Easy Tips for WordPress Beginners to Get Started in 2017

WordPress makes it possible for regular folks like you and me to set up and manage our own blogs and websites. We’re so excited when we see our own WordPress Dashboard for the first time. And we hurry to put out our first post to replace the standard Hello World first post from WordPress.

But wait, there are many built-in WordPress features that you should get familiar with. They can make your blogging life easy and delightful. Take time to browse through the many options in the menu on the left, the screen options at the top, the options within the Editor and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you’ve overlooked. So let’s devote this post to discovering the many not-so-apparent options that we can begin to use in our daily WordPress lives.

Let’s get started,

Managing Posts Effortlessly on WordPress

The right corner of the Post Editor is a blessing for bloggers. It helps you manage your posts better in many ways,

  • To schedule posts to appear on selected dates, explore the Publish option. This allows you to choose the exact date and time for publishing your post.
  • You can also mark the post for review by clicking Pending Review, particularly convenient for a multi author blog.
  • The Visibility option controls the viewing of content by others. The default setting for this option is Public, which means the whole world can view the post. But you can restrict viewing to a selected few by making it password protected or enabling the private option.
  • By default, your latest posts appear on top of the page in WordPress. What if you want an evergreen post or one that’s targeted at first timers, to occupy that slot instead ? You can do so by resetting the options under Visibility. Enable the Sticky option for the post, and it will appear and remain on the top of your posts until you disable the sticky option.
  • As a blogger you’ll know how many revisions a post goes through before it appears for public viewing. It may start as a small scrap or note, and grow over time into a full fledged article, running through many versions in between. If you want to access any of the versions, for whatever reason, just look under Revisions in the Post editor. If you cannot see it right away, enable the setting in Screen Options. By adding a small bit of code in the wp-config.php file (see further down), you can also limit the number of post revisions.

Crafting Content

Bloggers spend a fair amount of time in the Post Editor. And there are a number of options within the Editor that help to streamline your work. These handy options in the Visual Editor can make typing content easier,

  • Distraction Free writing : See the fairly large “X” like button just below ‘Text’ in the image below ? Clicking on it causes the side panels and headers to disappear, leaving you a clutter free area to write on. When you click on it again, the original screen is restored.

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