Kapernick receiving death threats after kneeling during national anthem

Colin Kapernick is still under fire for refusing to stand during the national anthem. The NFL quarterback is now receiving death threats for his refusal to stand. Kapernick is protesting police brutality against blacks.

Family of Charlotte man killed by police claims it was a book in hand, not a gun

Keith Lamont Scott was killed by Charlotte police after they claim he pulled a gun from his car. His family is saying that it was not a gun, but a book. Scott was killed after he was sitting in his car waiting for his son to get home from school.

The man who stopped a mall killer is a modest hero

Jason Falconer, was in a St. Cloud, Minnesota mall when he shot a man who had stabbed nine people. After he was hailed a hero Falconer says he has been “trying to stay away from it [spotlight] for the time being.” Witnesses said the knife wielding man went down and came back up three different times after being shot.