Thongs 101: Do You Know The Top 10 Sexiest Panties & Thongs Ever Created?

It's a bold promise, but you're shopping for some sexy lingerie and wondering if he'll like, she'll like it…? 👙

Is it slutty? 👠

And what are the best thongs and sex panties for the great price? 💃 💵

Don't worry, when you're done reading you'll have all the answers!

1️⃣ First, I collected several answers from guys answering the most common pantie and lingerie questions… 👨 👲 👳

2️⃣ Next, I go on reviewing the sexiest and highest quality panties and thongs created EVER! (for affordable prices). 💰

Yeah, we all know Victoria's Secret has great lingerie — but the wallet isn't always big enough to afford them… 💸🌟

“What kind of panties would most guys prefer?”

“Depends on the ass and the particular underwear which will look better, and we can’t ask for samples of your ass, only examples of the particular underwear or a pair close enough to them.

I’d go with the lace if you’re going to fuck him when he sees it and the thong if you’re just pulling down your pants to flash him, since you only need to worry about the pants to moon someone while thonging it up.

Assuming the lacy panties show off your butt well.”

Source: Coidzor

Men: Does fancy lingerie really turn you on more than the usual nice bra and thong?

“I think it’s great to see a woman in a different context.”

“I enjoy seeing her in lingerie because it tells me she wants to be seen sexually, and is ready for intimacy.

So often when she just takes of her clothes… as great as that is… it’s not the same build up.

I really dig some lingerie because it’s more of a sexual atmosphere.”

Source: disposable_society

“It’s not so much the type of the lingerie, but that you’d be presenting yourself in an explicitly sexual way.”

“You are making it clear that you want to be thought of as this sexual woman who wants to please and be pleased by him.

Others have said nudity is hot enough, and while that’s certainly true, everybody gets naked all the time, just as a matter of being human (except a few dozen never nudes).

Lingerie or whatever is taking that extra step of making your body an explicitly sexual representation of your inner desires.

Now, what kind of lingerie he’d specifically like?

To each their own, so you’ll have to do some digging, but I really doubt that whatever you choose will disappoint.”

Source: Anonymous

“Think of yourself as the present your man gets to open whenever you let him.”

“Would you wrap something as valuable as your beautiful body in drab white linen?

Or would you like him to have an elegant, present of ribbons with lace, exciting patterns or colors to unwrap?

My ex thought lingerie was for sluts.

I understood the reasoning.

My thoughts were that I like to see a woman dressed in good fashion and not exposing much.

On the other hand I like to see my lover wearing very little, but I definitely like to see what I could have wrapped in bright colors or see through crotches or a little bow on her pelvis or a cute little lip image.

Yes, I want my lips there.

But for just a few seconds roll around on the leg while I watch…”

Source: henryguy

Top 10 Sexiest Panties & Thongs In The Market

Know the objection first.

Are you buying it to look super sexy, slutty or comfortable?

Or all three?

Are you buying the cheapest or the highest quality panties?

Are you looking for specific material — cotton, silk?

Special features? — like crotchless, high waisted, plus size?

Are you looking for the set that you'll use together with stockings and garter belt?

This is a very helpful video by Rinessa demonstrating and describing different sexy panties describing the feel and look:

Velvet Kitten Pink Nylon Thong With Satin Bow ($7.99)

The material of this thong is very soft (almost sating feeling) and they look super adorable!

Sexy cute is the name of the game.

The sizing is perfect as the chart shows and they fit very well.

Comfort, cuteness and great price!

Hipster Sexy Cotton Panties With Laces 4-piece ($16.90)

This is an incredible deal — you'll get four pieces of high quality cotton panties that look and feel comfortable, and sexy!!!

They come in 4 colors: black, red, skin tone and blue.

Also if you're a curvy women, there are plus size panties too from S to XXL size.

The only caution is that you might need to get bigger than their size chart — read the reviews to be sure.

20 Piece Mix Of Sexy Thongs and Panties ($27.99)

Alright, if you ever wanted suddenly to have a huge collection of sexy panties, you gotta get this deal.

Even women who have been shopping on Victoria Secret's stores got these and were happy with the purchase.

If you usually stress about every underwear purchase — just get the set of best-selling sexy panties and have a pair for every occasion!

The only thing you really need to get right here is the size.

Follow the sizing and it will work right: even the plus size panties are available and buyers were satisfied.

You can pick through either set of 10, 20 or 6.

Moxeay Sexy Thong Underwear Pack of 5 ($12.99)

This is a 100% polyester pack of thongs that comes with super high reviews for more than 500 ladies.

They look super sexy, are comfortable, and fit well according to size chart.

Even curvy women are happy with the sizing and feel.

Find them on Amazon here.

Perfect for avoiding the panty line and make your guy insanely happy and horny.

Mae Sexy Lace Thong 3-pack ($9.32)

These panties are 90% nylon, 10% elastane.

They are soft, durable, comfortable and sexy looking, while not being pricey.

They fit very snugly which will give you confidence that you can wear these under anything. These thongs won't roll up or show through the clothes.

Some women report that these thongs are about the same quality as Victoria's Secret lace thongs — but much cheaper!

As for the size, other women suggest to buy a little bigger size.

Oh and you can pick between different colors :)

Bubblelime Sexy Sports Thongs 3-pack ($13.99)

Now…if you're looking for a sexy minimal sports thongs — these are the ones.

Lingerie is all cool and nice, but why not look sexy while actively moving?

Your guy will love these, I guarantee you.

Panties are made from 95% nylon, 5% spandex. You can buy one piece, 3 pack or 6 piece pack for great price. The inside is s made from cotton, material is stretchy.

Oh, and important to note that they come in one piece, there is nothing stitched there.

As sports thongs they are super comfortable and simple…all the while actually being sexy…

You'll love wearing these just for yourself, forget about your man!

They will fit perfectly with the size chart.

YollMar Denim Sexy Mini UnderWear Pants ($9.90)

I'm really not sure how to call these…

But they are insanely sexy and even if they don't fit the bill for thongs or panties, just look at them…!

If your goal is to tease and make your guy go wild — this will do the job in non-traditional manner.

If you dare — go out with them while wearing high heels… or use them as bikini wear.

Sexy, comfy and will turn heads!

They will fit with the size chart and you get to choose between four colors: black, blue, white and blue with USA flag touch.

Bringing It All Together

Less is more, isn't it?

Now I'm sure you'll have more panties and thongs to last the lifetime…!

No more picking and choosing, and complaining that you don't have the right panties for occasion.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and be sexy! 💌

Enjoy your sexy mornings and evenings…