Sex Toys: What Are The Best Sex Toys You MUST Have & Why? toys… 👍

But there are so many choices…!

How do you decide?

Where do you start?

Not to worry…this guide will help!

In this guide we'll discuss the best sex toys that every woman, man or couple should try.

If you're new to sex toys, this will serve as the perfect introduction to why use sex toys and which ones to choose for what occasion.

Here's how the guide is organised:

  • Why Use Sex Toys In The First Place?
  • How Sex Toys Can Transform Your Orgasms
  • The Best Sex Toys For Various Occasions

#1 — Why Use Sex Toys In The First Place?

That's the question!

You can do so much with fingers and with your partner, why bother spending money on sex toys?

#1.1. — Added Variety & Novelty

It really depends whether you use the toy together with your partner or by yourself.

If you're single lady then sex toys are great ways to learn more about your body and just become more comfortable with your own sexuality.

For ladies, you get to learn what you like, how you like, what are the buttons that you need to push to gain the most intense orgasms.

Yes, you can achieve things with fingers, but sex toys are designed by science.

Vibrators are made to produce the most intense vibrations.

G-spot dildos are designed to effortlessly push on the G-spot for a chance to achieve vaginal and clitoral orgasm, or even squirting orgasm at the same time.

For single guys, masturbators like Fleshlight can train them to last longer during sex.

Since these pocket pussies are so good, they will actually simulate the real excitement that sex would give. A great way to train endurance.

For couples I'm sure you know that easiest way to add excitement and refresh relationships is just to change location — go travel.

But that's not always possible.

What are your options then?:

  • you can study books for new positions, tricks and role-plays to try
  • or…you simply buy a new kind of sex toy and experiment with that.

If you thought that threesome is exciting… Then this is similar…

You're adding extra toy that you use together.

It's new, it's exciting.

#1.2. — Less Effort To Reach More Powerful Orgasms

I guess this is my favorite point in favor of sex toys.

It takes quite a bit of effort for example for me as a man to stimulate her clit and eat her pussy just the right way.

Tongue gets tired quick…

Then whenever I am stimulating her G-spot those fingers get tired fast and my endurance is what's stopping her from reaching a powerful vaginal or squirting orgasm.

Finally, there are logistics.

If you want to add anal stimulation, you need to worry about hygiene.

With a butt plug, for example, all the experience simply becomes easier and more pleasurable.

Even as you masturbate by yourself — you need to work less and you can focus more on your body feeling the pleasures.

It's hard to reach the G-spot by yourself or by your partner.
You only have two hands.

What if you want anal stimulation, clitoral, vaginal…and breast stimulation at the same time???

Not possible in normal occasion.

But try the rabbit vibrator and you will get vaginal and clitoral stimulation by using one hand…and you have free second hand to do whatever you like!

#1.3. — New Sensations That You Couldn't Achieve Without The Sex Toys

Yes, there are certain kind of sensations you get by using your fingers when masturbating.

There are different sensations when you are having intercourse with your partner.

Sex toys add extra shades to the sexual play.

For example, with a cock ring on guy's penis you can suddenly experience a bigger, girthier penis.

With a strap-on you could peg your partner..!

With a prostate massager you could get the man to orgasm powerfully with little effort..!

With fingers, butt plugs, dildos…you can more pleasurably build up to anal sex experience.

Then there are all the fun couples play toys — like remote control vibrators that you can use in public to fool around with…!

Yes, and if you like extra filling experience — you could try dragon size dildos..even horse dildos.

Last example — there are also penis sleeves that your guy could put on top of his penis in case he's smaller than average.

As you can see sex toys simply can add to experience or fix some flaws that you're missing in sex.

Watch this video for more insights:

For people worrying that sex toys could replace the partner, read this story:

“How does it feel different from a dildo or other toy compared to a man’s penis?”

“Personally, it’s more about what’s attached to the penis rather than the penis itself.

