Sex Swings 101: Which Is The Best For YOU?

Are you looking to spice it up in your sex life?

A sex swing could be just your perfect way to surprise your partner kheh 😜

And a light BDSM, since it acts like a bondage where the partner in the swing has very little to no control! 🍷

Plus, if the guy is doing the action, there is a ton of cardio involved — good for the soul, great as exercise! 🍒

But the question is:

Are you adventurous enough to try a sex swing?

In this guide you'll discover what's the best swing for your specific needs!

I'll go through yoga swings, door swings, portable swings…

…and why you would pick one over another.

You'll learn the best sex swing positions and most importantly I collected REAL PEOPLE stories of their experiences that just might give you a necessary spark of ideas for your own experiments!

Here's what we're going to cover:

  • What Is A Sex Swing & How Do You Use One?
  • What Are The Best Sex Swings Available?
  • Real People Share Their Sex Swing Experiences

What Is A Sex Swing & How Do You Use One?

First of all — sex swings are fun!

They can add tons of variety and novelty to your sex life.

All the positions will seem different.

The one in the ropes is completely at the mercy of the partner and the one in control will get a serious cardio exercise.

The most popular swing sex position is missionary… And when you get the angle right it can be some fun sliding in and out.

What's so attractive about the sex swing?

Swinging is fun!

You're floating in the air, there's nothing else touching you than the straps and your partner's body.

What Are The Best Sex Swings Available?

Now, this is tricky because every person is unique and their needs are unique.

You might care a lot about:

  • price
  • comfort
  • ease of setup
  • sturdiness
  • sexiness

With that being said there are three main type of sex swings:

  1. Door Sex Swings
  2. Mounted Sex Swings (Yoga ones go here too)
  3. Portable Sex Swings

Each of these have their pros and cons.

Well, the biggest con is just the price though.

You get what you pay for.

Door swings are cheap and easy to mount, but they are uncomfortable, fragile and break easily.

Quality mounted and portable swings are amazing, long-lasting and comfortable.

The only downside?: They cost quite a bit.

Anyway, let's cover them one by one.

#1 — Door Sex Swings

Door swing is the one you simply attach to your door and you use it!

Door swings are the most attractive because of the ease of installation, but the biggest downside is that they are rather limited in the amount of weight they can carry.

If you are super skinny, it's probably alright, but nowadays the doors aren't as solid as in past and you can easily break them out with some active fucking.

An extremely important question to ask is: Does either of you weigh over 200lbs?

You might be able to experiment with cheap door swing, but it's not gonna probably last.

Door swing also limits your range of motion, it's not the free swinging experience.

If you wanna get the real sex swing experience you gotta get something sturdy and free floating.

But still, let's say you wanna try and at least get a feel with a cheap one before you commit.

Utimi Sex Door Swing ($29.99)

This is the best from the cheapest door swings.

Again if you're skinny it's good.

If you have a solid door, it's good.

You can set it up super easy and fast. Just hang around the door.

The swing itself is sturdy — the question is: is your door sturdy?

Find it on Amazon.

For example read this review:

“Not For Tall Woman”

I bought this for my bf and I to experiment with.

It’s sturdier than I expected, so I’ll give it some stars for that.

I’m 147lbs and it held my weight.

However I had an almost impossible time getting the straps to fit my long legs. I’m 5'11.

Also it did not come with any sort of instructions at all which is super annoying.”

#2 — Mounted Sex Swings

Alright, this is the best serious sex swing solution, if you wanna have the best experience!

This requires you to drill some holes in the ceiling, but you get that free floating experience, which is what swinging is all about, isn't it?

Again here, the key to look for is the sturdiness of the sex swing itself.

It's also important to consider comfort — remember you'll be naked and you want a nice material touching your skin.

Who wants visible bruise marks on legs or arms after a sex session?

With that in mind, I'm only recommending quality options that don't break and most people have had the most pleasant option with.

Yoga Swing For Sex…and err…Yoga! ($58.95)

This swing set comes the highest recommended from Amazon with many positive customer reviews.

The cool thing about this yoga sex swing is that you can safely keep it open and say you are simply using it for yoga purposes.

You don't have to hide it away.. :)

Find it on Amazon here.

Setup will be a little tricky though since you'll need to figure out the mounting by yourself and decide the best way to mount it.

And those mounts will add to the price of course.

Here are few examples of other people solutions:

Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing ($89)

You can attach this both on door or mount, but it's recommended you mount it.

If you don't know how to do it, just check I've included several people stories of how they installed their sex swings and how they hid (concealed) the hooks when not using them.

Plus, if you don't know how to install, I show you where you can find a goldmine of tutorials.

As you can see from the photo below, you can rotate this one, you can do whatever you want!! :)

Find it on Amazon.

