Final Fantasy Tactics, entitlement, and recognizing privilege
Nate Ewert-Krocker

Hello, I just read your article and it made me think a lot on our personal development, and as you mentioned, each time we play the game something change, but it is not the game itself, it’s us, we grow our wisdom and that let us understand the argument of the game more deeply, the same happen to me, I was listening the song “In pursuit” on Youtube, and there are many people talking about how hard was the dead of Miluda, and from that words on the forum, I thought that, yes Miluda was a good character that end up dying betrayed by their generals and somehow trapped by the society rules. Today we do not have “kings” and people that proclaim to have a nobility and power by holy mandate (at least in most countries), but the economical system still creating “Miludas” and “Wiregrafs” everywhere.

It was a pleasure to read your text on Final Fantasy Tactics.

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