It’s not really about size or shape (although those parts are quite nice).

The fact that I’m not the one in control makes it SOOOO much better.

It’s sort of like trying to tickle yourself — you don’t get the same sensation because you know that it’s coming.

You have complete control, and there’s less of a surprise factor.

If you’re being tickled by someone else, you don’t have that subconscious knowledge that you’re the one doing it, so you have more of a reaction.

Same goes for being sexed by a penis versus sexing yourself with a vibrator.

Again, that’s just my opinion.”

Source: scosgurl

“Sex toys are fun both alone and with my man, but they are different.“

“Not to mention what’s attached to and controlling the penis.

Both have their uses and both can get me to the end result.

That being said…

“I’d much rather fuck only a vibrator for the rest of my life than have the immense pleasure that I get from a man with a nice, hard, hot, throbbing, REAL dick”

…said no straight woman EVER!

Why? Cause a penis is a beautiful thing!”

Source: MmmThatTickles

#2 — How Sex Toys Can Transform Your Orgasms

If you've seen the adult movies and have seen women having full-body orgasms with squirting…

And you've wondered is this possible…?

Or you've seen guys talk about non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms through prostate milking…

And wondered is it real?

Sex toys can help you discover these kind of powerful orgasms faster and easier.

Yes, it's possible to achieve all of this without sex toys.

But the sexual wellness industry is developing!

For example there is site OmgYes, who focuses on understanding the science behind women's pleasure and explaining how to hit the right spots, how to prepare the body for more intense orgasms.

And yes, it's mostly done with the help of sex toys.

It's a billion dollar industry and companies are working hard on creating the best pleasure devices.

Now, the new trend is the smart sex toys that help you understand your orgasms so every next one get's better and better…

One example is Lioness smart vibrator and app.

For example, nothing else helps for my lady to reach deep orgasms better than this handy G-Spot Metal Wand.

Find it on Amazon here.

If I do it manually I cannot keep up with the pressure and consistency.

“I have quite the sex toy collection. “

“Vibrators, dildos, plugs, beads and ben wa balls. Totally still need a g-spot vibrator for my squirting experiments.

I can’t quite pick a favorite one, although if I really had to choose just one I’d probably go with my plug.

It makes everything else feel much better.”

Source: apocalypse_owl

#3 — The Best Sex Toys For Various Occasions

Okay, let's have a quick look in different kind of sex toys…!

For most of these I've written separate guides, so here I'll just share quickly what they are best for and include one best toy you could get.

I'll start with ladies toys, then touch a bit male toys and finally special toys that can be used for couples fun.

#3.1 — Vibrators

Many different studies have shown that around 80% of women don’t orgasm from intercourse.

Yes, they need clitoral stimulation.

So, it’s only obvious that vibrators are the first thing we focus on — that’s the #1 women pleasure toy…!

There are actually 8 kind of vibrators (read the full guide here) out there!!

All for different needs…

But if you want to get a true and tested vibrator, just go for Hitachi Magic Wand.

Hitachi Magic Wand Massager ($44)

This is the most famous vibrator that started the vibrator women pleasure sex toy industry…!

You cannot go wrong with this one.

It comes with two powerful speeds and yes, you can use it to massage out your sore back and anything else ;)

The great thing about Hitachi is that you can buy many attachments on top of it — like rabbit vibrator attachment and flutter wand attachment (try it!!)

This model will last your for years!

The downside is that it’s not wireless and not waterproof.

But they have a newer $90 model that is wireless.

Find it on Amazon here.

“Everyone, no matter what they identify as, should own a Hitachi Magic Wand style sex toy.”

“Oh my goodness.

These things really are magical, and if you can afford to buy one, please do yourself a favor and do it.

Aside from the somewhat more obvious things of using them as a strong plugged-in vibrator for women.

I feel like most people forget that they are AMAZING body massagers, second to none really.

And the plethora of attachments for them is truly astounding.

