Sit All Day? How to Release Tension

Asana, or physical yoga, was originally designed to make it more comfortable for monks to sit and meditate for long periods of time. The goal of yoga is to release stress from the body, so one can sit and think quietly. It is the ideal exercise for the seated office worker!

In some schools of thought, the definition of yoga is union: union between the mind, breath, and body. Yoga is sitting and listening to yourself breathe. Yoga is stretching your arms in the air and taking a twist to feel better in your spine. We already do so many yoga poses naturally! When you do yoga poses, it physically releases stress from your mind and body.

As an office yoga specialist, I spend almost every day teaching in offices. My goal is to teach energizing ways to be healthier, in mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is great for anyone who is getting back into an active lifestyle, or someone who just wants to get started. Many yoga classes are user friendly enough for beginners, too. There are so many poses that are great for people who work at an office. Below is one of my favorite easy poses you can do anywhere.

Diver’s Pose

photo courtesy of Heidi Kristoffer, Fitness Magazine

The secret to this pose is getting to a point where you face your fear and actually might fall. Luckily, this pose is super safe — if you stumble, you’ll be fine — your heels are only inches above the ground — but the act of facing the physical emotion of fear through this yoga pose can really energize you. And this will translate to your work life, and your real life.

Your mind must be clear in Diver’s Pose, or you will fall. By balancing in a yoga pose, you are removing your mind completely from stressful thoughts and situations. When you do this, you can take a real break. Practices like meditation and yoga remove your mind from stressful situations completely, and are really refreshing.

Try diver’s pose, or any fear inducing yoga pose. They will help you conquer other fears. The gift of yoga is that once you accomplish a yoga pose, the impossible becomes possible, and you can recognize your own inner strength. And hopefully that inner strength can help you have a more productive day as you sit during the work day.

Lauren Coles is the founder of Daisy Yoga, an office wellness company aiming to change office culture, globally.