Breaking Content #39: New SEO Ranking Factor, Facebook’s Household Targeting, Q&A Content & More


“Searcher Task Accomplishment”: The New Most Important Ranking Factor [Research]

Rand Fishkin of Moz came up with a Google ranking concept called “searcher task accomplishment”, which may be the single most important ranking factor from now on.

Put simply, every search query carries a goal. How well your content helps the searcher accomplish it determines your rank.

Wondering if it can be measured at scale? Yes, it does.

If the searcher clicks through to your site and finishes his search with that, that indicates your content most likely helps accomplish the intent behind the search query.

Conversely, if the searcher comes to the site, bounces, and goes to other sites, that would signal your content doesn’t answer the question.

Simple, genius, and quantifiable.


Youtube and Google Rank Videos Differently. This Study Shows How and Why [Research/Actionable]

To this day, most marketers have assumed Google is ranking videos on Google and Youtube similarly. However, it turns out ranking algorithms for videos on each platform differs vastly.

This article is an in-depth write up of the experiment conducted by Steon Temple along with extensive checklists for video SEO optimisation on both Google and Youtube.

Here are some takeaways:

  • For Google queries that show YouTube videos, 75% are in the top 10 results;
  • More than half the time, a video that ranks #1 on YouTube isn’t #1 on Google for the same query;
  • More than half the time Google results have multiple YouTube videos, they rank differently than on YT;
  • The more YouTube videos show in a Google result, the more different they rank than on YouTube;
  • Search intent is key to understanding why videos rank differently between Google and YouTube.


Optimising Sites for Featured Snippets with Q&A Content [Actionable]

Featured snippets are the new position #1.

They are already stealing up to 10% of traffic from top positions on the first page. With growing structured data adoption, featured snippets will become more accurate and precise in answering different queries.

That will render other positions less relevant and further deprive them of traffic.

The following case study from Moz introduces and dissects the idea of creating Q&A type of SEO content that fits in well with the changing landscape of SEO.



Google Is Testing Auto-Playing Videos in Search Results [News]

Rumour has it that Google has been testing auto-played videos in search results. Google has confirmed the experiment but hasn’t provided a lot of details on it.

According to a Google spokesperson, this is a limited test and they have no plans to rolls this out to all users as of yet.

However, you should keep an eye out for it, as the implications of such a move would be enormous and open many opportunities for SEOs and content marketers.


How to Structure and Design Your Content for Google’s Mobile-First Index [Actionable]

Google’s mobile-first index is probably just months away. That basically means your mobile pages will soon become the default versions used in ranking pages.

And as we all know, user experience plays an important role in rankings.

This article gives 9 spot-on tips on structuring content for a better mobile user experience. I believe preparing your site for this paradigm shift is the single most important task of SEOs in 2017, which will determine your rankings for 2018.

Here’s an outline for quick reference:

Table of contents
HTML headings
Expandable content
Summary, highlights, TL;DR
Bullet points or lists
Bold or italic text
Highlight important points


Google Quality Raters Review Algorithms, Not Individual Web Sites [News]

To those obsessed with Google quality raters, John Muller of Google recently denied that they evaluate individual sites.

“Trying to review our algorithms in general, we’re not trying to evaluate individual sites.” That is the essence, they do look at individual sites but all of that is aimed at the review of the algorithms, not of the individual site.

Add Badges to Your Images in Google Search with Structured Data Markup [News/Actionable]

Google has rolled out a new feature that lets you add badges to images in image search results using structured data markup. This is a great way to stand out and drive more organic traffic to your site through images.

Google currently has badges for recipes, videos, products, and GIFs.


Google Confirms That Sticky Footers Are OK [News]

Google’s Gary Illyes has confirmed that sticky footers are acceptable and should not have any effect on SEO rankings.

He also added that webmasters should keep those footers as unobtrusive as possible to ensure a frictionless user experience.

Reminder: Google’s is releasing its official ad blocker for Chrome later this year that will reportedly block intrusive ads — even if they are served by Google. Ads will be qualified based on the better ads standards.

According to those standards, a sticky ad that takes up more 30% of screen space will be considered obtrusive. So keep your sticky footers within this limit, and you’ll be fine.


Google Boosts AMPs Internationally [News]

Rank Ranger recently noticed a spike in the number of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) being displayed in News Cards in Google across multiple international markets.

AMPs seem to be increasingly adopted globally and I believe will soon become the new standard for mobile pages, especially when Google rolls out its mobile-first index. For those who haven’t marked up their mobiles pages yet, here’s a primer on how to do that:


Facebook Has Launched Pre-Roll Ads [News]

Facebook has started selling video ads that will show up as pre-rolls in Facebook videos. The format is identical to Youtube’s pre-roll ads.