Whip Smart Pleasure Sex Swing, Wild Cheetah ($102.77)

Okay, so this is one of the sturdiest and highest quality mountable sex swings you'll find.

The Pros:

  • It has great adjustability. You can adjust different parts to make sure you get the perfect angle and height.
  • It's washable.
  • Very sturdy — will hold a ton of weight.
  • Discreet packaging in plain box

The Cons:

  • it could be wider in size
  • head support could be more comfortable.
Find it on Amazon.

Again the tip to hide the hooks is to simply buy hanging plants to put on the rings.

Finally here's a nice review on WhipSmart sex swing to show how it looks (in this case they actually had the swing attached in portable metal construction, that you can but separate).

#3 — Portable Sex Swings

Okay, the thing with portable sex swings is that you can just set them up right away…and then dislodge to hide away.

Obviously you'll need to buy a construction to do it, so it's gonna be pricier.

It's kinda the option you see in that previous video.

But here's an idea…

What if you get the construction and repurpose it for — let's say:

  • pullup bar
  • simple swing for your kids
  • hammock
  • gym bag

In this case I have an option where everything is included, but you can hack the construction together yourself. Repurpose the hammock's one…whatever — find some sale, find a cheaper option.. there are ways.

Or simply go back to mounted version. Choice is yours.

Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand ($267.94)

I saved the best for last.

Now this has everything included. The portable metal construction and sturdy, free-floating sex swing.

It 's designed to support up to 400 lbs weight.

It takes quite a bit of space when you use it, but you can just fold it all and hide even when you don't need it.

You'll find it's super easy to assemble it, like with a door swing, but it's free floating.

Find it on Amazon.

Here's a review of real buyer:

“When I say easy to assemble I mean EASY”

“It’s a solid, sturdy, easy to assemble stand.

When I say easy to assemble I mean EASY.

As in a I had more trouble installing my curved shower curtain rod.

I wish it came with skid resistant feet or a cheap swing for the price.

It’s good for a sex swing or a yoga hammock/trapeze.

Fits comfortably in an average sized bedroom since it is roughly the size of a queen sized bed.

All in all I have no real complaints.”

Sex Swing Mount Accessories & Parts

Okay if you gotta mount the swing yourself, you'll need some tools.

Here's the most popular ones for your convenience:

The rotating hanging hook ($9.99)

It will hold heavy weight! Super sturdy.

Double Sex Swing Hook (2400 lb capacity) ($17.99)

It comes with ebook installation guide.

What’s Your Sex Swing Experience? How Do You Use & Like It?

Real People Share Their Sex Swing Experiences.

Okay, I believe this is the best part of the article.

Real people share their stories. You can read reviews all you want, but until you get an unbiased story you cannot really feel or understand the experience.

Because the names are anonymous then people can freely share their thoughts.

“I’ve never used one myself, but know a few people who have.”

“Don’t get a cheap door swing.

Make sure the one you get has some thick pads, or the straps get uncomfortable.

This has good reviews across a few websites.

Make sure to adjust the straps before trying to use it, or she can slip out.

Good luck, and have fun!”

Source: DeeplyTroubledSmurf

“I have one and have used it with two different female partners. “

“The pros, the partner is weightless and can be moved around at will.

The cons, deep penetration can be difficult as the swing tends to force the thighs together.

Was it easy to use?

It was challenging to get the height right. It also required readjusting the height to re-position the partner.

However, if one want to engage in some deep throat fucking…there would be little better position wise.

You can stand up like a pirate and the partner can grab your thighs and choke on you as much is she may want.

Just for reference, my preferred swing position is standing at the edge of the bed and have the gals legs over my arms or tied to the posts of my canopy bed.

So, I do a lot of standing during sex.

You will find that your legs may become tired if you do not do leg exercises.”

Source: sirbearus

“The sex sling that connects at four points is way better than the type that connects at a single point. “

“I have been on both sides of one, and they are well worth it.

Pick either a sling with frame or four eye hooks.

It’s SO much easier to get in and out of with four eye hook sex swing, and it doesn’t seem to matter how athletic you are.. — they can be tricky.

LOTS of fun though once you adjust their height according to whomever is doing things outside of the swing.

I used one at a friends but no longer have access to it.

I live in an area without snow as my roof is not built to support the weight so afraid to attach to the slats above my ceiling so looking at frames but they are expensive.

May get up there and put beams in to hold it.

Would be worth it.”

Source: wascurious

“Be careful buying a sex swing you can hang from the door.”

I would be really careful with a swing that is supported by the trim around the door.

If you know for sure your trim is hardwood and well secured, you’d be ok, but a lot of trim over the last few decades is cheap, fake wood stuff, with a few nails and caulk holding it in place.

