Squirting: What Is It? Is Squirting Real?

After the porn exposure everyone is obsessed about making their women squirt…

And women are wondering — is squirting real? And can I squirt?

Is it pee or is it really some other kind of liquid?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.

It's very real and every woman can learn it.

I've did it with my girlfriend, who had no clue if she could even do it and frankly was even scared to do it.

I have a whole long guide on how to squirt for real.

But if you want a quick video version of learning to squirt just try this (NSFW). It works!

In this quick article however I've collected real men and women stories of their squirting experiences.

I hope these will help you to understand the mystical female ejaculation better and get you adventurous enough to try it!

Is Squirting Pee?

Since I know this question bothers most of the minds…

Yes and no.
Squirting does come from Skene's Glans, but there is also urine involved since it comes from the same place (similar to ejaculation for men).

And also when you do squirt it will feel like peeing, so you will never really know if you squirted or peed (except if you orgasm at the same time of course).

But maybe this sets you at ease:

Urine is actually 95% water. And Squirt doesn't smell, look or taste like urine.

Doctors and studies keep arguing and going back and forth whether it's pee, or some other liquid…

A 2014 study discovered that Skene's Gland accumulates fluid during arousal.

Plus then on another study researchers did ultrasound examinations to confirm that bladders of women who ejaculated were empty.

So they did see that there is correlation.

And they keep arguing.

But the point is… Don't worry!

Who cares if some pee is involved?

If you ever tried anything anal — it's also potentially messy!

Sex itself is messy! And the sooner you accept it the better your sexual life will become!

Aight… enough of that, let's move on:

#1 — Girls who squirt, does it really feel THAT good?

“Porn exaggerates a lot of things. “

“Sometimes I squirt when I cum (which feels good).

Sometimes I just squirt and no orgasm.

Sometimes I orgasm and there is no squirt.

It’s only amazing when I cum simultaneously.

But I don’t react the way porn stars or cam girls seem to.”

Source: PheebDweeb

“So porn exaggerates a lot — if you want to see other women squirting, you’re best watching amateur porn.”

“And for me, yes, squirting is that good.

I don’t convulse per se, but my head will knock back and my legs will shake, along with me making a massive puddle — I don’t shoot out liquid like in porn, but there is definitely plenty of liquid.”

Source: ZombieSazza

“No, sometimes it doesn’t feel like much except that I’m squirting fluid and having vaginal contractions. “

“I still enjoy it because I like when a guy can make me squirt.

Sometimes when it comes with orgasms, it feels really good and intense in its own way, as in it feels like I’m orgasming in waves for minutes.

But definitely not as acutely intense as a clitoral orgasm.

Also I don’t shoot fluid way far out like a jet stream.

It comes out more like a waterfall stream.”

Source: 420thrwawayy

“My squirts come from fingers and are also a g spot orgasm, so when it’s good… “

“When he can shake those fucking fingers hard.

Damn daddy I’m shaking convulsing, huge mess, he’s gonna fuck me super fucking hard and then we’re both exhausted.

Back when I was 19/20 I ‘gushed’ I was on top, I was drunk and didn’t feel it at all.

It happened again later in life and I realised if their dick is curved enough to hit my g spot I will have a mini squirt but without any orgasm.

Whatever you experience is normal, never compare to porn.

There’s a lot of sex education out there on squirting.”

Source: 314636

“I have squirted quite a few times too, and I was so confused by it!

“It feels nothing like what you would expect to feel like if you watch porn, and it’s not even related to orgasm.

I don’t squirt when I come.

I have asked a gynaecologist about it, and all she had to say was “your boyfriend must be happy”.

Not helpful.

I have noticed that it only happens in specific positions or when I’m being penetrated at certain angles, and I have personally come to the conclusion that squirting is just peeing.

I think my partner’s penis is just hitting some sort of point related to my bladder and it makes me release urine during sex.

It doesn’t smell like anything but it does stain the sheets. “

Source: Couleuvre

Squirting Success Stories

Here are some honest squirting stories from pornstars…

It really helps to demistify the experience, make sure you watch it:

And now… let's close with this amazing story… Where the guy explains the psychology…

Everything involved to make her squirt.

“Finally, my girlfriend squirts after being a non-believer!”

“Back-story — I love it when a girl squirts/experiences g-spot orgasms.

I’ve managed to get all of my past, regular sex partners to squirt (to varying degrees) so I believe most everyone can do it, but most people either block it with their mind, or stop in fear of peeing.

All of the girls expressed the most satisfaction from that type of orgasm (though they still appreciated clitoral immensely).

I’ve been dating the same girl for nearly three and a half years now.

From our first discussions about sex, I told her squirting turned me on (without divulging that other girls I was with experienced it often).

I also explained that I was well versed in squirting because it interested me and I knew how to get her to do it.

She said, and I quote, “Squirting and the g-spot are a myth.”

Challenge accepted or so I thought.

The truth of the matter is, that dismissive attitude always blocked her from achieving that type of orgasm.

Literally three years went by with little to no effort in trying to achieve g-spot/squirting orgasm.

I then heard a podcast that was informative and reasonable and I sat her down to have a listen.

That was all it took.

Just hearing other women talking about it on an informative show opened her mind to the possibility of her experiencing a similar orgasm.

So for the last month, we’ve been getting her used to the feeling and I encouraged her to practice kegels (though this has never been necessary with anyone else).

