Tips for how to prepare resume from Creative Niche team

Today Creative Niche team, an innovative staffing, recruitment and executive search firm, came to our protopics class, and shared their tips about how to prepare resume for getting a job.

Article Structure:

  1. Speaker Introduction.
  2. About Creative Niche.
  3. 16 Personalities Test.
  4. Resume Tips.
  5. What I learnt from the speech.
  6. Reference links.


Theresa Casarin (right)

Director, Talent at Creative Niche.

Jade Yourth (left)

Digital Marketing, Specialist at Creative Niche.

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About Creative Niche Inc.

Creative Niche is a full service creative staffing agency operating in the Metro Toronto and Ottawa/Gatineau/Hull communities.

Creative Niche works with creative and communications professionals to match their skills and career goals to the top employers in Canada, for temporary, project or permanent employment.

Clients they have helped:


16 Personalities Test.

Before got into resume tips, Jade first brought up the personality test. She told us that if you cannot define your career direction, you could try this test. It’s not 100% accurate, but it does help a little about what kind of personality you are, and they also offer some career path suggestions depending on the test result.

Resume Tips.

This is the only one chance to capture a potential employer, so write as clear as possible (who, what, when, where, how), since employees won’t spend too much time on one resume.

Top tips

  1. Reverse chronological order. List your current, or most recent job, first, and then work backward.
  2. State the name of the company you work/ worked for, hoe long you were there ( month and yer). Then list the position you held and your accomplishments. You don’t have to use full sentences. Begin with verbs, “ Managed customers and front-office,” for example.
  3. Have a strong profile that outlines how you can contribute to an organization.


Nowadays, we don’t need to put our actual address on the resume, but leave an e-mail or Linkedin link instead.

Why Use Linkedin?

  1. It has millions of members
  2. It shows up at the top pf Google searches
  3. People are researching you
  4. It’s packed with invaluable resources
  5. You don’t know what you’re missing out on
  6. You’ll stay ultra-current
  7. You’ll automatically remain connected
  8. It’s the most efficient way to manage your network.
  9. It’s the ultimate personal branding platform

Use Appropriate language

Use action verbs

Avoid pronouns

Use a consistent tense

Not to do

Picture of yourself

Text that is too small or tool 12px

Be honest, don’t put skill or tools that you really have not used.

A resume over 2 pages

Put your address on the heading


What I learnt from the speech.

Resume is all about details and condense about. Leave a nice impression for potential employees is important.

Use Linkedin wisely. Manage your Linkedin account, and keep updating. Connect with your classmates and employees.

Reference links.