Holidays in Las Vegas are Doorways to the Finest Hotels

It does not come as a surprise to many that Las Vegas is called ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’. This city is set within the Mojave Desert, and its name translates as ‘The Meadows’ in the Spanish language. Popular across the globe for its huge casino-hotels and mega shows, it is a perfect destination for those wanting to spend a holiday full of thrills and entertainment. It was incorporated as a city in the year 1911, and several lavish hotels, casinos, and entertainment venues came up in South Las Vegas Boulevard following the Second World War.

The Las Vegas Strip, simply called ‘The Strip’ is one particular place in the city, which has become a symbol of sorts for Las Vegas. It is lined up with all the big entertainment powerhouses that make Las Vegas holidays truly exciting. Among them are the marvellous hotels, each constructed with an impressive theme. Many of them also provide free street-side entertainment for the visitors. Here are some of the popular ones:

1. Paris Hotel: An enormous scale model of the Eiffel Tower makes this beautifully-built hotel on the Strip easily recognisable by the tourists. Many of the cheap holidays to Las Vegas include tours of this smaller version of Eiffel Tower. In this tower, visitors can find a restaurant that provides captivating views of the surroundings besides some mouth-watering delicacies. They would also come across the model of Paris Opera House upon visiting this hotel.

2. Caesar’s Palace: It is among the most popular hotel resorts in the city and a massive complex right in the middle of the Strip with a variety of entertaining options. Caesar’s Palace is identified with ‘The Colosseum’, a large concert venue that hosts shows of famous artists, such as Elton John and Celine Dion.

3. Luxor Hotel: Created with the theme of ancient Egypt, this gorgeous hotel at the south-west end of the Strip has the shape of a pyramid and is complete with the mighty ‘Sphinx’ looking out over the street. Among the features of Luxor that makes it stand out from the rest is a beam of light that emanates from the top of the pyramid and points straight towards the evening sky. This beam of light can be seen from any part of Las Vegas!

4. The Venetian: This is yet another fascinating hotel located on the Strip, which offers the Venetian Gondola Rides for its visitors to explore the entire complex. Many such boats await visitors and take them through a themed shopping arcade that replicates the city of Venice. They can also find all the prominent attractions found in Venice, such as Bridge of Sighs and Rialto Bridge.

Besides the ones listed above, there are many more charming hotels in Las Vegas that tourists can explore while holidaying in this exciting city. They can enjoy cost-effective holidays in Las Vegas upon booking any of the budget packages offered by leading travel companies.