It’s Too Late For My Kids…but maybe not for yours
Claude Knobler

I understand the sentiment of this article…but I strongly oppose your mantra of “I should have cared less”.

The main criticism of dads is they don’t care enough or don’t care at all about certain aspects of a child’s upbrining and to hit home this repeating slogan instructing dads to care less is irresponsible ……and also incorrect, as what you then detail and describe is simply worry and concern on your kids behalf (if you didn’t care you wouldn’t worry).

There is a huge difference between worry and care. ‘I do not care about my kids’ is a very different statement to ‘i do not worry about my kids’.

I can tell you’re a very good dad and i imagine you have held yourself up to high standards as a father….but please do not give dads, who may not have your high standards, an excuse or recommendation to care less about their kids.

I think you should edit your mantra to “do not be overly concerned with the trivial….simply love and care for your kids and all will be well”.

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