6 Signs Reveals That Your Skin Is Unhealthy

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Many times, people are unable to tell more about themselves. They are not sure about what to say about themselves, and what their appearance may be saying. But people will always say a lot about you. Your skin will tell a lot of people about your health and how much you take good care of your skin. You can tell the people that take care of themselves by looking at their skin.

The skin will rarely lie. Whatever you do to your skin, it will reveal to the public. Even when your skin is in perfect shape and condition, a slight change will tell those people around that you are not okay. It will speak out even before you open your mouth to say a word. It is, therefore, paramount to take good care of your skin so as to avoid embarrassing moments when people draw conclusions about you from how your skin looks. Let us look at some signs that will reveal that your skin is unhealthy.

1. Blotchiness and uneven texture

First, note that the skin is a perfect indication of perfect health. Therefore, any health issues in your body will be made public right under your watch by your skin. The main signs that will be shown on the skin include dehydration, fatigue, and malnourishment. This will be announced by your skin for all to see by uneven texture and blotches on the surface of your skin.

Make sure that you get enough of rest. Do not stay awake long in the night. A to-do list will help you get organized and make sure that you have some time for rest. Importantly, make sure that you get the required nutrients for your skin. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables for vitamins. Again, avoid a dehydrated skin by taking the proper and required amount of fluids.

2. Acne

The appearance of acne on your skin will tell people that you have unhealthy skin. The major cause of acne on the skin is a bacterial infection. This could be as a result of broken pimples, blemishes and zits. Bacterial infection may also result from wrong handling of skin with dirty hands. Bacteria may build up and cause acne. The other cause of acne is an overproduction of oils and shedding of dead skin cells through exfoliation.

Excess oil clog the pores on the skin. This may create a breeding site for bacteria. The oil will also nourish the bacteria. This will lead to acne breakout. Acne may also appear on the face as a sign of internal health issues. In such a case you need to treat the inner health problem so as to clear the acne. Acne that signifies internal health concerns appear on certain parts of the face and can be used for diagnosis by professionals via face mapping technique. For other causes of acne, you can use treatment for acne products for control.

3. Flaky scaly skin

This is very unattractive and is a major turn off. It will often indicate signs of environmental effect. The skin is a body organ like any other and will be affected by adverse weather conditions. When you are working or going out to environments with adverse weather conditions, use safe sunscreen to take care of your health. This will protect your skin from damage by the UV rays. Most of them have other ingredients that help with other effects like moisturizing and protecting the skin from dehydration.

4. Chapped lips

Yes, lips are also part of the skin. This is the most delicate, and vulnerable part of the skin. If not properly taken care of, this section of the skin will break and breed. It the condition is not addressed in time, it will lead to sores. The main cause of lip chapping is dehydration. Make sure that you keep the lips hydrated and protected using lip gloss. Also, take enough water to avoid chapped lips.

5. Rashes on the skin

Rashes are very different from blemishes and acne. Rash on the skin could be a sign of a serious medical problem. Most of the times, rashes will be an indication of an allergy to some foods, environmental factors or even beauty products being used. They may be irritation free and painless and thus many people assume them. However, they will give a lot of information about your health to the public. Seek medical attention in cases you notice rashes on your skin.

6. Wrinkles

Most wrinkles are associated with age. However, some people will start developing wrinkles at a very tender age. This shows that your skin is unhealthy. Either your skin cells are losing a lot of water to the atmosphere and shrinking, leaving your skin loose. Use cream to protect your skin from wrinkles.


Take charge of the information that your skin gives about you. Take good care of your skin and avoid embarrassing moments when your skin will say awful things about your health.