Yesterday, while scurrying across the street for the arriving streetcar, we saw a woman on the roof.

As we moved through the crosswalk, she moved towards the edge of the building.

She stood there for a moment before sitting down on the ledge. Pausing. Swinging her legs over.

I stared at her, one in a few, our heads tilted upwards in confused unison. Unsure if she was a jumper or just chilling , wanting to ask if she was okay, but afraid of saying the wrong thing.

We stumbled up the streetcar steps, shocked into silence. I explained what was happening to the driver and asked what we should do. …


Daisy Qin

Starstruck by the big city, wanderlust-struck by the world • strategic thinker, big dreamer • strategy @ an ad agency • @DaisyQin •

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