The Best Vibrating Panties With Remote Control To Wear In Public

You've probably seen it in the movies…

I remember it from movie “Ugly Truth” where the guy gives girl a vibrating panties to wear during the business meeting…

… and then he controls the experience with the remote control.

Both having amazing tease. ㊙️

It's an awesome gift to her ;)

And vibrating panties are awesome:


In this guide I'll debunk the truth behind vibrating panties and reveal what actually works.

When you're done reading, you'll know exactly what kind of toy you want to buy that will give you and your partner the most pleasurable public vibrating experience…

With you controlling it remotely by phone or device. 🌸

Plus, then at the end I've included many people public vibrating pantie experiences so you get some ideas ;)

The Problem With Vibrating Panties

I know you came here for vibrating panties, but I'm her to tell you that you actually don't want vibrating panties.

What you want is a vibrator that you can control remotely. 🍷

The thing is that the bundled models:

  • panties with a space in them
  • bullet vibrator, or whatever shape vibrator
  • and remote control

Bundled models don't usually work very well. At least I haven't found one that works well.

Vibrating panties sound sexy, but what you actually want is simply a nicely shaped vibrator for either just the pussy…or the one you insert in the vagina.

And you can buy panties separately!

Or just use the vibration with the panties you own.

Okay, with that out of the way…

What’s Important To Know Before You Pick The Vibrating Panties (Ahem… Remote Control Vibrator) ?

First of all, you get what you pay for.

Good remote controlled vibrators don’t come cheap.

The cheap ones have issues with connection, control, noise…fixation.

Anyway here is the things that are important to think about before buying:

  • the price?
  • how good the connection is with vibrator and remote control?
  • how loud, quiet vibrator is?
  • how powerful is it? Enough for her to come? Just tease?
  • the shape — is it insertable, is it to just put over the pussy, is it for g-spot massage?
  • is it waterproof?
  • Is it comfortable to use?
  • how long does battery last?

For example, if you use anything that just vibrates the pussy, you'll need to wear a tight pants to keep the vibrator in place.

It's in the little things.

Okay, now to actual vibrators…

Just so you know I only included the ones that I've had good experience with and that people were recommending highly.

I excluded all the low quality, cheaper options that unfortunately many people had issues with.

What Are The Best Vibrating Panties With A Remote Control To Wear In Public?

#1 — PALOQUETH Remote Control Vibrator ($29.99)

This is the cheapest quality option I could find.

Paloqueth has a knack for creating cheap and quality enough sex toys.

It's features:

  • waterproof
  • battery lasts for 90 minutes of play.
  • vibrator is made from body-safe silicone material (use it with water lube)
  • remote control works in 3 meter distance

The only bad comment about this toy is that the distance could be longer and there is no box that comes with it.

But it's the best damn toy to buy if you just wanna experiment how you like the public play ;)

Find it on Amazon.

#2 — Eden Toys Vibrating Panties ($32.49)

I don't recommend vibrating panties really, but I thought you will be upset if I don't suggest any.

These are the only ones that got some good reviews. The only difference is that the panties have a special stretchy pocket that would fit a vibrator.

You can take this one to the bath.. :)

Find it on Amazon.

#3 — OhMiBod Club Vibe 2 Vibrating Panties ($89)

This is the closest thing to vibrating panties you can get.

Ohmibod nicely fits in any panties, just keep in mind you gotta wear tight pants otherwise the vibrator will move around away from the right spot.

It's more fun feature is the Club Mode, where the vibrator produces vibrations to the rhythm of music ;)

There are:

  • 5 vibration speeds + Club mode
  • wireless remote control… + you can use it together with most audio devices.
  • The remote control's range is 15–20 feet.

It's a great teasing toy, but keep in mind it's not powerful enough to orgasm.

Another note is that some people report that it's a bit loud, though in general… If you're in silent room and you hear a phone vibrate…

Well, you gonna hear this thing too!

But it's great for cafe, lounge, bar, shopping kind of public places.

Find it on Amazon here.

#4 — OVO R6 Rechargeable Bullet With Remote Control ($89)

If you care about the silence, the fully insertable vibrators will be the quietest you'll find.