“Marketers will be able to choose to have their ads appear as mid-roll ads within live and on-demand videos on Facebook or as pre-roll or mid-roll ads within videos across Facebook’s Audience Network ad network.”

It looks like Facebook is launching new ad features by the month and quickly catching up with Google in the battle for ad dollars.


Facebook Will Soon Let Brands Target Ads at Entire Families or Specific People Within Households [News]

Facebook will soon roll out a feature that allows you to target the household members of your source audience. It’s yet another step from Facebook in an effort to win over billions in advertising revenue still flowing into TV, which has been famous for its power to influence the entire household at once.

This feature will definitely open up many opportunities for new targeting variations and ad optimisation.


How Switching to Automated Bidding Can Increase CTRs in Adwords by 10.9% in One Week [Actionable]

Are you still managing CPC bids manually?

It may be hard to admit that machine learning-based algorithms can replace part of your job and do it much better, but that’s the reality — well, in most cases.

Need one more case study to convince you? Here you go. This one shows how one agency has managed to achieve an overall increase of 49.57% of clicks and held 53.34% of search impression share by shifting from manual to automatic bidding.


5 Advanced Adwords Optimisation Tactics [Actionable]

Tom Bukevicius from SCUBE Marketing laid down five advanced tactics for optimising Adwords campaigns when you hit the brick low-CPL wall.

A very prescriptive and actionable guide with examples, screenshots, and action items that most of you working with Adwords will find useful.

Here’s a quick rundown of the tactics covered:

1. Reach people who ignored you due to your budget

2. Improve market share lost due to low Ad Rank

3. Expand into a new buyer stage

4. Expand into new locations

5. Expand your offer


How Matching Ad and Landing Page Messaging Can Lift Conversion Rates by 212.74% [Actionable]

PPC heads know that Adwords’ Quality Score directly affects the effectiveness and cost of ad campaigns. An ad that scores below average can cost 64% more than the ad that scores a 5 and more. Conversely, ads with high Quality Scores cost less and secure higher-positioned placements.

In a recent case study, Moz dug deeper into this concept and studied how matching messaging across ads and landing pages can reduce the cost per lead by nearly 70%. They also shared techniques and tools that allow marketers to scale this approach by dynamically changing landing page copy based on ad variations.

A highly-recommended actionable read for those working with Adwords.



6 Psychology-Backed Hacks for Making Engaging Videos [Actionable]

Video has been reigning content marketing for quite some time now. With ever-growing video consumption, every content marketing strategy must involve this medium in one way or another.

One of the keys to success with video content is viewer engagement, as it directly determines how much of the organic reach you will be rewarded with from a platform.

There are a plethora of articles with tips for engaging videos, but the following one from HubSpot has stuck with me in particular. Each argument in this article is backed by specifics scientific studies and psychological theories — and most of them are truly spot on.


9 Effective Strategies for High-Impact Data Visualisations [Actionable]

Every day I get an email notifying me about a new article by Avinash Kaushik I know this is going to be a special day. Because every article of his — no matter the topic — is as insightful as it can get. Because every day I read him I learn something new and my as a marketer’s perspective expands to new horizons.

This time, Avinash takes on data visualisations and goes very deeeeep into it… He laid out nine strategies to make them impactful and engaging. To those who work with visual information, this is your most important read of this month — or maybe this year — for sure.



Scaling Creative with Chatbots: 7 Companies That Use Chatbots in Their Marketing Right [Research]

Chatbots are like VR. Everybody talks about it, but few use.

Yes, chatbots are still in the early stages in terms of their adoption in marketing. But the hype is real. There’s already a number of case studies from companies adopting chatbots and seeing enormously high engagement.

In a few years from now, most brands will be using them.

Where’s the rush? The reward. The reward of being early on in the game is unproportional.

Hence I highly encourage you to read through this great round-up of case studies with brands that successfully implemented chatbots in their marketing mix and take the first step yourself.

This article will serve as a great source of inspiration.


#Social Media

Now You Can Go Live with a Friend on Instagram [News]

Instagram has taken their live videos to the whole new level. Now you can invite a guest to your broadcasts. That opens a plethora of new authentic ways for engaging with your audience.

Again, being early on in the game is highly rewarding. So hit up an influencer in your field and collaborate on a series of live videos together. I’m sure the engagement will be enormous.


Linkedin Has Officially Rolled Out Native Videos Worldwide [News]

It’s official! Yet one more way to double down on videos. Yet it’s still not available to company pages…


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