10 Ways to Make it Right Before She Complains?

Women are interesting human beings. They are not wired as men are. If anything, you may do one thing for her expecting a certain result and get the exact opposite result. This, therefore, means that it is ideal to always try to understand your woman, especially in bed so that you can keep her satisfied. Below are 10 ways to make it right in bed before she raises the issue.

One of the most common mistakes men make in bed is to keep silent while engaging in sex. This is a sure way of making your woman alienated and as if they are not needed. While engaging in foreplay and during sex, keep talking to your woman so that you can get feedback from them on what it is they desire and what makes them feel good. While doing this, just be as natural as you are in normal circumstances. Over exaggerating, on the other hand, is not ideal. Just the occasional moan and groan is ok.

Another thing that is constantly overlooked by men is foreplay. This is no means to an end. You cannot just skim over foreplay as if it is the gateway to her pants. If you do this, you are almost certain going to disappoint her in bed and that will be the beginning of very dissatisfying sex. Take your time in foreplay. Take your time such that by the time she is ready for penetration, she has had a lot of fun and cannot wait for you.

A lot of men also keep so much focus on the orgasm that they lose sight that they should be having fun. This is yet another of the mistakes men make in bed as sex is a two-way street. She should be enjoying the experience as much as you are. It thus goes without saying that you must work hard to make the experience enjoyable for the both of you, rather than only focusing on when you will orgasm. When you focus on mutual enjoyment, you notice you last longer and everyone has a lot more fun.

If your woman enjoys oral sex. Do not breeze through it. You should take time to perform oral sex and this should mostly consist of quick licks at the labia majora followed by tongue insertion to stimulate orgasm. If you prefer fingers, they should be used carefully as the vagina is arguably the most sensitive part of a woman. Be gentle with your fingers as they may inflict pain and this may mess up the whole arousal phase.

Most women will tell you what it is they want to be done to them. Be keen and follow up what they have requested. If a woman tells you to go slower, follow the instructions pronto. Do not use what you think she wants but instead, follow up on her requests. A lot of men tend to think great sex comes about as a result of relentless pounding of a woman’s vagina. Be sensitive and gauge on what your woman desires and satisfy her needs as per her requests. This will bring about overall satisfaction to the both of you.

Clitoral stimulation has also been shown to be the most preferred sense of stimulation when it comes to women. Men, on the other hand, tend to focus more on their needs through vaginal stimulation. It is ideal to come to a mix of both where clitoral stimulation is focused upon during foreplay and vaginal stimulation comes much later. This way, there will be greater levels of satisfaction than when vaginal stimulation is only used.
Another of the mistakes a lot of men tend to overlook is only focusing on the vagina while in bed. To ensure the highest levels of satisfaction, focus on the whole body of the woman as opposed to the vagina alone. The woman has a lot of sensitive areas which every man should learn about their partner. These vary from the neck, ears, hands, elbows, breasts, thighs to the feet. Just learn about your partner and what it is that they love and focus on those areas. Overstimulation of a single area can be unpleasant and at times painful.

Finally, do not worry much about the G- spot when enjoying your time in bed. This is one area that a lot of men tend to over focus on and has long alluded them. Provided you do most of the things right, you will not need to worry much about the G-spot as this will ultimately result in your woman climaxing the easy way.