Ovo R6 is comfortable to wear and it fixes issues like:

  • underwear and the sex toy fits terribly
  • the positioning of the vibrator does nothing
  • or remote control doesn't work.

Ovo is powerful and quiet. It just works.

Maybe she won't come from the vaginal stimulation, but for sure she's gonna feel it and will be super horny after the public trip! ;)

Find it on Amazon here.

#5 — Lovense Lush 2 Bullet Vibrator ($119)

Lovense is similar to OVO in some ways, with few differences.

Because it's insertable, it's very quiet.

It's specially curved to hit the G-spot and the battery last for up to 4 hours with 7 vibration modes.

It has a powerful bluetooth connection and you can control the device via your phone.

Phone is super discreet and you can see the power of vibrations on display all the time.

It works either in 30–45 feet range if you use bluetooth connection…

But it works ANY DISTANCE if you control it through Internet.

Yeah… this means you could ask her to put it in and tease her even if she's not there.

She can still turn it off if you don't hit the right time, but you can monitor everything on phone. Pretty neat huh?

Find it on Amazon here.

#6 — Lelo Tiani 2 Remote Controlled Vibrator ($115.02)

Lelo creates a ton of amazing, quality sex toys.

And Tiani is the best one that you'll find… it's truly a luxury… Apple type of experience.

It's biggest strengths:

  • fully waterproof
  • has the wireless range up to 118 feet
  • you can use the toy with or without the remote control
  • remote vibrates to reflect the strength of vibration user receives
  • battery lasts 1.5 hours.
  • it stays in really well…great for public play.

Downsides…? I guess the price…

Find it on Amazon.

That's it… these are the best of the best hopefully covering all the ranges of needs… :)

As you see each one is a little different, but I'm sure you can cherry-pick the one that speaks to you the most…

Now… to the fun stuff, here are some actual people vibrating pantie stories..and their best tips:

Other People Share Their Stories About Using Vibrating Panties

Mm…I couldn't resist including the video scene from “Ugly Truth” where Katherine Heigl used vibrating panties during the business meeting..

For inspiration kheh!

“I dated a guy and we loved to experiment with new things!!! He surprised me with these panties once!!!”

“One night we had a meeting with a financial advisor, and of course I wore them!!!

We meet at a restaurant and sat down an began to chat!!!

My soul mate had the remote anxiously waiting to set it off at any given time & obviously couldn’t wait to see how I would react to its pulsating vibrations!!!

Of course, I was a little nervous, but super excited an couldn’t wait to play this game!!!

So it began, and oh my was it great !!!!

He would randomly set it off, as the advisor would began to talk, an I couldn’t help but melt an look at him, while my panties became soaking wet, an I longed to just rip his clothes off an suck his dick!!!

I would look at the random guy across from me, to see if he noticed my expressions as it pulsated on my wet pussy & do a little chuckle an then grab my soul mates dick, letting him know it was great!!!

I was so horny by the time we left, we went straight to the car and began to make out.

But we always had sex in public an random places!!! Its was amazing!!!!

That being said I hope you have fun with it an enjoy all the perfect moments such as these!

Great memories!”

Source: SaltyKisses2018

“I don’t think you’re going to find a completely silent vibrating panties as it’s very difficult to get good vibration action without some amount of noise. “

“That being said, if you’re in a public spot with a decent level of ambient noise it’s not going to be noticeable. (think bar vs library)/

Also, consider that most people aren’t going to automatically assume remote controlled vibrator even if they do hear something.

So odds are you’ll be pretty safe regardless of what you pick, as long as you’re not trying to stuff a hitachi wand down her pants or something.

I share this particular fetish and spent some time looking into the options.

My wife prefers clitoral stimulation when being vibrated so that ruled out the egg options.

I also wanted something wireless because walking around with a wire attached to my wife’s vagina is going to look suspicious.

On top of that, most reviews I’ve seen for this type of products tend to reveal 3 main complaints:

  • 1. not powerful enough. (not a big concern for me as everyone’s tastes are different)
  • 2. too loud. (see above)
  • 3. difficult to keep in place. (I have a number 4 but I’ll get to that in my actual review)

Number 3 is the biggest hurdle in my opinion because if you can’t zap her in just the right spot then you’re just waisting batteries and that’s no fun for anyone but the energizer bunny.

