Finally, Technical Meets Tailoring for Women who Mean Business

Beyond Just Performance Wear, Dai Advocates for Sustainability and Social Impact

A traditional press release would go like this. Check.

In the age of connectivity, a smarter press release is happily published here, on Medium. At Dai, we are about smart ways of doing things and about optimizing performance and ease. We’re talking about women’s workwear.

Here’s the short skinny:

  • Dai combines smart, technical fabrics with elegantly tailoring and minimal aesthetic
  • Our collection features easy-to-wear, functional pieces that are versatile for day-to-night and every scenario in between
  • By selling directly to consumers, so we’re able to maintain designer quality at contemporary price points. Our pieces start from £145 to £395 with free UK shipping
  • We are also committed to sustainability across our supply chain and social impact through advocating for women

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Why are we different?

  1. Smart fabrics. Athleisure has taken off, so we asked ourselves if dressing for work could feel like yoga, but with clean, tailored lines. We use smart fabrics with a variety of attributes including…

2. Functionality. Our designs balance modern aesthetics, timeless silhouettes, and purposeful functionality. For example, all our dresses come with spacious pockets for large smartphones.

High-performing. Elegant. Effortless. Photo by Marija Vainilavicuite

Our capsule collection features adaptable, easy-to-wear pieces that are seamlessly versatile for day-to-night and every scenario in between.

3. Designer quality, not-so-designer price tag. We developed our collection with top ateliers and garment experts in London. We use premium raw materials including power of Sensitive® Fabrics for all dresses and suiting.

By selling direct to consumers, we’re able to provide premium quality at contemporary prices, with pieces ranging from £145 to £395. We ship internationally and provide free UK deliveries.

Detail of precision cutting, sharp corners, and hidden spacious pocket in our First off the Blocks Dress, £295

4. Our vision. Beyond just products, we had the vision of a brand that advocated for women and promoted sustainable practices.

Social impact: We want women to succeed, and we’ll put money on it. We are committed to donating a portion of net proceeds to organisations and initiatives that support women, girls and gender equality. For our first charity partner, we are proud to partner with Dress for Success Greater London.

Sustainability: From raw materials to final products and beyond, we started with a blank slate with the commitment to building a supply chain rooted in conscious, ethical decisions. And we’d passionate about transparency and sharing the people and processes behind-the-scenes bringing our product to life.

Richard from one of our sampling studios, Gosha London Limited. Photo by Joanna Dai
Our innovative and energy saving Italian mill, Eurojersey, who produces Sensitive® Fabrics. Photo courtesy of Eurojersey

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