5 B2B Content Marketing Pain Points

(& How to Solve Them)

Daisy Qin
6 min readOct 29, 2015


Content marketing has become established as one of the key pillars of a B2B marketing strategy. It’s a great tactic for goals ranging from lead generation to building brand awareness to increasing website traffic…

It’s also tricky to leverage. Using content marketing requires finesse and balance: maintaining high quality of content while meeting quantity needs; coming up with original content that cuts through noise while meeting breadth and depth expectations; providing enough value that prospects follow through with the call to action, but not so much that the cow is given away with the milk.

Most companies are doing some content marketing, but many of them could be doing it better. Here are five common pain points that I’ve noticed, as well as suggestions on how to address them.

1) Consumability

Make it as easy as possible for the audience (and prospective leads) to consume your content. People are bombarded with information throughout the day; it’s all too easy to just skim instead of really read. Let’s face it — skimmed over content isn’t that memorable.

Elements that affect consumability:

  • Aesthetics: Is the font easily legible and consistent across different browsers, devices, etc.? Are there any typos or grammatical errors? Can the key points be easily spotted?
  • Format: Is the wall of text properly broken up into paragraphs? Are headers used where advantageous? Are there accompanying graphics that help illustrate the point where appropriate?
  • Substance: Is the content well-written (or well-designed)? Does it follow a logical order and present insightful information? Is it worth consuming?

When evaluating content, if the answer to any of those questions isn’t “yes” then some changes might be in order. Consumable content needs to be quality content delivered via an enjoyable user experience to be worthwhile.

2) Variety

They say that variety is the spice of life. Similarly, variety is key when it comes to content marketing. Too easily companies fall into the rut of just equating content marketing with blogging when there are so…



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