If I was a craftier lad, then I’m sure it would not be terribly difficult to whip up some custom panties with a special pouch that would hold the toy in just the right spot, but alas I’m not.

(there are a couple of types out there that come with pre-pouched panties but vaginas are like snowflakes so one size fits all just ain’t going to cut it.)

That being said, if you can whip up some bespoke vibe pouch panties for your lass, that would be your best option.

You could probably even pad the outside of the panties with extra material for better sound proofing.

Anyway, this is all a very long winded way of explaining that for last valentines day I picked up this for the wife.

I chose it because it’s “C” shaped to clap down on the upper vag wall. It’s got two vibration points, one for inside, one for out.

You can use it during sex.

And I figured the shape would lend itself to better positioning and some snug under garments would help keep it in place.

We soon tried it out.

It went okay.


  • Was discrete for the most part. (The thing is much smaller than it looks. Only a couple of inches long.)
  • The noise from it was not noticeable at all in the bar we were in.
  • Vibrations were potentially good enough to get her there.
  • Comfortable.
  • Did not electrocute her or explode.


Didn’t stay in place as nicely as I hoped.

Need to try again with snugger panties though.

Remote control performance was spotty.

This was the biggest problem.

I don’t know if my wife has a tinfoil vagina or what but trying to get the damn thing to respond to my button presses made it almost impossible for me to use it discretely.

At one point my wife got asked to dance (we’re lindy hoppers) and she damn near panicked because I couldn’t get the thing to turn off.

On a final note, this toy was designed for use during sex.

It seems weird because your basically sharing what is normally a single lane highway with another vehicle going the same direction.

However the device is small and smooth enough that it’s surprising comfortable and it feels fucking awesome.

I bought a wevibe 3 for use in public and got the best bang for the buck in private instead.

(Going to take it out into the wild again soon though).”

Source: getmypornon

“My ex tried vibrating panties with me… Funny story… “

“We used the Adrien Lastic love egg on the train home from a night out.

I sit one side, he sits the other and suddenly “buzzzz buzzzz buzzzz”.

During the night it had slipped down and had managed to rest itself up against my pubic bone which made the vibration sound SUPER LOUD.

So loud in fact the woman sitting next to me picked her bag up, got her phone out and looked incredibly baffled when she saw it wasn’t ringing….

I still managed to get there, though, trying to keep that look off my face was an entirely different issue!”

Source: Anonymous

“I would suggest getting a smaller, app controlled bullet vibe! “

“It’ll fit inside you all day and the sound of the vibrations will be muffled.

I’ve done this a few times and it is mind blowing.

If you mostly cum from external stimulation this will be even more intense.

You won’t cum from it vibrating in you but you’ll definitely be aroused for a long time before actually being able to have sex!”

Source: _SarDivito-

“We tried Wevibe and also the lovense lush vibrating panties.”

“Both of them seem to lose connection intermittently under clothing (the lush is pretty good but if there’s anything around the tip of the signal receiver at the end of the dongle it seems to lose connection.

This is with the phone being a few feet away on a bed.

I do notice that android apps in general don’t work as well as iPhone apps, so maybe we’ll try it on her phone next time.

I’m guessing in public, you’re generally supposed to have her phone be the one connected since it’s always closer and cede control to your phone even if you’re next to each other.

I’ll have to give that a shot also.”

Source: Chaotix556

“I’ve tried sex toys that can be controlled via app.”

“My boyfriend would text me to put it in then randomly send me vibes while he was at work in meetings, or out with clients.

He could see when I turned it off just in case something was going on and I couldn’t play.

That would likely solve your sound issue.”

Source: softsavage

“You 100% get what you pay for. “

“I have a Lelo Lyla, simple bullet vibe design so you have to situate it properly for outdoor use possibly in a panties pocket.

Find on Amazon.

It’s also more stable in jeans or tight pants.

The bullet itself is pretty quiet but the remote is loud if you don’t turn that vibe off.

Have used in coffee shops and grocery stores before.

Outdoors it will really depend how much background noise you have though.”

Source: recyclopath_

“I have a Lush Lovense bullet vibrator that I use with my gf and it’s really good. “

“It’s pretty silent in my opinion, you control it from your phone, which is in my opinion much better than a separate remote in case of some cheaper options.

