My Brand

Dakota H. Nixon

Obviously you know what I look like now, here’s circa 2009. The oldest FB pic I could find

Born: May 13, 1994

City: Lynchburg, Virginia

Myers-Briggs: ENFP

Middle of 3

Motto: “It’s Never Too Late for a Comeback”


Strengths: Empathetic, Sympathetic, Goofy, Loyal, Hardworking (Subjective), Genuine, Loved, Impressions

Weaknesses: Selfish, Self-serving, fear, lazy (subjective)

Opportunities: To live a life a that unselfishly serves others

Threats: The enemy, depression, comfort

Vision Statement: “At the end of this brand’s life it’s goal is to have lived a life of servitude and reflecting of Christ, denying itself ultimately.”

Implications of Brand:

  • Leading others to Christ through acts of service
  • (Hopefully) Raising a family
  • Running a PR business of ethics and integrity


At the ripe old age of 18, when you know everything, I decided to enlist in the Army National Guard. I was shipped off to Fort Sill, Oklahoma was BCT. Well when I was there we did like rifle ranges all day and you literally shoot for five minutes so the rest of the day you just sit around and act like your studying and what not. Well I didn’t know but their was a drill sergeant behind me so basically its like you see in movies they just yell all the time

But first lemme take a selife: cause you always wanted to see a selfie of me with shaved hair and breaking out

and make you do push-ups. Well during that season of my life I was doing an impression of one of the pigs from Shrek and I started doing it to make everyone laugh and the drill sergeant said, “who the f*** was that”? and I was like oh shoot I’m dead. So everyone like straightened up and I said, “Me, drill sergeant.” And he said, “do that s*** again.” So I did it again he died laughing and said, “keep that s*** up.” And I was like “roger that.” Gave me a little boost of confidence and it’s my claim to fame to have made a drill sergeant laugh.

Parallels in Identity

But drawing a parallel between the identity of being a soldier and a Christ follower. Sometimes it’s awful to be in the military. You have to push yourself, get out of your comfort zone, work super long days, not question why, completely deny your wants. But its always rewarding to be able to say I’m in the Army. It’s very similar with Christ. It’s not always fun when God tells you know, it’s not always fun, but I couldn’t accept a lesser follower than Christ follower. And I pray that daily I can deny myself what I want, so I can not be selfish and lift the name on high.

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