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Dajella Overweg
2 min readMar 22, 2019


A usability case study

Boston University is a leading private research institution with two primary campuses in the heart of Boston and programs around the world.

The assignment was to find someone to interview about the website from Boston University. I didn’t ask anyone, because when I started it very late night. And although I’m blessed with good friends, I would rather keep it that way and not wake them up to ask them to look at a foreign university website on 1.30 AM. So in this case my testing person was me.

When I went through the questions, one thing clearly came out.
The biggest problem is that the website contains such a huge amount of text and choices that you go through that you’re getting overwhelmed by it and you’re not feeling invited to read or search what you’re looking for.

Chaotic structure, no unity in types, type, color & style

Make the website more approachable by structuring it.
-being consistent with elements (keep them on the same spot)
-reduce navigation bars
-always have a home button (in this case the logo up left)
-contact, FAQ & social icons in footer

This is the prototype / end result

Simplyfied structure, more unity

What did I learn?
-Quick sketches show you things that you would otherwise have missed.
-By analyzing the app it makes you look different to the website. I think from now on websites will never be the same. I realized I started to look to websites from a different perspective. As if you are dissecting it.

This was my final exercise for now. More to come soon.
Really looking forward to the Ironhack UX/UI course.



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