The Juicy Gossip on VR

What are some of the most thought-provoking comments and why did you find them so thought-provoking? How do you think the people’s opinions that you have read will shape the debate or the policy about the topic?

Mobile VR will be the future — but the technology isn’t there at present.

Comments are always so full of joy aren't they, NOT! Comments are for people to express their opinions and for VR, its a very opinionated topic among various kinds of gamers.

There is definitely a similarity to the comments regarding the future of VR gaming. Most comments tend to focus on the price, playability and timeline of the headsets. The price plays a big factor in how people feel about VR right now. Since its a new product everyone wants to try it but the price is so high that the likeliness of someone buying one is fairly rare right now. Most people that have used one, either went to a conference or tried one at someones house.

The price is usually somewhere around $400+. This factor scares many gamers away. We wont be seeing VR in many peoples homes until there are more games compatible and a cheaper price for the headsets and accessories.

Cuthbert51 says “Everyone loves it when they first try it out, as you showed. That is without any doubt. The problem is that most of those same people, an hour later have it back on the shelf.” This comment seems to correct in many peoples views. My friend who used VR said he played with it for 30 minutes but then he started feeling dizzy and stopped using it for a while. In this stage of VR development I can see where they are coming from, Until it is fully developed and ready for use, it wont be widely used.

There is also the problem of not having enough content to even use VR with. Most games are experimental low budget games. “Hopefully there will be great content announcements at E3. Otherwise it just doesn’t make any sense to buy either one instead.” Many comments are regarding the lack of games and development making it not worth buying yet, until more games are released.

Some comments are less harsh on the fact that VR is not ready yet, “Just because it’s not quite ready for everyone just yet, doesn’t mean it won’t be the future of gaming. Give it more time before you pass judgement. lol.” At least there is still some hope! This person was one of the few positive comments but his ideas still side with everyone else, agreeing that right now VR is still too young, but the future is bright.

Comments can easily shape how people see this topic. Most of the people commenting seem to be very knowledgeable about video games. There is a lot of similarity between the comments on all the forums and websites. If people take the time to read the comments, they might game some more knowledge on the topics about VR. It might save them money by swaying them in the direction of not buying a VR headset until its more developed and a lower price.

Overall the comments found on many websites regarding the future of VR are generally swayed to a side where gamers are not fans of the early product of VR and wont be happy until its mass consumer ready. The price is currently too high, the development is too young, and the functions aren't ready for long time use. Not yet anyway.

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