three holes that you can use — oral, anal and vaginal.

Anal and vaginal holes provide 20cm depth, while oral is 13cm.

Jenny comes with a wig, a piece of sexy lingerie (though you should shop for clothing separately).

She will be a very, very attractive companion next to your bed.

Ailijia Realistic Sex Doll ($880)

Now this is a curvier sex doll that will take quite a bit of effort to move around.

The total height is 170 cm (5.6 feets) and weight is 41kg (77lbs).

This is the best big girl with big breasts and three holes (other models are even bigger or skinnier).

But yes, there are 6 different head options and 4 different sex doll models you can choose from.

When you order this doll you can also customise the skin color (natural, white, tanned or black), eye color and vagina type (fixed or removable for easier cleaning). That's pretty cool.

And she does feel very real.

Make sure you read the instructions before using it — it will take some effort to maintain especially when you use the holes.

Honeydoll Anime Japanese Sex Doll ($510)

These are the smallest yet life-life size realistic sex dolls that look a bit like Japanese or anime movie characters.

Dolls range in size, but they look like skinny 18 year old girl would: they are 158 cm high, weight — 34kg (and less for smaller models).

They are super cute.

You can pick between 4 different sex dolls that range from ($349-$510)

Manufacturers also allow to do customisation like: heads, wig, eyes, skin color, standing feet, height etc. That's pretty incredible.

With this toy ($510 version) you can even have fourth way of having sex — by using breasts too.

The Other People Tips, Experience With Sex Dolls

Don't skip this!

Here are two amazing stories — one is all about giving tips when picking the sex doll. Kinda like knowing what to expect.

While the second story is from a guy who spontaneously bought a sex doll and then he shares his ups and downs with getting used to the doll.

It's a very real and raw story that could help you with expectations too:

“Sex Doll Advice From Doll Manufacturer”

“One of the most common remarks I get from customers who just received their new doll is how heavy she is.

When you are researching and choosing your doll there are a few things to keep in mind.

Dolls are constructed of TPE or silicone with an internal metal skeleton.

The body is solid throughout and made to feel like real skin.

Typically, the taller the girl the more she will weigh.

Sex doll weight can vary from brand to brand as well as the material they are constructed of.

Shorter dolls (3'3") weigh about 35 lbs. and a typical 5'4" girl can weigh in at around 75 lbs.; I’ve found that silicone tends to weigh a little more than TPE when comparing similar doll sizes but is not a significant difference.

Dolls also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you’re taste is more for a skinny girl, she’ll weigh significantly less than a doll of the same height with large breasts and bigger hips.

To keep the overall weight lower manufacturers, construct dolls with hollow breasts.

In most cases breast sizes of C-cup and higher are hollow.

Besides weight reduction, hollow breasts are popular because they have a more realistic feel than solid breast; when you place your order be sure to request either solid or hollow breasts depending on your preference.

Most doll owners find an ideal weight to be about 65 lbs.

This weight is easier to lift and is manageable during love making.

If you are more adventurous and decide to go with a heavier doll, then allow yourself time to develop lifting and moving techniques.

Keep in mind you are lifting dead weight and for most of us carrying a person is not something we do on a regular basis so there is a bit of a learning curve.

Pay attention to your body position and always use your legs when lifting.

Most doll sites have the doll’s weight listed, this is usually a metric weight and can easily be converted.

Once you’re sure of the dolls weight be realistic about the number, 75 lbs.

Might not seem like much, but that weight can be quite a challenge manoeuvring especially for the first time.

For those of you, who are looking to make the first purchase your only purchase it is important to consider the doll’s weight in the decision-making process.
Most of us don’t have the luxury of buying a “starter” doll to test the waters so getting things right the first time can add a lot of pressure to finding the doll that’s just right.

It’s important to know your limits.

If you have back issues maybe the 75 lb. big breasted beauty might not be the best choice.

Once she arrives allow yourself some time to get used to moving her around.

Developing a lifting and moving technique involves some careful planning and practice, don’t expect to get things right the first time.

Make adjustment along the way till you feel comfortable and know you’re not using your back to do the lifting.

