10 Of The Best Tantus FeelDoe & Realdoe Pegging Dildos & Strapons


So you're looking for a pegging experience? 😈

So you know that Tantus has some super high quality strapless stapons, dildos and harnesses…💪 🥇

But you are a bit confused which one to pick for you? 😪

Not to worry! 🙏

In this guide you'll learn about all the most popular and highest rated Tantus products, including Feeldoe and RealDoe. 😍

Tantus really is an undisputed leader for pegging toys…

They are not the cheapest, but they are the best!

Let's jump in?:

What Are The Best Tantus Strapons & Dildos?

Let's start with strapless strapons…

Then move to strapon dildos and they a little insight into the best harnesses.

Tantus Feeldoe: Strapless Strap-on With Vibrator ($99)

Okay, so this is the most famous strapless strapon from Tantus.

There are four different Feeldoe models: classic, slim, stout and more. The only difference between them is how long and how girthy it is.

The model below is the most popular one being 6" length and 4.25" girth.

Find it on Amazon here.

You can pick through longer but thinner, and shorter but girthier models.

The reason strapless strapons are so popular is because they are being inserted in woman's vagina + there is vibrator that will provide pleasant sensations for both sides of the couple.

Watch this helpful demo video to see how Feeldoe looks like (in the video they review Feeldoe Classic, the medium size strapon):

However the challenge is that most women have trouble keeping this amazing strapless strapon in!

You know, it gets wet and you might need stronger PC muscles and do some kegel exercises to be able to keep the dildo in!

Plus, vibrations help for sensations, but doesn't help with keep the toy in!

Tantus themselves market these strapons as advanced toys that will require strong PC muscles, but there is a way around it. 🖐

You can buy a harness that will help keeping this strapon on!

This harness ($14.45) is the cheapest and also the best option for most people to use as combo

Find it on Amazon here.

It's super minimalistic model and it will do the job of holding the dildo in.

Problem solved..!

Tantus RealDoe: Realistic Feeling Dildo Strapless Strap-on ($99.99)

Okay, what about Realdoe, you may ask?

Well… realdoe is a bit gentler and more realistic dildo :)

It's made from silicone that looks and feels like real flesh.

It will be wiggly, juicy and it will give in more whatever hole you're trying to fill.

Find it on Amazon here.

If you're looking for something that feels and looks natural, this is the toy.

The warning though is to make sure you think long and hard about the size — for most people the toy they picked was too big.

I would recommend going with the smallest strapon, Slim Cocoa.

Again, get that simple harness if you've trouble holding it in or your kegels aren't that strong yet.

Watch this video to see how Tantus Realdoe looks and feels in real life:

Tantus Strapon Dildos

Okay, so what if you're simply looking for strapon dildos from Tantus?

The ones with the suction cup that you can use separately from pegging and with the harness?

Well, the three best & highest recommended Tantus dildos are:

  • Tantus Acute (the most popular strapon dildo)
  • Tantus Silk
  • Tantus Wamp

Let's cover each one by one:

Tantus Acute: A Silicone Strapon Dildo ($35.99)

This is a popular dildo because of it's size which makes it a great beginner option.

It's 5" long (insertable 4.8") and girth is 1.25".

It doesn't have a suction cup, but the base is flat to be easily usable with any strap-on harness.

Note that it's quite hard silicone so if you like a softer option

Check this video to see how it looks like!

It's really small:

Tantus Silk: 3-Size Silicone Strapon Dildo ($35.99)

With Tantus Silk you can choose between three sizes (and three colors)which makes it both beginner and advanced player friendly.

This model doesn't have pronounced head which makes it easier to get in for anal pegging play.

Find it on Amazon here.

It doesn't look like actual penis which some people like and while most other toys are angled for G-spot or P-spot stimulation — this toy is straight.

It will feel more like a fat finger than penis.

The smallest Tantus Silk is very popular between first-time pegging players.

The dildo has a flared based which is perfect for strapons.

Here's the video of Tantus Silk Medium model (there is small and large too):

Tantus The Vamp: Silicone Strapon Dildo ($44.99)

If you're looking for soft yet firm enough strapon dildo then Tantus The Vamp is for you.

The size is right in the middle — maybe not for total beginners and not exactly for huge dildo lovers.

Find it on Amazon here.

The insertable length is 7", diameter 1.75".

The flared base is perfect for harness strapons and the rigid head of the dildo will be perfect if you want extra G-spot or prostate stimulation.

It comes in four colors.

Here's a helpful video to see how it looks and feels:

Tantus P-spot: Prostate Silicone Dildo ($50.39)

Okay, now if you're looking for perfect shaped dildo to hit the male's prostate just right..

Then this is the ultimate anal play pegging dildo for men.

Other dildos are kinda made multifunctional for both ladies and men.

Find it on Amazon here.

But this is the real deal…!

However, I still recommend you get a smaller butt plug to warm the butt first.

It's quite a lot to take in.

Definitely not for beginners as it is over 7" in length… but this WILL hit the P-spot and get your man to reach prostate orgasm!

Watch this video to see this serious toy and how to use it:

Oh and if you want to use it without the strapon you can buy this Tantus suction cup and have fun with it yourself too!

SpareParts Double Strap Strapon Harness ($114.95)

Okay, so you have been probably wondering…

I'm getting the strapon dildos, but what about the harness itself…?

Well, there are tons of other cheaper options (less quality too), but if you are serious to pegging, you gotta get this harness.

Find it on Amazon here.

If you don't get a good, secure harness you'll just ruin the whole experience otherwise.

The dildo won't hold in place, it will be uncomfortable to you…and in that case better just not bother…

But this harness will do it all:

Harness will also clean easily and will give the woman perfect control over the strapon dildo.

Oh and you can choose between different sizes and colors — so great for smaller and bigger ladies.

You can also use this with FeelDoe and RealDoe strapless strapon dildos!

Check how:

Highly recommended!

Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit (Strapon 2 dildos + Harness) ($89.99)

Okay and finally if you want a cheaper combo…

Then this is a perfect kit.

Everything is solid and very well made.

It comes with 2 dildos and a harness so you can easily start small and upgrade when feeling extra adventurous.

Find it on Amazon here.

What you'll notice that at the harness there is also attached vibrator that you can use for clitoral stimulation to have some pleasure while pegging your partner.

This is #1 recommended quality strapon kit for beginners, that is comfortable to wear, comfortable to peg and easy to clean.

Here's a great video demonstrating and explaining how to use this Tantus dildo kit in action.

Bringing It All Together

I hope this has been helpful!

If you're new to pegging, make sure you check this helpful guide…!

And if you want to learn about other strapon alternatives than Tantus models, check this ultimate guide reviewing both the most affordable to the highest rated options (harnesses and strapons).


Stay safe, take it slow and have fun! 🍷