13 Of The Best Sex Wedge Pillows, Cushions And Ramps

What's the deal about sex pillows? 🐼

You keep hearing about sex pads, shapes , wedges, ramps and wonder:

  • Do they work? 🐵
  • How they work? 👩‍🏭
  • Are they worth the money? 💰
In short: Yes, yes, and yes.

But there's more.

What's happening right now is that Liberator is pretty much dominating the sex furniture, pillow kind of market.

But Liberators are pricey.

However from all the people I talked and researched — nobody regretted the purchase afterwards!

But I know you come here for options so I also found cheaper alternatives for you. Read on:

After you're done reading you'll know exactly how to use these sex pillows and wedges… you'll know the best for the price sex furniture models…

And on top of that you'll learn from best other people tips on using this sex furniture!

Maybe not like this….but…

Here's how the guide is organised:

  • Why Use Sex Pillows, Wedges, Tantra Chairs Or Specialised Sex Furniture?
  • What Are The Best Sex Pillows, Wedges & Accessories For Better Sex?
  • What Are Other People Best Tips About Picking & Using Sex Pillows or Wedges?

Sounds cool? 👍

Let's jump in:

Why Use Sex Pillows, Wedges, Tantra Chairs Or Specialised Sex Furniture?

There are tons of benefits.

Here's a short list I came up with how sex furniture helps:

  • get better and deeper penetration angle to hit the G-spot, anal sex or simply if the penis is smaller.
  • they help with better positions for oral sex so your neck doesn't get sore when going down and it's easier to finger her.
  • they protect against the mess: easy to clean.
  • it gives more options and variety for new positions and angles
  • there are wedges with holes where you can insert the vibrator or dildo.

There is also a special sex blanket that you can use to cover anything.

It's a soft and waterproof blanket that you can use without worries on bed or sofa. When you're done, just throw it in the washing machine and you're done!

I guess in short:

Sex furniture simply makes sex better and makes mess more manageable.

If you'll read around on other people impressions, they will say the same: they were hesitant to invest at first, but once they did nobody regretted it.

The only regret?: that they didn't get those pillows, wedges, chairs sooner..!

You'll see what I mean as I go explaining each sex furniture item one by one.

🖕Pro Tip For Sex Positions:

If you don’t know how to use that sex furniture for most effect then simply type in google your item and click images.

For example:”Sex wedge positions”.

Or there's also a free PDF position guide made by Liberator.

The clue is: Don't get hang up on positions…! ⚠️

Sex WILL get better with sex furniture!

What Are The Best Sex Pillows, Wedges & Accessories For Better Sex?

I did mention Liberator before.

And yeah, they are dominating the industry and if you want quality sex furniture — you'll never go wrong with them.

But if you're on the budget…

Then you'll love the ninja hacks you can use to get cheaper sex furniture while getting very similar high quality.

For example, there are wedge pillows that people use for medicine purposes, better sleep, acid reflux or neck support.

They are very similar to sex furniture, but aren't labeled as one — hence they are cheaper.

The only downside is that since they are not designed for sex, they are not meant to protect against liquids and wet mess that comes with sex.

Other case are sex wedges, that have holes where you can insert Hitachi magic wand or vibrator for hands-free experience.

Finally, if you like bondage, restraint play — liberator offer special support for them.

Medicine wedge pillows not so much.

But everything else is the same: wedge pillows have the same quality memory foam that Liberators use.

Watch this helpful video from Sunny Megatron presenting different kind of Liberator wedges just so you see how they look and feel:

Alright, let's jump in the specific items:

#1 Sex Blanket To Protect Against The Mess ($24.99)

I'm including this first because everyone must have it!!!

Have you ever got an experience when you mess up the bed sheets because of lubricant, period or simply because sex got too hot and messy?

Well, just put the soft, waterproof and washable sex blanket on top of sofa, bed or floor…

Find it on Amazon here.

Have fun… and then just throw it in the washing machine!

Just read the reviews… it's even squirting-proof!

Liberator Lush Sex Blanket ($99)

If you want something more beautiful and fancy…

You can always get Liberator Lush moisture resistant sex blanket but it's gonna cost $99.

It does come in five beautiful colors which means you can proudly use it to always cover your bed, no preparation needed.

Find it on Amazon here.

The king size is 76x84" big and it comes with the nice case that can be used as a pillow when blanket is in.

You won't regret this purchase, but it does cost 3x more.

