Formatting Options in Hacker News

  1. Blank lines separate paragraphs.
  2. Text surrounded by asterisks is italicized, if the character after the first asterisk isn’t whitespace.
  3. Text after a blank line that is indented by two or more spaces is reproduced verbatim. (This is intended for code.)
  4. Urls become links, except in the text field of a submission.

Hacker News runs on these simple points.
How were changes, If Markdown was existed.


daisuke osada (daiskeh)

我ノ下ニ人ハ無シ 関ワル全テニ謙譲ヲ!:: Just An Indelible Adopter. An Attorneys of DJZ, maxthon. ex-Investors of a few early birds. #i18n #gihyodp #barlog #Enlightened

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