Until we meet again

For the majority of my professional career, the first word people saw on my resume was “HELLO”. I kept it there so people would feel I was actually introducing myself to them. I think it worked.

Thanks for the jobs, Pages’ default resume template!

And later, when I’ve found myself in the situation like I am in today, where I am fortunate enough to resign from one job to head to another job I want more, my mind radio plays some version of Aloha ʻOe, like this gem.

Aloha is used as a greeting and a farewell, but it also embodies a spirit of positivity, openness, appreciation. “The joyful (oha) sharing (alo) of life energy (ha) in the present (alo).”

How you treat people when leaving can keep you from getting invited back. It’s bad to burn bridges, especially when you’re actually on a ship. The Internet uses the same crews for different cruises. You’ll see these folks later, even if that happens at a different corporation or startup.

And now I am reminded of Lionel Richie.

Future resume idea

Like a lot of people, I’m not sure which Commodores song I am feeling the most right now.

Obviously, a large part of me thinks it’s Sail On. Just like Lionel Richie sings, I’m tired of being used, I’m throwing away my blues, and I do want everyone to know I’m looking for a good time! Also, I used a ship metaphor in the first section of this piece.

“Yes I’ll be on my way, I won’t be back to stay
I guess I’ll move along, I’m lookin’ for a good time”

Here on Easy, Lionel Richie sings “Everybody wants me to be what they want me to be. I’m not happy when I try to fake it.”

“I wanna be hiiiiiiigh, so high”

A common theme between these smooth, crossover hits is that it is always hard to leave, even when you know you have to go. It’s can be just as hard to leave as it is to be left. It’s hard to be open to the possibility that where we are right now isn’t where we should be. But once we realize what to do, it can be easy.

Coming soon

I’m excited to announce the new beginning coming my way: This fall I will be joining Ben Brown, katie spence, Eric Soelzer, Michael Way, Mae Reed to work on Howdy.

I can’t really explain how excited I am. I’ve wanted to work for Ben since Consumating was Uber Personals, back when Uber meant Uber.nu. For years I’ve been grinding, leveling up, and I made it! Too many people in between then and now to thank, so I’ll just say Hey Howdy Hey.

“You can bet your spurs and saddle, that things’ll go your way”