Sucking Dick 101: How To Suck The Soul Of A Guys Cock

First time sucking a cock? 🙄🍆

Learning how to suck a dick like a pornstar is one of the skills that always comes handy…👏👅

Even if guys say it's not important — everyone loves enthusiastic girl going down on them and enjoying sucking the soul of his dick…!💄

But how? 🤓

Well, this guide is here for you! 💪

I've collected many different tips and ideas for you to become better at sucking dicks…

But remember:

Every man is different. Take all of this advice with a grain of salt.

There is really no one size that will fit all.

After you get some ideas, try them, but it will take a trial and error to find the actual technique that your guy loves.

The best advice however that anyone can give you is:

Be enthusiastic!
Do it with excitement like you want to suck the soul out of his cock!
Moan, make eye contract, stare at his dick with hunger.

I dare you to find a guy who will not love that.

Anyway.. now to actual tips:

“The best way to suck a cock without needing to deepthroat.”

“Note that with this technique you don’t need to know how to deep throat!

I myself have never been able to do that because of my gag reflexes, but I’ve learned a few tricks!

Personally I like to give my man a good foreplay (all men like foreplay, those who don’t just don’t know it yet!).

My favorite move is to push him on to the bed so he’s sitting on the end of it and sensually take his top of and sit in his lab.

Next, I give him some kisses on the neck, his chest, nipple a bit on his ears etc..

Then I remove the rest of his clothes.

I place myself in front of his crotch and on my knees.

This next part is very important to build suspense.

Put off touching his dick, move your finger slowly around his body, have them come so close to touching his dick so that he craves your touch!

You don’t wanna start touching his dick till you got him trembling and shaking.

Some guys have never been touched like this before and aren’t used to the foreplay, so if he’s not trembling, don’t worry!

Give him a few times, cause he will, just move forward to the touching of the penis!

Start by kissing his inner thighs, then slowly start licking his balls, then put one in your mouth, then the other.

Then finally its penis time.

You still wanna go slowly. Start by licking the bottom of the penis, just with the tip of your tongue, then slide it up SLOWLY.

Have him twitching his dick in hopes you get to the tip faster.

If he does so, move back a bit.

Then when closing in on the tip it’s good to remember that where the foreskin and the tip meet there is a pressure area (sort of like a guy’s clit) where you should press harder on than you’ve been licking.
she's talking about frenulum ;)

Now, at this point I’m assuming he’s aiming his dick for your mouth.

You can either put it in at this point and start sucking.

Or you can start by licking the tip for a bit… then put your whole mouth over the tip but not really touch anything.

Then lift your head up and finally put it in your mouth ( I personally prefer that move).

Now when your blowing him remember the basics:

  • don’t use your teeth,
  • don’t suck to hard,
  • use lot of saliva on it,
  • if you don’t like to swallow his cum, have it drop down his dick and so on.

I like to have my tongue rub on his “clit” while I’m blowing him.

Sometimes I throw in a tongue twirl over his tip when I pull up my head.

I put my tongue on his clit when I put my head down while twirling with my hand (which I have on his dick the whole time while sucking him).

Only then you pick up the pace, slow down again (that’s how most guys masturbate, go slow, fast, slow fast…)

When you notice he’s about to come you give it your all!

Well that’s what gets my man of anyways 😛

I mostly learned that by asking him what he liked, how much pressure to use and so on.

You can also learn surprisingly much by watching him masturbate, no man knows his dick more than him ;)

Also have him teach you how to give him a hand-job.

By learning that you know how he likes it moved.

That will come in handy while you figure out how to use your mouth.

Don’t be discouraged by not being able to deep throat.

When guys masturbate the rarely use the full hand-down-up movement themselves

They mostly just run their hand up and down from the middle of the penis at most.

Good luck!

And remember lots of foreplay — guys love it just as much as us! ;)”

Source: naomi-12

(To mix it up) Here's a super nice story from a girl sharing her experience and 7 tips for sucking dick:

“Use A Vibrator (like Magic wand) On His Cock”

If you’re advanced player…and already have something like Hitachi Magic Wand…you can use it on his cock.

He’ll love the sensations.

This is the way to outsource the work a little bit by giving him something he’s never experienced before.

Nothing really comes close to the stimulation you can get with a genuine vibrating wand.

Find it on Amazon here.

Hitachi Magic Wand with Hummingbird attachment will blow any other male sex toy out of the water!

“Never swallow your saliva when sucking dick”

“The other day a girl was giving me a blowjob and she was very noisy about it. Like, she would exaggerate all the “slushing”/”slurping” sounds that would go on.

I think she did it on purpose, but it was amazing.

You can also exaggerate the “breath for air” after you’ve had him in your mouth for a while.

You don’t actually have to choke, just make the noise :P

Bonus tip: Drool like a retard over his cock&balls.

During oral, never swallow your saliva, but let it run.”

Source: Paltenburg

“Suck The Tip Of His Dick When He Cums”

“I start with the whole dick, or as much as I can fit in my mouth.

Sometimes I’ll lick up and down the shaft (my boyfriend loves that).

Once I’ve lubed it up enough with a bunch of my spit I’ll stroke the shaft with one hand while I focus most of my energy/mouth on the tip.

If done correctly, he’ll turn into a puddle.

Another good tip is to suck the tip as he finishes, almost like you’re literally sucking it out of him.

I dated a guy once that giggled like a little girl when I did this, he said it felt so great that he just started laughing for no reason.”

Source: itsajillsandwich

“Make Sure The Dick Is Super Wet & Be Enthusiastic!”

“Guys are all different, but here’s the general jist of how to do it.

Dick gotta be wet as fuck.

If you don’t salivate easily, use a lube.