I'll let you decide.

Drive Medical Folding Bed Wedge Pillow ($30.65)

You can use this item for medical purposes or as a sex wedge!

Many people buy it as the cheaper, quality alternative to Liberator.

It comes in three sizes — 7",10", 12".

Find it on Amazon here.

Plus you can fold it and use it to rest your feet while sitting in the reading chair.

It's comfortable and firm, but not too firm!

And yes, you can use it as acid reflux pillow and sleeping.

Buy several of them in different sizes and you can mix and combine them for even more positions!

Here's the original Liberator's combo.

InteVision Bed Wedge Pillow ($39.98)

This is another bigger wedge pillow that you could use together with the previous smaller wedge.

It also comes in three sizes from 25x24x12" to 33x30.5x12 inches.

Find it on Amazon here.

Many people report this wedge helping with better sleep, but many people also buy this as Liberator alternative.

It has memory foam on top of it, not too soft, not too firm.

You can easily wash it because it comes with removable cover or you can always buy extra pillow-case.

Liberator Wedge & Ramp Sex Pillo Combo ($199.99)

Okay, you can mix and match with cheaper versions, but with Liberator obviously you'll get top quality and top compatibility.

There are two sizes — normal and smaller (and five colors).

It is pricey but these pillows will help to avoid any aches, pains and joint hurting.

It's the perfect comfort and pleasure.

Find it on Amazon here.

I know I was hesitant myself, but nobody, myself including regretted getting these sex furniture supports.

Just read the reviews.

Liberator Jaz Small Sex Wedge Pillow ($55.99)

Some people report the bigger wedges too big.

If you think you need a smaller ramp, then this is a worthy option.

Who would have thought a little ramp like this could make such a difference?

If you've been using average pillow under the butt for better angle, then this will be a game changer.

Find it on Amazon here.

Position possibilities are endless.

Again, just read the reviews if in doubt.

This is a quality beginner's option!

Evercharm Inflatable Sex Wedge, Ramp or Pillow ($14.99)

Okay, if you the cheapest option to check out this sex furniture department inflatables are the best way to go.

No, they won't be as firm and nice as original memory foam medicine or Liberator pillows, but they are pretty close..!

And the good thing is you can take them wherever you go, they are very compact.

There are three choices:

Find it on Amazon here.
  • half-moon pillow (this one comes with a hole on top for sex toy insertion)
  • the round roll pillow
  • the wedge ramp

The surface is nice and not slippery.

Great for multiple purposes, definitely will enhance your sex life!

Liberator Hipster Sex Pillow ($145)

This is a fun curvy variation of classical sex ramp.

The angle is super delicious.

It will work great for missionary and with the doggy style perfectly.

Find it on Amazon here.

Since those are two of the most popular positions anyway, I do recommend you get this curvy sex pillow.

It's fun to play around as it will offer new ideas for sex positions you didn't think of trying before.

This hipster is like mini version of tantra chair.

Liberator Wing Sex Cushion With Toy Mount ($90.58)

This is a super handy pillow you can use to mount your vibrating sex toy or even dildo.

It has a cutout pocket and a channel running the length of the cushion

Place your wand in there and the whole cushion will vibrate..

Find it on Amazon here.

Your own sex saddle or fucking machine and you didn't pay $500–$1000 for it.

Be cautious as it comes in one size so if you're extra tall or extra short it will not fit perfectly.

Oh…and you can always use it as super comfy pillow outside of bedroom too!

Liberator Sex Wedge— Axis Hitachi Toy Mount ($109.99)

This is another fun product by Liberator.

It's meant to hold different types of massagers and give the hands free experience.

It's very well made and will work as normal sex wedge even without a vibrator in it.

Find it on Amazon here.

Some people complain that since people are different then for some the angle and positioning of the hole for massager isn't quite right.

So do check the angles and size before you buy.

As usual Liberator Axis comes with high quality washable materials and the fabric is nice and firm.

Liberator Esse Sex Tantra Chair ($439)

Okay, this is not a sex furniture article…

and I have a separate article focusing on furniture not the sex accessories in bed, but I gotta mention the most badass top-tier option.

Chances are you’ve seen this tantra chair…

Tantra chair is a big version of all the sex wedges, pillows, ramps — all combined.
Find it on Amazon here.

It’s ergonomic, beautiful and functional.

It comes in 6 different colors: black, champagne, espresso, merlot, platinum and plum.