But I also feel like most men wouldn’t even consider one or give it a second thought as a masterbatory aide, despite the fact that it is AMAZING and truly a key to multiple orgasms for some who cannot otherwise.

They also make a good number of attachments for men, who may not realize that!

Finally they are really fun to use on each other in a couples setting, either with two at once or just one shared between two partners.

Everyone should own one.”

Source: Rod_Shaftman

#3.2— Dildos

Dildos are great if you don't have a partner or you simply enjoy the filling feeling of dildo…

You can go as realistic as you want or as crazy as you want.

Some women love huge dildos that give filling sensations.

Some women love fantasy type dildos like — dragon, horse, dog, tentacle dildos.

But here's the warning from a lady:

“Don’t buy anything “giant” as your first sex toy”

“Just a friendly reminder not to pick the largest vibrator you can find as your first sex toy.

I wanted to share this story because I don’t ever get to talk about these things with anyone, which is probably why I made this stupid mistake in the first place, haha.

I (26 female) am a virgin who never owned a sex toy of any kind before.

Yet, I was curious and wanted to know what it feels like to have a dick inside of me, so I ordered a realistic vibrator a week ago.

I was feeling bold and picked one labelled as “giant” — and even though I physically flinched when opening the package, I decided to proceed.

Long story short, my eyes were bigger than… other parts of my body.

I managed to convince it in with lots and lots… and lots… of lube, but it hurt like hell.

And I’m not looking forward to doing it ever again. (Truth be told, I’m a bit scared of that thing now, haha).

So, yeah. Do yourself a favor and buy something small. Just trust me on this one.”

Source: Twinkle42Star

But if there's one dildo/vibrator you want to have… I recommend rabbit vibrators…

Those are toys 2 in 1. The ultimate sex toy in my humble opinion.

You can get thrusting, rotating or vibrating dildo + vibrator on top of it…!

Once you know the variations you like, you can find the perfect toy…

Here's the #1 best price, best selling rabbit vibrator model:

PaloQueath G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator ($26.99)

This toy comes in a discreet box and is #1 best-seller in the category.

People love it — it hits all the right spots, it’s waterproof and will give 3 hours of play before recharging.

It has 9 vibration modes and a quiet motor. A great buy.

Find it on Amazon here.

And if you want a classical dildo with a suction cup:

PaloQueth Realistic Dildo For Beginners ($12.69)

This dildo comes in three colors: realistic, black or pink.

It has 5.2 insertable inches with girth — 3.5 inches(average men penis size) and it has all the base features we talked about.

It has a harder head at the top, a strong suction cup and it’s ultra-soft to touch in the middle. It’s made from TPE silicone.

It has more than 1.300 positive reviews as a testament that it truly works for many women.

Find it on Amazon here.

Read the full dildo guide if you want to shop for more options and understand what are the things to look out for when getting your first dildo.

#3.3 — Butt Plugs & Anal Beads

Okay, now we're entering the anal play.

Butt plugs are great addition to any couples play or solo play.

What you do is you simply insert the lubed butt plug…and that's it!!!

What you get is new different kind of filling sensations.

I remember when I even tried putting only finger in my girls butt while fucking here — both me and her came powerfully soon after!

There was just something in the kinkiness, fullness of that extra little touch.

Butt plugs simply add another level to orgasms.

You can simply put the butt plug in and go on with regular sex…and it will be different.

Or you can use them as anal training to prepare for something bigger in there.

If you're starting out, this is the best and most affordable beginner option:

Anal Trainer Kit Butt Plugs ($11.79)

These come in four sizes ( made from silicone) while also including enema and butt plug friendly lubricant.

This butt plug set is durable, has a nice feel to it and is very high quality for the price.

Find on Amazon.

Later you can always add vibrating butt-plugs and anal beads.

The pleasure from anal beads comes when you move them in and out and they rub against rectum walls and those 2 inner sphincters.

