5 Amazing Power Of Aluminium Foil Muscle and Joint Pains

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Greatly known for its negative impacts but, a study revealed of its positive health impacts that outweigh the negative. Aluminium foil is used to cover preserved food in order to make it last long and avoid any contamination. It has ability to heal wounds and scars in a way that you have to wrap the affected area with the foil for a period of 10 hours before unwrapping. Repeat the procedure in 3 times a month to enable permanent healing. Aluminium foil in the kitchen is not a waste or just a wrapper in the kitchen; view it as a first aid that needs to be valued.

The following are amazing powers of aluminium foil:

  1. It is a treatment for back and joint pain

There are so many kinds of threats given while handling aluminum such that you can fear it contaminating with your skin. Do not fear or worry no more since it not have the covering ability but can prevent you from back and joint pain treatments. All you need is to cover the paining areas with the aluminum and you will notice pain relief which occurs faster than that of the other drugs. It can also be used in the treatment of post surgical scars that are prevented from further spreading. The aluminum foil has the ability to make it dry completely and regain the normal skin in a way that you will not realize that there was a surgical scar.

2. Used to treat common cold and flu

It is amazing how aluminum foil works since if you hate tablets and injection here is a solution for you. The process may be tedious but worth it, if you are patient enough. Take 5 layers of aluminum foil and tie each around the around your feet. In between the layers there are supposed to put a piece of paper or cotton fabric. This cotton fabric is used to absorb the poisonous chemicals causing flu extracted from the body. Allow this to take a maximum of one hour and untie all the foils. Make this same procedure after 2 hours a second time and a 3rd time. Repeat it daily for 7 days and you will notice that your flu and cold are completely gone.

3. Used to treat burns

It has the ability to treat minor burns cause by water and any other liquid. It simply reduces pain an n heals the inflammation caused. Treat the wound using the common first aid methods and before tying the wound using a bandage and putting a disinfectant, replace the disinfectant with the aluminium foil that will absorb the pan and heal the wound completely. Make use of the bandage just to hold the aluminium foil and prevent it from falling. It has the ability to alleviate post phantom pain. The patients who properly wrapped their ribs with the aluminium foil were found to respond faster than those who did not. You are supposed to wrap the paining rib with the aluminum foil, fasten with a bandage and remove it once the pain has disappeared.

4. Used to treat insomnia and fatigue

There is no side of aluminium foil that you are restricted to use since all can deliver the same reaction. It helps to replace facial cells and re-energize the face even after sleepless nights. Most recommended for the musicians who can spend a whole night performing, making then feel energized and less sleepy. Allow some aluminium foil strips to stay in a freezer for about 3 hours the use them over your eyelids and cheeks you will feel refreshed and notice that you do not have any traces of fatigue or insomnia.

5. Used to treat muscle pain

In case your daily routine involves strenuous exercise you are supposed to use aluminum foil instead of painkillers. This is a very natural way of treatment with no pain or side effects. Make use of aluminum foil on the paining muscles and tie it around the muscle. Use a bandage to support the aluminum foil from falling and allow it to stay for about 9 to 10 hours. Immediately you remove, you will realize that there is rapid reduction of muscle pain. Repeat this process 4 times in a month.


Do not fear aluminium foil anymore or consider it for wrapping food in the kitchen. It is a natural way of performing first aid and in some cases giving complete pain relief. It is suitable for you if you hate the feeling that comes along after swallowing tablets and also after injection. Make use of aluminum foil wisely instead of throwing it away considering it dangerous. Do not benefit alone, hence share with family and friends since it is of great help in case of any minor accidents around the kitchen such as burns and wounds.




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