Oh purple hibiscus — A letter to Nature.

Oh purple hibiscus….. This is a letter to you

You thought I wouldn’t survive without you

You thought if you don’t purify my air, nobody would

You thought too high of yourself in my life

Believing my life would not be beautiful as your pretty self

But you were right cos my life is now in shambles

I’m now a bird with no branch to perch on

A wanderer who just lost his nest

Forever famished as there are no more flowers to feed on

And almost becoming a stranger where I once govern

My pride gone and hope almost fainting

Never would I have imagined life without you

I know your disappearance was my fault

And that you buying a one way ticket was my doing

Because I valued these beautiful ashes more than you

Knowing fully well that you were the element that makes all things beautiful

And existence without you would be boring

Yea I know I’ve made the mistake by letting you go

But what’s repentance without a change of heart

And deciding to change the heated devilish heart comes with expectations

Expectation to raise grain field with the last seeds of greatness gifted from you

And to teach my seeds of your importance

That they exist in peace cos you live

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