Journal 2 — Sapient Razorfish

a Toronto based innovation digital firm

Today a group of 4 from Sapient Razorfish, a Toronto based innovation digital firm, came to give us the second speech.

The Article Structure:

  1. Speakers introduction
  2. Showcase the company works
  3. Company Culture
  4. What I learnt from the speech.
Picture took in Sheridan College

Speaker Introduction.

Speakers in the pictures from left to right:

Kristen Nakamura, Developer.

Aaron Aylwad, Designer (Ins: @aylwarddesign).

John Gauthier, Designer (Ins: @gautjohn).

Tina, Developer.


They shared some works they had done for the company, and talked about the stories behind the scene. There are 3 kinds of their work:

1. Online website projects.

a). Kid Help Phone Project

The purpose of this site is built for kids and teenagers, which make kids find online content easier.

They spent a total of 6 months to build this site from the scratch, and all the contents were sorted from a variety of popular platforms, especially for kids to read.

b). Manuife Retirement Website

This website was designed for the retired people. Considering of an increasing amount of retired people in Canada, the client asked them to build this platform for helping retired people plan their daily life and make their life more meaningful.

They spent a total of 1 year to finish this whole project. Even though they encountered a lot of technical challenges, they solved the problems eventually. The client was so satisfied with their work, and signed up another contract with their firm, which is also a success.

c). Walmart Mobile App.

They previously have 5 years of nice experience work with Walmart. Then Walmart came up this new idea called ‘pick and go’, asked them to build this app for customers which can pick up groceries from the app. On the other side, this concept also in order to compete with Amazon. They also considered for the disability users, and they wanted to add some features to the app.

John said that they all worked on this project together from designer to project manager, it’s very rewarding and exciting when the final project came out.

2. Digital experiential projects

a). Face of Pride 2016

They made this experiential project for the 2016 LGBT Pride. They use a building’s surface as a virtual screen, and built an app to link with this screen. When people download the app, and take a picture of themselves, they will see their face are shown on the virtual screen. Other than that, they can also toggle with their faces on the app, which show different effects of the face. Eventually, all the captured faces are uploaded to the official website’s server, and people can see their faces on the site.

b). Nuit Blanche

In this project, they set up several screens in the public places. There are different kinds of virtual characters in the screen, and when people approach to the screen, they will see the virtual images turn to themselves shown on the screen.

3. Advertising.

Except for the high tech projects, they also made some funny commercial advertising videos for clients, like “Walmart Freshionados”, and “Sorry” for Canada basketball community.

Company Culture

Aaron is a graduate from our program. He told us that the culture in Sapient Razorfish is very nice. They host some networking events occasionally; also, as a tech company, they pay attention to the women in the tech, so they will have some events such as “women’s leadership network”,“women in the workplace”.

What I learned from the speech.

The final part of this speech still the Q&A section. We known some experience of learning and the technical questions of their previous works, and learned more about what is like to work in the industry. It’s a very inspiring speech!