Day 4 of coding

I spend the most of my time coding in a food court cause the WiFi there is very good. I successfully complete all the JavaScript waypoints. And I did about 3 basic algorithm scripting. The algorithms is really the best part because it makes you think more and really learn to solve problem logically.

I am very interested in functional programming because of how great it is. Although I believe that both OOP and Functional Programming has there place, its good to learn both to build web applications and software’s. Since ES6 and ES7 makes functional programming more of what it is, I think its a good time to get good at it.

Aside from doing FCC I played with time and dates in JavaScript and build a simple time and date app component. I really like it. Take a look at it here. Tomorrow I continue to work on the algorithms. I also have decided to build something after I do my one hour on FCC, whether its small or big, I’m getting into the habit of building things.