Here's the best beginner's option:

Eden Small Anal Beads ($6.95)

These anal beads are perfect for beginners who are trying them for the first time.

They are made from body safe non porous material, and is 12.75" in length.

Just make sure you get anal lube with it.

Find it on Amazon here.

As always, there are both extensive guide to butt plugs or anal beads if you want to learn more.

And if you're new to anal sex, check this anal training guide too.

#3.4— Fucking Machines

Okay, now we're onto heavyweights.

There are two kind of fucking machines out there for ladies:

  • Thrusting Sex Machines — penetrate whatever you like, anally, double penetration, whatever.
  • Sex Saddle — also called orgasm machine, riding orgasm machine or Sybian Machine since it’s the most popular company creating it.

They come more pricey, but they are tons of fun and 100% hands free experience.

Here's the best choice for thrusting sex machine, but please read the full fucking machine guide if you're interested in these bad-boys:

HiSmith Sex Machine ( For Anal & Thrusting) ($399.99) 🌟

Comes in four different styles for duo play (with quadruple dildo connectors), wire controlled, with remote control and a gift version with dust cover and gift box.

This is one of the hands down highest quality sex machines out there and it’s price ranges from $399 (with wire) to $459 with remote control.

This item can be transformed in many different angles, degrees.

Find it on Amazon here.

It comes with a powerful 100 watt motor and is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

There also tons of accessories, attachments you can buy separately like:

#3.5 — Male Masturbators (Fleshlight & Prostate Play)

If in past men didn't have many choices nowadays it's quickly changing…!

There are two big sex toys every man should try:

  • Fleshlight — the artificial replica of woman's vagina (mixed with Fleshlight Launch fucking machine it makes an explosive combo)
  • Prostate Massager — truth is, men have a lot more reasons to try anal play than women because they have P-spot, the male G-spot hidden there..!

Fleshlights are intense — truly intense.

Read my full guide to understand more about them, there are so many designs available that are even inspired and moulded by the shapes of famous pornstar pussies.

If you’re looking for cheapest, closest imitation to Fleshlight, I recommend this PaloQueth male masturabator ($23.69):

Find it on Amazon here.

It comes with more than 500 positive customer reviews (the older model) and the one I recommend is their updated version.

You really won’t find anything cheaper and high enough quality for the price.

As it goes to prostate massagers, prostate milking is it's own huge topic.

Yes, men can achieve prostate orgasm using just their fingers, but using a massager will make it so much easier.

You'll be able to focus on the pleasure, not on the logistics of the process.

Here's how prostate orgasm feels like:

  • “Prostate stimulation can be otherworldly, like you are not sure where the pleasure is coming from. Penis stimulation, now, while still nice, is more to the point.”
  • “Totally different. [Prostate stimulation feels] duller and less intense in the sense of concentrated excitement, but very powerful and intense in a more full-body experience way.”

The most affordable prostate massager is this one:

PaloQueth Vibrating Prostate Sex Toy ($24.69)

Now, if you want to have a vibrating prostate massager, but don’t wanna pay a lot, this is the cheapest option you’ll find.

It does the job. It has strong vibrations, it’s not too big and has a remote control.

You’ll get 10 different massage modes to pick from and yeah overall it gets tons of great reviews.

Find it on Amazon here.

Yeah… PaloQueth is really dominating the industry in their price range… It's not the best, but it really allows to understand the experience.

Read my full guide to prostate massagers to make even better choice.

#3.6 — Couples Sex Toys

Okay, we're in for the final stretch…!

The couples sex toys!

Depending on what you like or need these sex toys will add flavour to your sex.

And of course you can always mix the previously mentioned sex toys in there too.

Remote Control Vibrators

People often search for vibrating panties as they've heard they can be a fun remote public experience.

But what they are actually looking for are egg vibrators with remote control.

The trouble with panties is that they don't hold in the spot.

But with insertable vibrator, you cannot go wrong!

