Struggling to pick a vocation? Here’s why passion is irrelevant when starting your freelance business, and what to focus on instead.

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The saying goes, “Follow your passion. Passion will set you free.” I call bullshit.

Passion is great. But it can also leave your spinning your wheels and jumping from one area of interest to another.

To succeed as a freelancer, you need to build a set of skills that will help you attract clients and projects you love. Passion will come about organically. Here’s why.

The stakes are high, and Instagram is full of glam pics.

“What are you passionate about? Would you rather do marketing or go off and do something else more fun, like tours in wine country?”

Choosing the right field can be challenging. Log onto Instagram, and you’ll probably come across a photo of the ocean from your favorite travel blogger’s Airbnb view in Maui. Meanwhile, you’re staring at the dregs of autumn and yesterday’s coffee, and it makes you wonder what your passion is. You don’t know the exact answer, but it sure doesn’t look like this. …

And what to focus on before you pull the trigger

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Generally speaking, the more exposure, website visits, and mentions your startup can get, the better. Blogging can help you achieve this, but when is the right time in the life cycle of your startup to invest in creating a blog?

Teaching your prospects about your offering is one of the best ways to get quality leads that turn into great customers (and evangelists) for your brand. …

Six months ago, in early March 2019, I quit my job to pursue full-time freelancing. Here’s how I conquered my fears.

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It began as a seed of an idea roughly six months before. I felt stuck. My career had started to feel like it was hitting a plateau. And although I liked the people I worked with (well — some of them, at least) I didn’t feel like I was learning or growing as much as I wanted to.

Most troubling of all, I felt that a big move or a shiny new job wasn’t going to get rid of this gnawing feeling that I was unhappy at work. …


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