Hey Austin Wood! Glad you enjoyed reading it! Yeah, I definitely feel you on the modularity and simplicity of building UI components with React. I think that using Tachyons in that context is a perfect complement. It just seems perfectly beautiful to me to have everything you need to work on a UI component in one place.

Why should I have to go open up another file when all I want to do is add a little padding to part of the UI for this component?

I really love how it simplifies the process of design, because like you said, you don’t have to worry about breaking other styles or adding to an endlessly expanding stylesheet when you’re just making trivial changes.

I remember being skeptical of using all those inline classes, it seemed so much like using inline styles. But, it’s really addictive once you get started!

It’s great to be able to work in small increments and not constantly be context switching to think about the side effects of changing a current CSS class or creating a new one.

I’m shocked at how much can be done without writing a single line of new CSS, all while using your knowledge of CSS to customize the UI!

Finally, you’re welcome for that tip on having the source open, it got a lot easier for me when I started doing that :) Good luck convincing your teammates!