Topic Proposal: Post 1

Is technology sucking the life out of children? Well, technology has come a long way in our society. With new advancements being talked about each and every day, it almost doesn’t surprise us that kids nowadays are starting to own cell phones. While some may say this is a good thing, there are plenty of negative outcomes to having a cell phone at such a young age. These kids who are being sucked into playing games on their phone are starting to lose valuable communication skills with the real world. These kids are led to clicking on ads and spending money while unaware that they were doing anything wrong. While we all know kids do not always make the right decision, the people targeting the young crowd are doing the exact opposite. Figuring there are companies targeting more simpler phones for kids, people are starting to agree that it may not be as bad as it sounds to get your son and/or daughter a cell phone.

Children With Cell Phones

Seeing a kid with a cell phone has become something that is within the realm of normal. Although normal now, it has not always been this way. This generation of kids, are on their phone more than the average person. In the New York Times article, Rapid Rise of Children With Cellphones, Alex Mindlin states, “Most of the children surveyed who had cell phones were 10 or 11 years old; Mediamark reported that 36.1 percent of children in that age range had phones.” This explains how already, a handful of many young children own a cellphone around the age of 10/11 years old. Having a phone at such a young age has really started to influence their state of mind without even realizing it. Whether it’s social interactions with friends and/or being exposed to what the internet hides from our everyday lives. Kids do not realize how having a phone at such a young age deprives their abilities. They begin to get so caught up in what goes on behind their screen, that they forget how to act in the real world.

‘One Click’ Purchases

We all know kids will do anything that grabs their attention. Especially when it is on the internet behind their cell phone screens. Whether it is buying in-app purchases, or being asked to join a survey to win a million dollars, kids will be sure to make the decision to give it a try. When a kid who is yet to be exposed to the world of scammers, things don’t seem so bad. In the New York Times article, New Worries About Children With Cellphones, Alina Tugend writes, “For example, a while back we stumbled upon a surprise, a 19.99 charge on our verizon wireless bill. It turned out that Ben had accidently bought a joke-a-day for his cell phone. He thought he had taken advantage of a free offer.” Big companies are making it way too easy to make purchases over a cell phone. With cell phones being as sophisticated as computers, the possibilities of crossing the wrong path of a corrupt site are high, especially to a child who is completely naive to what he/she is doing. This is just one of the many prime examples of why children at such a young age should not be exposed to cell phones.

Simplistic Cell Phones

Although giving a young child a cell phone seems a bit odd, companies are coming out with phones directed towards young children. With the average number of cellphones per child growing more and more each year, it is only normal to see companies coming out with new ideas designed specifically for kids. Aside the games and internet, parents may be hesitant to buying their kid a cell phone due to privacy concern. In the article, Cellphones for Kids, David Pogue says, “If you’re going to issue your child a cell phone, it had better be ultra simple, ultra limited, ultra rugged, and ultra parent-controlled.” Pogue is trying to explain that, if you do decide to give your child a cellphone, it should be a simple one that can only be used for emergencies and not all the excess media phones typically come with. With that being said, companies have worked to create phones designed for simple, but effective use for both children and parents. Doing this has made parents a lot less skeptical when it’s that time to buy their kid a cell phone. They won’t have to worry about ‘internet fraud’, texting, game downloads, or anything in between those lines. This is something a lot of people will start taking into account, and most will learn to agree upon.

The society we all call our own has changed, and continues to change every day. So many new ideas and inventions abrupt from the great minds of people all around us. We live in a society where technology is beginning to take over everything that we do. When it comes down to it, almost everyone we know has a cell phone, or knows someone with one. With that being said, kids are going to be curious as to why they can’t have one if everyone else does. Parents couldn’t find a reason to say no until they notice problems with their child. Whether it be social skills or being scammed over the internet, people will always be worried about their kid owning a cell phone at such a young age. People may think otherwise, but until kids are as mature as adults, having a cell phone shouldn’t be a necessity by any means.