Read my full guide on vibrating panties to see more options..but here's my #1 recommendation.

It does cost more, but it's because most cheaper toys have trouble with range, connectivity and noise..

Lovense Lush 2 Remote ControlVibrator ($119)

Lovense vibrator is specially curved to hit the G-spot and the battery last for up to 4 hours with 7 vibration modes.

It has a powerful bluetooth connection and you can control the device via your phone.

Phone is super discreet and you can see the power of vibrations on display all the time.

It works either in 30–45 feet range if you use bluetooth connection…

But it works ANY DISTANCE if you control it through Internet.

Yeah… this means you could ask her to put it in and tease her even if she’s not there.

She can still turn it off if you don’t hit the right time, but you can monitor everything on phone. Pretty neat huh?

Find it on Amazon here.


Are you interested in pegging experience?

Yeah, you could buy a harness a special dildo and fuck your male partner (or female partner if you're lesbian) in the butt…!

That's pretty kinky, in fact it was my girlfriend's #1 fantasy..! ;)

You can buy harness and dildos separately.

Or you can buy strapless strap-on dildo where one end is inserted in woman's vagina so she gets a physical pleasure while she's thrusting too.

If you want quick suggestion check out Tantus below. But as always devil is in the details, check the strapon guide for more details:

Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit (Strapon 2 dildos + Harness) ($89.99)

Now this is the best quality option you can get.

Dildos come in two sizes that you can change and harness is high quality.

Plus, it looks damn hot!

Find it on Amazon here.

Cock Rings

Some people love how cock rings look and use them in kinky BDSM play.

Some guys have erection issues and they use penis pumps to get erect.

Afterwards they put on a cock ring to prevent for blood to leave the penis.

This way they can enjoy a normal sex for around 20 minutes despite their disabilities.

But most couples simply use cock rings to get super hard, bigger than usual size and girth penis.

It's 100% safe to use for around 20 minutes…and tons of fun!

The Screaming O Cock Rings ($6.19)

These are super cheap ones, but come with a ton of great reviews.

Screaming O c rings are stretchy and great to test out the waters.

Find it on Amazon.

Penis Sleeves

I'll quickly mention these too, but read the full guide for more.

They are basically penis extensions and usually guys use them if they are small sized.

This is a great way to cheat, give their wives an exciting bigger pleasure while having the feeling that they are the ones doing the fucking.

Imagine penis sleeves like really thick condoms… :)

Fantasy X-tensions 2-inch Penis Extension ($35.29)

This one uses suction to hold on to your penis and you can even customise it to fit better.

It does look weird and veiny, but works well.

Find it on Amazon.

Sex Swings

Finally, if you're looking a fun way to enjoy weightless sex experience and have a nice cardio at the same time… sex swings might be just the thing for you!

The only warning is that they either take a lot of space or will require drilling special hooks in the ceiling.

But you can always hide them with the hanging plants!

The door swings are easy to install, but they are not really comfortable and doors may not hold…

The best option? Get a yoga swing :)

You can always lie and say that you're practicing yoga there and have tons of fun at the same time!

That's the quick answer, but check the full sex swing guide for a thorough explanation.

Yoga Swing For Sex…and err…Yoga! ($58.95)

This swing set comes the highest recommended from Amazon with many positive customer reviews.

The cool thing about this yoga sex swing is that you can safely keep it open and say you are simply using it for yoga purposes.

You don’t have to hide it away.. :)

Find it on Amazon here.

Bringing It All Together

Now this was a very quick overview to the beautiful world of the sex toys.

I needed to make each section short to make this guide readable!

But I hope this serves as the perfect introduction and I provided enough external links to learn more about each sex toy! :)

  • If you're a lady — definitely get a Magic Wand or rabbit vibrator!
  • If you're a guy — try prostate milking! It's out of this world!
  • If you're a couple — remote control vibrator for public play is sooo much fun…!

Enjoy! 🍷