Why Virtual Reality WILL NOT be the next gaming medium

Yes I know if you’re reading this and you are a casual medium.com goer you must be confused. Virtual Reality has some good and bad to both sides, so I figured I would focus and fight for each side, debating whether its going to be the new medium, in which it isn't, at least not anytime soon.

It is simply not ready yet for the human body, there are too many problems with the current system of VR and it should not be used until we figure out how it all works before we cause some serious damage.

“In an interview with The Verge, Wilson talks about three things that VR needs to be successful. One is being innovative, the other is a profound user experience, and the last is a low barrier to entry.”

First off, VR is already an innovative item but its needs to continue on the path of innovation if it wants to succeed. The current system and status of VRs development is merely not enough to thrive as a gaming medium. Gamers might feel attached for 10 minutes but after that the fun factor is lost. We will not see it succeed until we see it develop.

Wilson says if VR wants to be successful, it needs to have a profound user experience, and he is completely right.

Even the CEO of EA games knows that VR needs a better user experience before it is used in the masses. “EA’s CEO said huge adoption is a couple of years in the making with the onus falling on the industry to make a “profound user proposition” for virtual-reality gaming in order for it to enjoy massive adoption say like the rate of mobile phone usage.” We both agree that VR needs to be more user friendly before it will spread to the masses because it is still causing dizziness and a variety of glitches.

The barrier to entry is making it harder for developers to get their product out to customers. Many people are not buying VR headsets simply because the price is too high and there are only a select number of companies that sell them. When many people dont have headsets it makes it especially challenging for VR game developers to reach out and market to their customers, and when these game developers aren't making any money then they cant put more into their games and when there are no good games for VR, VR does not sell as well. Its a vicious cycle.

“When $1 million represents the peak of success, how can VR developers actually make a living in this VR ecosystem.”

The fact that virtual reality is just a headset to many people, it easily confuses many people about how games are obtained and how it connects to a system. James Brightman from gameindustry.biz writes, “some way for the stores to designate that this is a full game or an experience, it would help the industry avoid consumer frustration.” Virtual Reality is not as simple as smart phones are, where you can just buy one and have access to millions of things. VR requires connection to a PC or PS4 and purchasing of separate games to be compatible for the headset.

The fact that virtual reality can make people sick really does not helps its cause. “There’s a big barrier to the widespread use of this technology, though: Virtual reality often makes people sick.” Until that problem is fixed, I do not see it succeeding as much as the industry had hoped.

These factors mentioned will hinder the progression of virtual reality until a later time. The market has to come together and either lower the price or figuring something out to make VR easily accessible and easy to use. As of now VR does not look like it will be the future, it looks as though it is just a phase technology is going through.

Virtual Reality may seem like the cool new thing, but until we see some major development and consumer comfort we will not see virtual reality be the new gaming medium or even a commonly used product.

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