250 days Paid Time Coding Bots per year!!

We’re looking for a couple of people, specifically Lead Engineer at Howdy and Interactive Designer at Howdy, to help us MAKE CHAT BOTS GREAT AGAIN.

We have a HUUUUUGE number of days of PTCB (Paid Time Coding Bots) to offer the ideal candidate.

With current technology, assuming optimal conditions, Earth provides us with only 250 week days per year to make bots. At most.

We are incomplete without you

We’re a very small team, so small that half of us have been in bands with more members. We keep reasonable hours. We don’t work weekends, but our Monday morning does seem to have a lot of, “yeah, well check THIS out!” We don’t have a scheduled lunch provided, but lunches get picked up from time to time.

Please act quickly! Do it for the bots! :robot_face:

link: Lead Engineer at Howdy

link: Interactive Designer at Howdy

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