Yoni Egg 101: What It Is & The Safest Stone Crystal Eggs For You

Yoni eggs… 🍆

Jade Eggs…

Love or sex eggs… 🥚 😍

They have received quite a bit of controversy after Gwyneth Paltrow Goop lawsuit, where they listed all the health benefits which weren't proven by science. 😓


For some reason yoni eggs and crystals stay around since some people see benefits.
They aren't all that bad. If it would be just smoke, believe me, they wouldn't be around.

Taoists have practiced these exercises for thousands of years, and while yes, there is no science backing, it's up to you to try and judge for yourself.

The ultimate vaginal strength. 😜

For example, I tried semen retention, which also has no scientific backing (there's not enough solid science against it either).

But after practicing it for 6 months, I noticed the difference and never want to go back to wasteful ejaculation.

The same thing is with yoni eggs.

Kegels are proven to help.

But if you want to be on the scientific safe side, just check ben wa balls.

The crystals…there are women who swear on them, and there are angry science freaks who argue it's just a “new age bullshit”.

It's up to you to judge.

Anyway, enough with introductions…

Here's how the guide is organised:

  • What Is A Yoni Egg & What Are The Benefits Of Using It?
  • Which Are The Best Yoni Eggs For Beginners?
  • What Other People Say About Their Experience With Yoni Eggs?

What Is A Yoni Egg & What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

According to Wikipedia, here's what word Yoni means:

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted to literally mean the womb, and the female organs of generation.

Yoni Egg means vagina egg, love stone, sex egg, kegel egg.

The one benefit that everyone agrees on is that yoni eggs and any other kegel or ben-wa balls help to strengthen the pelvic floor.

It's like a gym for your vagina.

Yoni eggs are heavier than kegel balls though since they are actual crystal stones.

If you're a beginner you should probably start with ben wa balls first.

How Do You Choose The Yoni Egg? And Which Ones Are Safe To Use?

First of all, if you want to be on the safe side look for non-porous crystals/ stones. Not all of them are.

Read the reviews, do your own research… but there are three type of crystals that have been time-tested by Chinese taoists.

Taoists have been using these three type of eggs for years:

  • nephrite jade yoni egg
  • rose quartz yoni egg
  • black obsidian egg or ben wa ball

There are other materials, but for beginners the nephrite jade yoni egg is actually the safest.

Just make sure that anything you put in your vagina is completely smooth and polished. If there's any worry just don't use it.

Yoni egg experts also recommend natural quartz, amethyst and carnelian as these crystals are good for long-term using, cleaning and moisture.

Avoid everything else. ⚠️

Why people use crystals yoni eggs at all?

Well, some just love the effect, the feel, and some believe that using them helps them spiritually.

All of the women who use them however do it to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and improve their sexual wellness.

As long as you pick a high quality crystal, it's up to you to test and decide.

Here's a great video where a girl explains how she is using the yoni eggs and the effect she experiences:

Which Are The Best Yoni Eggs For Beginners?

Here are the best and top rated yoni eggs.

I included just the safest, proven materials… nephrite jade, rose quartz and black obsidian:

Nephrite Jade Egg With A String ($49)

Polar Jade who create this egg are certified to ensure the egg is made of 100% genuine and natural nephrite jade and workmanship.

This egg is very high quality, very easy to clean, very smooth and non-porous.

Find it on Amazon here.

This is a nice combo that includes everything:

  • one nephrite jade egg (1.7x1.2" — 43mmx30mm)
  • instructions
  • small brush for cleaning the hole of the egg
  • a pouch
  • one box of unwaxed & unflavored dental floss for retrieval

Just read the reviews.

Polar Jade seems to be the safest (also most expensive) company to buy reliable yoni eggs from.

Black Obsidian Yoni Egg ($26.90)

This is another Polar Jade highly rated product.

You can choose between three sizes: small, medium, large.

Find it on Amazon here.

In this case however there is no cleaning brush or string.

But you can always find unwaxed dental floss at pharmacy and find a brush yourself.

Works as advertised, and some women report loving the energy from obsidian.

Hard to judge on that, up to you to test yourself!

Yoni Egg Set ( Nephrite Jade, Rose Quartz & Obsidian) ($59)

This is a set of three different size eggs, that let you work it up from the size and weight.

Find it on Amazon here.

The package comes with instruction manual, a discreet bag and unwaxed string (12 yards).

Small Egg is made from green jade, Medium egg is rose quartz, large egg — black obsidian. From beginner to advanced.

