Sex Furniture: 10 Orgasmic Tantra & Sex Chairs Everyone Should Have

Are you looking to spice it up? 🌶

You’ve tried the bedroom, the sofa, the kitchen table, shower, chair — and you want more? 🛏

I totally get you! 👊

While all these places are great, they are not designed to serve the best for sexual purposes. 👎

In this guide I set out to find all the best sex furniture out there… 🎩

But I also found several amazing chairs that are not specifically designed for sex

But you’ll love them once you find how ground-breaking the ideas are.

You can always simply go to Liberator or official TantraChair — those guys are super expensive.

…and sex furniture is expensive already.

You cannot expect to get anything great under $100…

But you can definitely find great things between $200–$500.

I’m gonna go through each selection and explain what each item is good for and potential pitfalls.

I will focus on actual sex furniture, chairs, stools, but not on pillows, wedges or even sex swings. I have specific articles for them.

Oh and if you’re looking for fucking machines, go here.

You will find few BDSM spanking benches and bondage furniture best choices, but I don’t go crazy on them too.

Introduction To Sex Furniture

First things first.

What you should watch out for when shopping for sex furniture?

Will it blend with the interior?

You’ll love some of the pieces I’ve included here as many of the chairs don’t look like a sex furniture.

But some do — keep that in mind.

Do you have enough space to hide them?

Ease of cleaning?

It really depends how hard you want to go, but consider the materials and how easy it will be to clean the furniture?

Can you remove the top layer and wash it?

I know for our sofa (non-sex one) we had a cleaner to come to our house since not all pieces of sofa were removable and washable.

How good are the materials? Will it last?

If you buy something for few hundred bucks you better check twice if it looks well made and what other reviewers are saying.

It’s hard to predict this one — reviews are your friends.

This quick video is a nice introduction to sex furniture too…watch it:

The Best Sex Furniture: Couches, Chairs, Stools, Benches, Tables

Okay, to the good stuff.

I’m starting with the simplest and most affordable to the highest quality, but also highest priced… :)

Weightless Sex Stool ($64.50)

This is a great multipurpose sex furniture for affordable price.

You can use it to bounce during the sex, and there is a hole where you can insert dildo for your own self-pleasuring sessions.

The cheapest fuck-machine I know off. Well, you still need to bounce :)

Some suggested positions.

This is a fun sex chair to have if you like weightless sensations.

There are two pieces — the chair and the air inflatable pillow.

Chair is sturdy, but people do report that some pillows leak air.

And it’s a little challenge to assemble it at first — but man, for the price you won’t get anything better.

Find it on Amazon here.

Inflatable Multifunctional Couch / Sex Chair ($122.99)

If the real deal Tantra chair is too much a price to pay…

This is the potential cheaper alternative.

The good side is that creators have made sure inflation is fast ( 2mins) and double inflate ports prevent any air leakage.

It doesn’t take lots of space and you can definitely take it with you while traveling.

The downside is that as an air bed it’s wobbly and will not hold stable in some positions. But it’s a great beginner option if the real tantra chair is too pricey.

As a bonus to the chair, sellers throw in some bondage equipment which is nice.

Find it on Amazon here.

Divano Roma Tantra Sex Chair ($109) 🌟

My #1 budget recommendation!

This is another cheaper version tantra type chair you can consider.

It doesn’t come with wedges & pillows, but you can always mix and match them yourself since they are not that expensive.

The quality isn’t amazing — but it’s definitely incredible for the price.

With this piece of furniture you will be able to do things sexually that you will never be able to do in the bed.

It’s easy to clean this thing and it looks discreet enough to keep it for public eyes.

It comes in five colors: black, white, grey, brown…and, of course — red 🔴.

Find it on Amazon here.

Liberator Esse Tantra Chair ($439) 🌟

The highest quality option.

Chances are you’ve seen this type of sex chair, couch…however you call it…

It’s ergonomic, beautiful and functional.

It comes in 6 different colors: black, champagne, espresso, merlot, platinum and plum.

You can move through the curves and change the pillows as you experiment with different angles and positions.

The material is nicely hard, but soft at the same. Covers can be removed for washing.

If you’re looking for the ultimate sex furniture, this is the one.

Sure, price is expensive — but this thing will last for years and will provide lots of great pleasures.