Find it on Amazon.

It’s also much easier to control it when you can see the vibrations power on display all the time.

We used it on a walks on several occasions and also in a mall and I don’t think anybody noticed…

At least not from the sound of the vibrator.

The only problem is that it might be a little bit more expensive when compared to some other bullet vibrators.”

Source: Tickle-my-nipple

Tiani by Lelo is insertable but also covers the clitoris for both gspot and clit simulation at the same time. “

“It comes with a wireless remote that also vibrates so the person controlling it knows how much and what kind of sensations are going on.

Find it on Amazon.

It’s not unusual for this to be used during grocery shopping trips where the challenge isn’t the vibes’ sounds being heard…. :-)

It’s super quiet really.

Plus the vibe is water proof (remote is not) so you can also use it in the pool, hot tub, or bath.”

Source: AloneEvenWithOthers

“You’re better off with a remote-controlled vibrating egg or similar. “

“The ones that come packaged with panties tend to be kinda cruddy and/or overpriced, in my experience.

PaloQueth makes a wireless G-spot vibrator that’s good and has 9 functions, and is really quiet.

It's for $30.

If you have bigger bucks to spend and want something REALLY, REALLY COOL, check out the We-Vibe.

The latest models are remote-controlled, fully submersible in water, absolutely discreet (they “clip on” to the vulva hands-free, are really ergonomic and won’t make a bulge in the panties), very very quiet and rechargeable.

I also recommend going into your local sex shop and asking about it.

Independent sex-positive shops are amazing, and even big-box chain superstores will have staff who are educated on product and can give you information.

It’s really helpful to talk to a real person and see the products before you make a non-returnable purchase.”

“We took the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh out for a spin last night. “

“She put it on and we left the house and I turned it on in the car on the music response mode at a low setting (2 of 5 I think) and it picked up sound from a podcast easily in the car.

Note: We tried a cheaper vibrating pantie option a few months ago and it was useless — didn’t work, the remote didn’t pick up unless right by her crotch, etc.
Never even took it out of the house it was so bad — returned it the next day.
This one has been a MUCH better purchase.
Find it on Amazon.

We went to a nicer, business casual restaurant that was pretty busy and noisy.

The device picked up sound quite easily and did its job well during out meal.

Never once heard any vibrating and she did well to hide her arousal.

After dinner we went for a walk around the outdoor mall and I changed the settings to the constant modes and started playing around with them, cycling through the various levels (low constant, medium constant, high constant, low pulse, higher pulse) as we walked and she began to get more aroused as it progressed.

She had to fight hard not to show it.

I asked how well it was working.

She said, “If I sat down on a bench it would probably finish the job.”

We stopped into a bookstore for a few minutes and I had it on the higher pulse setting.

After a few minutes in the store she bent down and half squatted to “check something on a lower shelf” and stayed there for a second with her eyes closed and breathing deep before she stood up and told me we should check out soon.

She said she almost came right there and it took all her willpower not to orgasm right there in the store, she was THAT close.

Thankfully my jeans and wallet and keys helped hide the raging boner I was sporting.

I turned the power down slightly because she’s a one-and-done gal when it comes to coming, so if she did cum out on our date she wouldn’t be as into sex later.

So we walked back to the car, still teasing her, and drove home. I put it back on audio to keep it from pushing her over the edge while sitting in the car.

We go home and it took 30 minutes to get rid of our babysitter (aka her sister).

I had to turn it off while we were all talking in the living room because you could hear it buzz, like a cell phone getting a text in your pocket — it was the only time all night we ever heard it but it was a quiet house.

Any background noise at all blocked it out.

Finally the sister left and we jumped each other in bed. It was great.

We both had a lot of fun with it and look forward to our next outing with it.

I already warned her that next time I’m not backing off and she WILL be cumming in public somewhere (and she’s ok with that). ;)”

Source: Sentinel_chicken

Bringing It All Together

Sex toys are an amazing and easy way to add some variety to sex life.

I love it. We are so lucky that there are so many great and fun options out there right now.

The only issue — money hah.

But the good thing is that when you buy one quality vibrator like this…

You can use it without it's remote control…all manual.

Have fun 👊