You can move through the curves and change the pillows as you experiment with different angles and positions.

The material is nicely hard, but soft at the same. Covers can be removed for washing.

If you’re looking for the ultimate sex furniture, this is the one.

There are cheaper alternatives however…there's a more minimal version made by Divano Roma ($109).

But it doesn't have those additional support pillows (4x cheaper though).

Find it on Amazon here.

Oh and here's #1 most underrated sex furniture piece — a huge bean bag!

You can use this as a bed as a chair…so many different uses! It's perfectly moldable, you can buy extra foam to make it more sturdy.

And this Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair costs only $149.99.

The takeaway is: you have options!

You can go for the original highest quality piece… find budget options or hack your own sex pillow wedges together.

Find it on Amazon here.

What Are Other People Best Tips About Picking & Using Sex Pillows or Wedges?

Okay, before we wrap it up, here are four people experiences and stories about using the sex pillows and support furniture.

Most people ended up talking about Liberator, since it is admittedly super well done. But medicine pillows are just as great.

“I recently purchased Liberator wedge.”

“The wedge is firm supportive yet soft to the touch.

It comes with a waterproof zippered cover with a microfiber fleece type zipper cover on top of that.

Both are machine washable and fluid stains come out easily from the two washes this far.

My boyfriend is one foot taller than me as well and the angle this pillow provides particularly in missionary, doggy, and prone-bone is great.

Good for oral, and actually, I have been getting better sleep with it between or under my legs.

I thought about getting a medical wedge and I’ve come to the conclusion it would be suitable, but I really like the washable soft cover on the Liberator and knowing the foam is protected by the two layers of covers.

Also don’t know which medical wedge would be as firm as this pillow.

I think that you should consider the Liberator Jaz Wedge too because it’s a smaller thus less expensive version of the wedge, but might be easier to position during use (some complain about the unwieldy size of the wedge).

That being said, I’m petite with no regrets getting the normal sized wedge.

I would recommend it to anyone considering a wedge to get some killer angles in.”

Source: aloe-you-vera-much

“I bought a few things from Liberator. “

“I bought the ramp + wedge combo. They are both solid feeling with removable and washable covers.

My issue with the ramp is the size.

It’s pretty big so you definitely have to commit to having it sit around if you’re gonna get regular use out of it.

Honestly it mostly sits in the box in the back of my closet. The wedge I feel is a much better size.

You can cover it with a regular pillow case and claim it’s for your back/neck etc. It’s also great for lifting the hips for oral, or lazy doggy.

I like it because it’s solid so easier than trying to stack various squishy pillows that may deflate different amounts.

My favorite purchase though is probably the liberator throw:

I love the idea of a soft, waterproof blanket you can throw onto the bed/floor/sofa, have sexy times and then throw onto the floor for the washer the next morning with no fuss about swapping bed sheets/wet spots etc.

It’s also kind of comforting that I won’t have to worry about my bedsheets if we decide to use silicone lube.

The one gripe is that there’s an inner layer that crinkles when you move but I found it easy to ignore.”

“We recently got a liberator wedge and have found it to be a nice addition for several positions and oral sex. “

“It is made of some kind of dense foam that does not compress under weight, but is still comfortable to be on top of.

Kind of pricey for what is essentially a pillow, though.”

Source: friendlyswingers

“I have the Liberator wedge ramp combo and it is seriously worth the money.”

“I was a bit dubious of it before it arrived — like how could a cushion support us both — like we have a combined weight of over 25 stone.

But it does and could hold heavier than us too.

Once in position the velvet cover doesn’t budge and it provides a serious grip against whatever surface it is used on.

The wedge itself or even the ramp can be used separately or together.

Even when used separately they provide a comfortable height to use while in doggy. It also help to make missionary more comfortable due to the angle.

Liberator have made it angled to allow hips to lie at a particular angle to encourage g-spot stimulation.”

Source: LittleSwitchBitch

Bringing It All Together


So how was it? Did you learn something?

Did you get some inspiring ideas or you compiled your gift wish list?

I certainly did since I am always looking to upgrade my own sexual experience…

Start small and just experiment with one of these sex pillow shapes.

Chances are if you're in relationships for more than few years, your sex life could use some spicing up and variety.

The easiest way to do it is through kinky sex toys, new positions or new role-plays.

This guide helps with positions.

If you're more curious on sex toys, read this introductory article where I cover all biggest sex toy types and best models.


Have fun! 🍷