Do Brain Exercise Helps Build New Brain cells?

The brain is a living cell and just like muscles need exercise to stay in shape, so does the brain. It is for this reason why it is recommended that you engage the brain in positive exercise so as to help the body stay longer and sharp. One of the things that one must work towards is to choose the right mental exercise so as to get the most value. Brain exercise is important as it helps protect people from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia which are quite common, especially the old. It is therefore very important to think of how to go about choosing the best brain exercise so as to enjoy the benefits which are said to be improved memory, better focus and an improved problem solving ability.

Brain Exercise

To begin with, it is important for one to engage in normal body exercise. The reason for this is because normal cardiovascular and strength training serves all body cells, including the brain. When one exercises, the brain releases endorphins which are feel good factors. These helps soar up the energy levels in the body and the person generally feels good and with bursts of energy. This positivity helps one get a much needed boost in their self-esteem. Further, with cardiovascular exercise, the heart is much healthier as there is lower level of cholesterol in general circulation, hence lower risk of a stroke occurring.

To engage in brain exercise, it is advisable to start small. A lot of people tend to think that since brain exercise denotes exercising a complex organ of the body, the exercise must be complicated. A simple brain exercise such as filling in a crossword puzzle is recommended. This helps spur the creating center in the brain in being able to think and create a solution.

Another simple brain exercise you may engage in is trying out a new road and trying to map it out when you arrive at your destination. This helps the brain centers to light up as the brain tries to remember of the various ways it can be able to solve the said problem. It also helps cement the road in memory so that you can be able to remember what it is you saw.

Another brain exercise that one ought to try is cooking a new meal. The reason behind this is because the brain is wired to stimulate various senses at the same time these senses include that of taste, smell, touch and sight. In bringing these all together to make a meal, the various centers of the brain are really working hard.

If you love math, well then why don’t you set a target of some simple sums to do in your mind ever so often. This helps one motivate the various centers of the brain as the memory center will have to be stimulated. If it’s shopping calculation you are doing, why not try to remember the whole grocery shopping list by head. When you find you remember everything, keep adding something until you feel your mind has been really stretched.

While doing the various brain exercises, make sure that the brain is well nourished by inculcating a diet that is body and brain healthy. Balance out the portions you will serve out. This helps in ensuring that the brain is well served with the nutrients it requires. OF importance should be Omega 3, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12. These are some of the most important nutrients that are required in the brain for normal function. IF the diet cannot support these, it is advisable that you supplement them with naturally occurring ingredients for the best results.

Meditation is also a great brain exercise. This is beneficial because it helps reduce stress and anxiety and allows the brain to achieve a state of peace that is sought after by many. All meditation needs is a quiet environment and time to be performed. Consistent meditation should surely yield result where a calmer more composed brain is the end result. As such, it is easier for one to concentrate more, memorize more and be able to solve problems. 
There is no doubt that brain exercise can help achieve the best results when it is consistently done and moderately executed. In time, you note that there is increased ability to solve complex challenges and one becomes an out of the box thinker. Do try simple brain exercise and enjoy the value.


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