If you are going the sex swing route, you’re going to be much safer using something that connects to an eye bolt that is driven into some good solid wood.

Nothing about apartment doors and door frames is built to withstand the kinds of forces you are talking about.

If you can’t drill into the ceiling, you could drill up into the center of the door frame, you’ll just have to patch it afterwards.

You can get a receiver for an eye-bolt that screws in flush, then attach the swing when needed and remove it afterwards.

I googled it and found some products that hang from the door itself while the door is closed.

I would only attach that to a heavy solid wood or metal door, not those cheap flimsy interior doors that are basically a thin veneer with cardboard interior.

If I didn’t have a solid door like that I would probably get something that mounts into a ceiling joist and just patch it up before moving out.

Just drill into the ceiling and fill the hole before you leave. It’s like putting up a light fixture or something…”

Source: pokerbrowni

“The hubby got one for us and its fun to use once in awhile. We’ve had it for a few years now.

Its installed via an eye hook that’s screwed into the ceiling in our bedroom.

The swing hooks to that eyehook so its easily stored when not in immediate use and only the eye hook remains.

We both enjoy sex quite a bit but we don’t tend to use the swing that often though.

Maybe once every month / 2 months?

Normally were intimate in some way just about everyday for contrast.

Tried it a few different ways with me in the swing.

And once with him in it while I gave head.

Straps tend to really bite into your skin so it gets uncomfortable if your going to be in it for awhile.

Fun to dig it out on occasion but we (or at least I) tend to prefer toys and butt play to spice things up.”

Source: Ilikeithotandspicy

“I have sex swing and it rocks!”

“We have small kids so we keep it put away, but my husband has eyebolts to hang it from in the garage, bedroom, basement and a couple of other places.

We just hang other shit like flowers or wind-chimes when not in use.

We’ve tried as many positions as you can think of.

From behind is different because my legs are straight out behind me, but it’s good.

Also me on my side is good too. It’s great for oral.

The best thing in being able to adjust it to my height or his.

It does take a bit to get used it but we’ve had our 10yrs and going strong with it.”

Source: Swingers_Delight

I just bought a swing last week but haven’t used it yet.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing feet stirrups so the legs are apart, so I don’t think deep penetration will be problematic as one poster mentioned .

I wrapped some towels around the seat areas so it’s easy to wash and is more comfortable.

They do sell freestanding frames, but putting 2 eyehooks in ceiling is easy to spackle when leaving apartment .

Also I found in research the double hook models are more comfortable since they don’t pinch you in like the standard single hook ones with a bar overhead.

The company I ordered from also includes a free head rest, which after swinging in it myself makes it more more useable.”

Source: Anonymous

“I have a yoga swing that my kids love to play on. ;) “

“I haven’t had an opportunity to try it for sex because I would first have to relocate my brood.”

“We have the freestanding kind of sex swing that has its own frame.”

“Downside is that the footprint is huge.

And it’s pretty much a one trick pony; your only position option is missionary with partner standing.

But it’s great at targeting the gspot or prostate which gives OMG orgasms.

Overall, we’re very happy with it and use it several times a week, although if I had it to do all over again, I don’t know that I’d spend $600+ on it again.”

How To Mount & Hang The Sex Swing?

Door swings are the most attractive type of swings because they are the easiest to install.

The problem is that nowadays doors aren't heavy and solidly made as they were in past.

Which means you could break the door handles and have a mess.

So what's the solution?

You drill the eye bolt in the ceiling. When you don't use for sex swing, just hang the plants there.

If it's not your home, you can always cosmetically hide it afterwards. No excuses.

And there are tons of mounting videos on Youtube that can help you figure it out. Don't even search for sex swing mounts — just the ceiling mounts.

For example this:

Here's advice from other people:

“Mine attaches to a recessed eye bolt which can be covered up with a discrete cover. “

“It’s bolted right through into the beam above.

When it’s not attached, it just looks like a small white plastic disk, you can barely see it.”

Source: uklesbianthrowaway

“Go in your attic with a couple 2x10 8' boards and put them across a few joists.

“Eye bolt through them and then as someone else mentioned install an HVAC duct cover in the ceiling which can be removed for access to the eyebolt.

Screwing into a 2inch joist edge is not really safe.”

Source: relativee

“Friends used a fake carbon dioxide alarm cover to hide their hooks (don’t worry, they have real alarms installed throughout their house too).”

Bringing It All Together

Okay, now you're officially an expert in sex swings!


My advice is start small, by getting that cheap door swing or go straight for that Yoga sex swing as a discrete mounted version.

If you like it, then you can always upgrade to more comfy, adjustable and sturdy experience.

But after your first experience you'll really understand what's important to you.

Many people hack together their favorite sex swing version themselves!

Don't forget to get some hanging plants though to hide it all!

Have fun! 👊