This chair won’t do well for certain pounding positions, but it’s great for sensual, romantic sex… And with practice you can always discover rough sex positions too!

Sex Furniture: Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair ($149.99) 😻

Not to be biased…but this is my favorite uncommon sex furniture recommendation! 👍

Who thought that giant memory foam bean bag could be so comfy and sexy???

Yeah! I am sure you didn’t see this one coming, but just think about it.

You can shape and mould it to anything you want — make it a bed, a chair…whatever..

And don’t be worry about cleaning, you can remove the cover and wash it in washing machine.

It comes in tons of colors and seriously… it is amazing!

Pro tip: You should buy extra foam to make it more sturdy. This way you can always manage how mouldable or stable the chair is.

Find it on Amazon here.

Transparent Crystal Sex Chair ($60.91)

Okay, technically it’s not a sex chair… but think about it.

Put a dildo with suction cup on top of it and have your partner watch as you play around with it.

The transparency just gives the kinkiness like nothing else.

I’ll just leave you with this idea. 😉

Find it on Amazon here.

Ottoman Bench As Sex Furniture ($48.22)

This is another idea…

What if you just get the ottoman type bench at the end of your bedside?

You could mix some interesting sex positions with it between the bed.

Just a thought.

Find it on Amazon here.

Massage Table As Sex Furniture ($109.99)

You’ve probably have seen tons of adult videos with massage theme…

Why couldn’t massage table be used for the foreplay, relaxation and sexy time?

It’s compact, it’s sturdy and it’s adjustable…

Plus, massage tables are intended to have contact with lots of liquids and oils, which make them the perfect sex furniture.

This table will last for years.

Find it on Amazon.

Soloflex Whole Body Vibration Platform As Sex Furniture ($495)

Another creative idea you probably didn’t think about.

You can use this for exercising, weightlifting and stretching and this device provides vibrations that can be relaxing… or arousing.

Check this video to see how it’s intended to be used:

But we’re here for sexual furniture…!

You can use it to have vibrations while making love… And this piece of art makes for great suspension bondage play…!

Find it on Amazon here.

Bondage Furniture For Kinky Play

Now let’s touch a little bit to BDSM type of furniture.

I’m not gonna include the dungeon type of equipment, but something that most kinky people would like to play around with…

Bed Restraint Kit for Bondage Play ($16.99)

Okay, technically this is not a sex furniture, but if you do have a bed that supports bondage, this restraint kit can be tons of fun.

A perfect proper introduction to bondage play.

This kit should be on anyone’s BDSM toolbox.

Then if you like bondage you can always explore it further with Shibari Japanese bondage art…

Find it on Amazon.

Pipedream Inflatable Bondage Furniture Chair ($59.99)

If you’re looking for bondage furniture that’s lighter on the wallet, this inflatable bondage chair might be worth considering.

This chair holds air well, straps will fit nicely around wrists and ankles.

Bondage may have never been so bouncy and comfortable.

And the one good thing about inflatable sex furniture is: it doesn’t take lots of space!

Find it on Amazon here.

Spanking Bench by MasterSeries ($411)

It’s perfectly designed to allow the person comfortably lay while being spanked hard or fucked hard…
…while being completely helpless and fully restrained…!

This chair is made from PU leather, steel and nylon — it’s sturdy.

It’s easy to assemble and take down to hide after the use (though still it takes few minutes).

Most other similar models will cost from $600-$1000.

The only complaint some people had that they wish it was taller. Check the measurements before purchasing.

Find it on Amazon here.

Queening Chair For Face Sitting & Femdom Worship($399)

Though it does work for male worshipping too…

This is a high quality, well made product. Will last for ages.

The way it works that the giver/worshipper lays down while the receiver sits on the chair.

The height is perfect to ensure comfy and sexy pussy eating.

It will fit and feel comfortable for even a bigger person and will never feel off balance.

Just make sure you have place to hide it, as it is not too discrete hah!

Find it on Amazon here.

Bringing It All Together

That’s it folks!

Did I held up my promise?

I’m sure you’re inspired from the sexy ideas swirling in your mind right now…!

I love that bean bag and tantra chair — those are my top favorites.

Mix it all up with some light bondage gear and man… pleasure awaits 👍

Curious to hear of your favorite! :)

I hope you enjoyed the unexpected sex furniture additions!