I don’t actually know how much kegels she practiced but during sex, I could feel her voluntarily clenching around my dick to show the effort.

Sure enough, last night while going relatively slowly in a position prone to g-spot stimulation, I could see her getting increasingly turned on and I knew she was moments away.

Her pussy started clenching, getting increasingly wet and I kept going at the same pace (trying as much as possible not to cum from being so turned on).


The pressure became immense and I felt warm liquid flow out around my cock and down my balls — biggest turn on ever.

We actually stopped mid-squirt out of her surprise, but now she’s a full believer.

The point is, if you want to squirt (or get your SO to squirt) you have to do your homework and open your/their minds.

If they don’t believe in it because it has never happened, there’s no point in even trying.

G-spot/Ejaculation Advice: How you Can Do It Yourself.

Here is my spiel on the physiology of the g-spot and what an ejaculatory orgasm is like:

Squirting takes a lot of practice and knowledge about your body and ultimately a deep comfort with the fluids it produces.

Getting the right stimulation is important but learning to relax is key.

The g-spot is located about 1–3 inches deep on the front wall of the vagina.

Its best to stimulate it by applying A LOT of pressure and a “come here” type motion.

This can be done with your fingers or a partner’s fingers or a good toy.

My favorite toy to get to the squirting is this G-spot metal wand.

When you stimulate the g-spot you should start to feel a sensation that feels remarkably similar to the urge to pee.

This happens because the g-spot is a region of the vaginal wall that is located directly over an organ called the urethral sponge or the Skene’s glands.

This structure is made up of thousand’s of tiny glands and ducts and it will swell and engorge with fluid when it is stimulated.

As the urethral sponge swells it applies pressure to the urethra.

Expansion of the bladder also applies pressure on the urethra so the nerves that pick up this change in pressure signal the brain in the same way needing to urinate would.

This is why the urge to ejaculate feels so similar to the urge to pee. If you are worried about peeing don’t be.

Urinate before you play so you don’t have to worry about it.

You will still ejaculate large amounts of fluid.

As the “need to pee” sensation grows stronger it will crest and you’ll start to feel slightly tingly.

At this point you are very close to being able to achieve orgasm.

I know I personally need to add clitoral stimulation though if I am to reach orgasm but I know some women can orgasm without clitoral stimulation.

Try adding the clitoral stimulation if you are having trouble.

When I add clitoral stimulation (usually by use of a vibrator on my clitoris) I allow my body to relax deeply.

To ejaculate you have to relax deeply and let go allowing the fluid to flow out of you. It feels similar to how you relax when you urinate (the same muscles are used).

This is the hardest part of the whole process.

Most women don’t get past this point since they typically clamp down because they are worried about peeing. It takes practice so keep trying.

Once you relax your muscles the fluid will start to flow out of you. A half second later the orgasm will begin.

In my experience ejaculatory orgasms are incredibly strong and envelop the full body rapidly.

It starts in the pelvic region and then spreads quickly up the body and all the way to the limbs.

It happens so abruptly that it feels like getting hit by a bus.

Extremely intense contractions of the pelvic floor muscles will follow orgasm.

Squirting takes some practice and it takes some time to learn to get the orgasm and the ejaculation timed together.

I don’t think my orgasm and ejaculation were simultaneous in the beginning.

I can’t remember exactly though because I was so excited the first time it happened I was euphoric anyway.

Keep practicing and learn to really relax and become in tune with the sensation.

Best of luck.“

Source: inttalkinaboutlove

And here's another story.. of what can happen… :)

Shit happens. 😐

Get over it! 🙌

“So I pissed on my guy last night. No, you read that right. I now know the difference between squirting/gushing and peeing”

“I’ve always been able to gush/squirt really well (the difference being the volume of fluid).

Now, I can’t speak for what it feels like for the giving partner, but for the receiving partner it feels like he is pressing into a fleshy, spongy area.

This is the G-spot.

It usually makes a squelching sound and starts with a small amount that rapidly builds into what I can only describe as feeling like a waterfall suddenly tumbling from my vagina, coming out in pulses.

It feels like being on DRUGS, just a wonderful relieving euphoric feeling.

Afterwards I feel satisfied, happy and sleepy — kinda like you just ate a full Thanksgiving dinner (but minus the pain, shame, and protruding belly).

I usually need to take half a minute to recover from the daze.

I instantly knew he was doing something different this time.

I won’t say too much, but I can say he definitely knows the anatomical location of the urinary bladder.

He is also somewhat into “water-sports”, and I’m into anything as long as he is, so when I felt him reach deep past my G spot I just went with the flow (heh).

He felt around, touched up against something bulbous, and began massaging.

The volume was MUCH bigger than anything I had ever gushed, and it was HOT….. in a purely thermal sense.

I think the aftereffects can be summarised with a “meh”; there was no pleasure except the familiar satisfaction of relieving my bladder.

He’s into water-sports, but I am not.

Summary: Gushing is great, peeing is okay.”

Source: Anonymous

Bringing It All Together

I hope this quick intro of other people stories did help you…

If you think you're ready to try it out, make sure you check my squirting guide.

Whether you're a woman who wants to learn to squirt by herself…

Or man who wants to make his girl squirt.

This will help and it will work!

It takes some time and digging though…!

But you can do it! 👊