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Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing your brother’s story. It may be of little value, but I would be remiss to not offer my deepest condolences to your brother and your family.

“Political correctness is no substitute for jurisprudence.”

I could not agree more. And I am so sorry for the damage that has been done to your brother and your family.

Perhaps the best part of us seeing eye to eye is that I come from the opposite side. Someone close to me was raped and left in the road to be run over. The years have been unkind to her and I watched in horror as her own parents refused to deal with it because of victim blaming mentality. Mental illness, self medication, addiction, self harm, and a host of other scars are the product of victim blaming. They are the product of a unbending bias and unwillingness to seek the truth. Her kin did nothing. And she dies every day because of it.

The truth is ugly, it is uncomfortable, and it is messy. We do not live in a world that is always fair and equal. Men are wrongfully imprisoned, women are raped, and sometimes there is no justice.

But in the better shades of our humanity we recognize that not all men are predators, not all women seek to profit from rape culture, and the internet is not a wilderness of trolls. And in the interstice, we pray for justice, we pray for truth, and for victims that are left to pick up the pieces.