I am privileged to work with kids. Against all odds, I have chosen to deposit unforgettable beautiful experiences in the memory banks of all the children I Parent!

This particular day, this particular child was enrolled for the holiday classes. I usually test them with revision questions to find out the area where each child has a challenge. So for this child, I had to go four classes back.

I observed him. He won’t do what he’s asked to do. I knew the problem. So I took him away from every other person. I spoke with him and he said “I don’t want to come here again”. At that moment I knew I had to work on his self esteem. I told him how different everybody is and how whether fast or slow, he is intelligent and if he trusts me, he’ll be the best. He agreed! This child has leaped! I didn’t expect it this fast. He has risen again!

This sense of fulfillment overwhelms me when I think of this child.

Summer will soon be over. I’ll miss this child!!!!

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