Astroglide tastes alright in my experience, and is good for vaginal too.

Deepthroating isn’t everything, but do it if you can.

It’s mainly a porn thing.

Definitely use your hands.

I like to keep them close to my mouth and twist them as I go up and down.

Mix it up.

Some guys like their balls sucked or touched.

Ask him. Some don’t.

Teeth isn’t the greatest, but if you accidentally graze him it’s alright.

The glans is very sensitive, like the clitoris.

If you can’t go very far down, focus on that and you’ll be golden.

This is about your pleasure too!

If you wanna drag your tongue up him, do it. If you wanna take a break and jerk him off, do that.

If you wanna run your tongue around the head of his penis while it’s being sucked in your mouth, do it!

Give him a little groan every now and then to let him know you’re enjoying yourself too.

If you don’t wanna swallow, it’s hot to let it drip out of your mouth.

Or let him cum on your [insert body part here].

Don’t run to the bathroom to sanitize your mouth; it’s better to spit it into a tissue a bit afterwards. Be discreet.

Most importantly, be enthusiastic!!!!

If a guy knows you’re enjoying yourself while you get him off, he’ll go crazy.”

Source: blue_nous

“Focus more on using your mouth more than your hands. “

“(Porn doesn’t really enforce this!)

A continuous sucking is good when you move your tongue too but your jaw will get sore (at least, mine does).

When that happens you can just tease with your tongue or relax your jaw to just move your head up and down.

I try not to stop because I don’t want my partner to lose the feeling they have.

Switch up the areas you focus on as well.

And if you’re up for it, having your partner teach you what he likes is hot too.”

Source: 28moments

“Act like you really are enjoying sucking his dick.”

“Moan, stroke, caress kiss it all over, slide your lips and tongue all over it to get him going.

Do all of it before you use your usual methods to suck him to orgasm and he should be squirming with pleasure.

It’s a very visual thing for me.

The more she acts like it’s the best thing she’s ever tasted the hotter (and harder) it gets me.

There really is nothing sexier than your partner moaning or cumming with your cock in her mouth.

If he like to face fuck you (it’s up to you if this is good or not, my partner loves it!)

Try rubbing your clit while he does it … That always turns them on :)

Tell him to communicate and listen to his body language.

When he moans or says “OMG that feels so fucking good!”

Keep doing that ;)”

Source: Live_near_the_sea


“Be up front and honest like “I want to give you the best head you’ve ever had, can you give me any tips?”

That alone will probably turn him on A LOT.

Just knowing that you care enough to put his pleasure at the forefront of your mind is sexy as fuck.

Seriously, imagine getting a similar question from guy.

How hot would that make you for him? Right?

Ask what part/s of his penis feels the best when stimulated, what’s too much, etc.

It’s not as common for the woman/bottom (in gay relationships) to be focused on the man’s/top’s pleasure.

Their penis is just an oversized version of our clit, and we know sometimes certain kinds of attention is good, while others is too much or even bad.

Same goes for them.

My current boyfriend has said he’s never come from oral alone.

When he said that, I made it my personal goal to get him off with just my mouth.

I’ve gotten closer and closer to this goal by paying attention to what he likes and how he likes it.

For instance, he likes being deep throated, but when that’s not happening, he seems to prefer I focus on the first couple of inches closest to his head.

I’m getting closer every time.

The day I reach my goal, I’ll be THRILLED.

Just ask.

Pro tip: don’t neglect the balls.

While you’re sucking him, give him a nice ball massage.

Never heard of a guy who didn’t like that.

Maybe switch it up and give him some mouth attention on the balls while your hand strokes his dick before switching back.

Also, find out if he likes his ass played with.

If he’s clean, there shouldn’t be any “grossness” issue. Just a lot of fun.”

“How to Have Eye Contact During Oral Sex”

“Assuming you’re talking about when he’s laying on his back. But it works when he is standing too :)

Hold his cock at the bottom.

Not with your whole hand.

Just a couple fingers and thumb so you have more of it to do this to.

Squeeze with your hand.

I find this makes him so much more sensitive to my tongue.

So you are squeezing, just enough for him to swell up a bit more.

No eye contact yet.

Just squeeze him, flatten your tongue and start licking up.

Do it slow. Not too slow, but slow enough for him to take in the view

Halfway up the cock, look at him.

Keep some good pressure with your tongue on him.

Open your mouth a bit and let him see your tongue.

Lick right up to the head, when you get to the top, let your tongue come off the head a little.

Don't pull your tongue in right away.

Let him see it just came off his dick.

You're looking at him, give him a sexy little smile, then lips on him and take the whole thing (or as far as you can) in your mouth letting out a moan as you go down.

Hold him in there for a few seconds.

He’ll probably moan and his hips will start pushing his cock further.

Pull your mouth off him quick.

Lift your head and look at him, mouth still open.
Gasping for breath, spit coming out your mouth, eyes full of tears because of how far he went in.
And look at him.
He’ll probably have a “holyfuckingshitdamnnnnn” look on his face.

Bottom line is, its pretty easy to get eye contact, when you are licking the underside.

Or when your hand is super spitty and slippery use it in rhythm with your mouth and when the hand gets over the tip, look at him and keep kind of….massaging the head with your fingers.

Going over and down a few times. Very lightly.

Hope this makes sense :)

Source: pepsiicat

Bringing It All Together

Now you must have more than enough ideas to please your man…

He'll fall in love you all over again after you do this…

But for some ladies all these tips are unnecessary..!

For example, for my girl just learning to be enthusiastic, relaxed and not swallowing the saliva was enough…

And she overnight went from beginner oral sex give to mother-fucking incredible mind blowing soul sucking professional…! :)

Have fun! 🍷