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set of 3 ($88.90)

This is a nice combo also from Polar Jade — a full package for training and increased difficulty.

The eggs come with certification and are hand-crafted without using any chemical treatments.

Find it on Amazon here.

You'll find brush for cleaning, unwaxed string, pouch and instruction manual included.

A high quality product.

Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg Set ($139.99)

This is another top yoni egg seller who offers 5 colors and type of stones in sets of three.

Find it on Amazon here.

Nephrite Jade is the most expensive, but there is also sets of 3 eggs for rose quartz, black obsidian and two more ranging from ($62.99–89.99)

It comes in a nice box and every egg has predrilled hole.

What Other People Say About Their Experience With Yoni Eggs?


Here are two perspectives: one side saying how dangerous and porous yoni eggs are…

…and other side of a woman happily using yoni eggs…

My advice is to read this article that looks at the both sides with a deep research mindset. She really dissects it all.

If you want to be 100% safe just use ben wa balls.

Silicone is scientifically proved to be safe.

If you want to use Yoni eggs, just do your research and buy from trusted sellers (read the reviews).

“Yoni Eggs are not safe!”

“The jade or stone eggs are made of porous materials that can harbor lots of nasty bacteria that you really don’t want to introduce into your vagina.

Kegel exercises can improve the strength of your pelvic floor and make you feel more aroused.

Just the exercises alone should be enough but if you want to try something similar to the eggs then get a body safe kegel weight.

My favorite one is the Lelo luna beads.”

Source: boatinginbelarus

“Yoni eggs (such as jade) are non porous. “

“Those hater comments crack me up. It’s a 5,000 year old practice (according to Taoist wisdom).

Dr. Kegel himself actually utilized a metal rod looking device with his patients when he taught them to do “kegels.”

Not having anything to work against makes the exercise about as effective as flapping your arm in the wind while trying to develop bicep muscles.

Use whatever feels good, to me a nice safe non porous and properly cleansed yoni egg does the trick.”

Source: YoniNurse

And here's a cool beginners guide to how to use these eggs for correct kegel exercises:

“Info for people with ben wa balls, luna beads, jade eggs, etc. who feel like they aren’t doing anything.”

“I asked a while ago about ben wa balls because I felt mine were doing nothing.

I ended up getting some luna beads and those are way more fun.

If you’re just looking for fun, luna beads (or other similar products with a smaller ball rolling around inside a bigger ball) are the way to go.

Find them on Amazon.

When I used ben wa balls, I couldn’t really feel them and they didn’t give me any resistance (and I was using relatively heavy ones).

They just traveled up inside my vagina and sat there.

When I was using luna beads, they felt cool but definitely didn’t require any effort to keep in.

I wanted something that would require effort and actually work my kegel muscles.

First thing I figured out (thanks to some friendly tips here): put lube on the ben wa balls.

It makes a huge difference.

Even if you’re already wet, it will make it require more effort to keep them in.

I was surprised at how just doing that make it go from no effort at all to requiring thought and muscles.

Second thing I figured out (and I like this one a lot more):

  • if you have luna beads or some other ball(s)/egg with a string attached
  • if you’re having too easy of a time keeping them in
  • add some weight to the string.

Yes, it sounds kind of weird and you certainly can’t go about everyday business with things dangling out of you, but it was pretty cool to try.

I took a piece of string (unscented dental floss works well), looped it through the loop attached to a luna bead, and attached my key chain (on a carabiner with a multitool and some other random stuff) to the other end of the string.

And lifted it. That required effort.

And also was kind of fun trying to see how much I could do.

I could only lift it up about 1.5cm, but I think eventually I could do more (and more weight).

So, if you have any of these toys and thought they were ineffective, give them another try.

If it has a string, you can add as much resistance as you want.

If you like this you might want to go out and buy some more reasonable things for weights.

Anything kind of heavy that you can attach to a string.

Preferably more classy than a beat up keychain with random extra things on it to make it heavier.

At least, I know I’m doing that.”

Source: throwaway3_141

Bringing It All Together

So that's it…

There's tons of controversy around those yoni eggs…

But they have been around for a while.

Just use silicone kegel or ben-wa balls if you're super cautious.

But there is something in those crystals… As long as you're not taken advantage of snake-oil crystal sellers…

Amazon is great source of real reviews, hundreds of people cannot be all wrong.

Scams on Amazon don't last long.

Hope this guide was helpful to you!

Enjoy the beautiful world of yoni eggs!


I pray for your sexual prowess increase and more pleasant orgasms! 🍷