Doll ownership can be a great experience, getting frustrated with the weight of the doll can be a drawback.

Doing your research and careful planning will ensure your experience is a positive one.”

Source: Monamourtoujours

“For those thinking about a sex doll.”

“So it’s been three months since I bought a sex doll off of amazon, and I figured it was about time to, maybe share the experience.

It started when I was innocently browsing innocent stuff, on amazon .. and across the bottom of the screen : a sex doll.
This one was 5 feet, an amazing ass and enormous boobs that are just amazing.
For real — there was one picture that did it for me : and ~$1000 later .. she got here on a Monday.

I remember, it was 4 PM in the afternoon.

Monday night.

I’ve been fighting with putting clothes on her.

Perfecting her hair.

Trying to look past the icy coldness of her silicon skin.

It’s not easy, and truthfully she smells a little.

So full disclosure : cause I don’t wanna leave anything out.

The first time I tried to do anything with her I couldn’t … well you know.

No matter how I tried, that first night I got... nothing.

But she was soooo hot, and awfully fun to play with.

So next I said, lemme try sleeping with her and see how that goes.

Tuesday morning : It’s like waking up next to a hunk of metal.

And now one eye is looking one way, the other another.

So it’s a crazy hunk of metal. But I’m game I fix it .. and try again.

It’s getting better, but by no means is this fun.

My day begins and while she’s on my bed, I’m starting to wonder if this was a great idea.

But.. that ass.

Thursday I get home and I’m feeling like I need to try a lot harder to make this work:

  • Do I need an emotional connection?
  • Do I need to watch porn first?

Somehow, the internet seems to have no answers.

So I get some porn going... it’s late, I’m sleepy and I’m thinking this could be fun.

So now, for the first time .. the magic happens.

I enjoy the feeling .. and then wonder how the fuck to clean this thing.

I spend two hours scrubbing .. never really believing it’s clean.

And it’s not until the next morning I start to feel a little … disgusted with myself. Like I’ve .. given up.

I toy with the idea of naming this thing .. and I realize: “God her boobs are too big. They’re .. comical.”

The two feelings push me over the edge and I pick the doll up (uggh she’s heavy) and I throw her into the closet.

And then a blanket on top of her for good measure.

Where she sits for two weeks.

Week 2

The feeling of complete loser continues but i read about some of these people that talk to their doll.

Well, I’m lonely. So I try that, but I feel like an idiot.

I have a wickedly vivid imagination for everything but where this doll is concerned.

Sex with this thing is … not fun at all.

Month 2.

So this thing sits in the closet most of the time.

It’s legs are starting to bend in unnatural ways, and her crosss-eyes won’t really go away.

But I’ve started to read about no-fap .. and wonder if having sex with a sex doll is just a form of masturbation.

Surely so. The closet door stays closed.

Month 3.

I was a CVS and found this gel that does... stuff.

I said it’s worth a shot .. and I did it with the doll.

Duhhhh, of course it helped a boat load.

The first time was awesome.

Two more times in the next half hour and I said … damn I’m never gonna stop.

And then I said … damn, I’m never gonna stop.

And that’s where I am now.

But also there’s some wires sticking out of her hands , and her skin is discolored in some spots.

But she’s still crazy hot.

I think the expression the grass is always greener comes from someone who had a sex doll.

I think they had unlimited sex they could have with it, and realized that .. it’s not perfect.

If you just want to get your nut off x times a day .. and don’t care about anything else .. get it. Lube it up and life will be good.

But don’t be surprised if you start to feel like something’s a little amiss.

It’s hard having so much sex with someone you haven’t named.”

Source: ArandomUser987

Bringing It All Together

I hope this all didn't scare you!

With right expectations those sex dolls can be tons of fun and pleasure!

Many men report getting these silicone wives instead of getting a real woman.

Sometimes it's a personal decision — they went through long marriages and just enjoy having something like a sex doll to share their company.

Some men are long-distance truck drivers who find it very hard to sustain their relationships because of challenging work conditions.

Some couples (gay, lesbian, hetero) simply add these sex dolls to have extra kinkiness, variety and fun….

It's like a threesome without the complications of getting another person involved.

I hope this guide helped you 🍷