3 Powerful drinks to treat Arthritis and Joint pain

Arthritis and joint pain are directly related since they occur simultaneously and there treatment is similar. A study reveals that 60% of the affected are women while the remaining 40% goes to the men. These health problems come in different ways such as heredity, infections, aging and accidents among others. You have many options to make about dealing with arthritis and joint pain. Visit your doctor who will identifies the best method you are supposed to use in dealing with the arthritis and joint pain.

Seeking Solutions
There is no peace of mind when the body is in pain, so the best way to regain your peace is to seek for pain reliving solutions. These juices are easily available and affordable hence, you have to make the choice you find suitable and will work best for your condition. They will also help to detox your body and lead to weight loss which is also a cause of joint pain. The other additional advantage brought about by these juices is the reduction of dull and wrinkled skin. You will be able to maintain a youthful, bright, spotless and smooth skin.

The following are the 3 powerful drinks to treat arthritis and joint pain
1. Cherry Juice
This is a natural remedy that is used to relieve joint pain without any additional side effects. It is a long-term treatment that rejuvenates your body and has additional benefits such as boosting your energy and also improving your organism. You may find that you are sleeping more often during the day hence avoid overworking while you are under this medication. Do not fear the excess sleep since it is an indication that your body is responding to the treatment. This cherry juice is perfect in healing the rheumatoid arthritis since it contains beta-carotene and copper supplements that inhibit reduction of arthritis and joint pain.

2. Pineapple juice
This is a very sweet natural juice that has so many health benefits since it is famous in inducing labor during the process of giving birth. You can extract the juice or just consume the pineapple orally which is better that taking the juice. It contains bromelain enzymes that are great in fast pain relieving ability. They have strong inflammatory supplements that are responsible in relieving pain and preventing any formation of pain. Ensure that you have pineapples in your house to allow a continuous consumption of the juice till you feel that you are no longer in any form of bone joint pain. This juice has no negative effect, so it does not matter the amount you take. In case you suffer from ulcers avoid too much consumption since pineapple has acidic supplements that greatly inhibit ulcers. Pineapple juice has other additional health advantages such as hydrating the skin, clearing wrinkles, acne and dark spots from your skin. It also ensures proper digestion and breaking down fats reducing constipation and weight gain.

3. Raw potato juice
It is stated as the most effective natural remedy for arthritis and joint pain and has been in use for centuries ago. Do not take any preserved potato juice since it contains a lot of preservatives and lots of sugar that will not be of help to your bone joint pain. Make use of natural and fresh juice for instant and long-lasting arthritis and joint pain solution. This juice has a weird taste so if you cannot handle that taste in your mouth; make sure that you add natural fruits such as lemon, pineapple or any other flavor of your choice. This is how you should prepare the potato juice:

  1. Take two potatoes and slice them without peeling.
    2 .Soak the potatoes in clean glass of water over night.
    3. You can add the fruit flavor of your choice.
    4. Drink the water in the morning before taking anything else.
     5. Repeat this process every day and you will notice reduction of arthritis and joint pain.

The supplements in this potato juice are said to give a permanent solution especially for joint pain making it easier to deal with arthritis.

Following the above 3 powerful drinks that work greatly in relieving joint pain. Make use of them and you will not regret or think anymore of the endless joint pain. In combination with the joint pain, make sure that you feed properly to enhance proper effect of the treatment. Make exercise an addition to keep your joints active and inhibit pain reduction. Let the exercise be among your daily schedule by fixing it, for example, walking to your job place or just walking back home. These will not destruct your daily schedule as long as you rise early enough to walk and arrive at your job place in time.



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