Comments beneath the Irish Central “forgotten white Irish slaves” article
Liam Hogan

As I believe I’ve said to you before: What are these very comments but whining?!?! That this sort of whinging, this sort of blaming society’s ills on the African-American community is beyond the height of irony, seeing it as a pernicious problem to American Life.

To further miscomprehend reparations, welfare, etc… as if to think that they or their ancestors didn’t in anyway benefit from being white or those very things is reckless. That almost to a fault the police & fire departments were almost overwhelmingly Irish. To ignore such things as the deceptively named “Draft Riots” that happened for a week where their ancestors they are so proud of for having survived slavery would rather burn down the The Colored Orphan Asylum at 44th Street and 5th with children in it, then fight to end slavery. That they’d rather torch & terrorize an entire city, killing hundreds (injuring thousands) than compete says a great deal about heritage.

That to this day this very animus still informs their obfuscation or cognitive dissonance possible to write such things appalls me. Proving that old maxim that a lie will get all the way around the globe before the truth ever gets its shoes tied. Apparently it can last for hundreds of years as well. In this case (and anything really reported on Faux News too) it is still alive & well today as a strategy, and even such lies or falsehoods wrapped up in white fragility can even make you a front-runner in the political atmosphere we have today.

Along with signing this letter, it would be wise that since Facebook is becoming a “publishing” zone, and partnering with institutions like Irish Times or others that we also put pressure upon them, that they are not blameless in this, and that reporting violent threats (which you’ve not included here but I’ve seen in other incidents) and even racist language is somehow protected under the false flag of protected Free Speech.

Many places are removing their comment sections & hence farming it out to Facebook & Twitter, making them the stewards. As in this case — to do so with very little oversight, except their page manager, and Facebooks ToC is regrettable. This sort of #ExposureTrolling, or in the Attention Economy it is best for them to trade in strong emotions that get lots of clicks (even when patently false or even vaguely misleading) and many reactions so that they will rank higher in searches, be shared more than any of the rebuttals that you mount, or corrections posted.

This is deliberate, and whether they do so consciously or unconsciously makes very little difference to me since the same commenters would surely entertain violence or cheer it on if it were to happen to the particular focus of their scorn, in this case African-Americans. Or in other cases I’m sure to the immigrants whom they must also consider a threat to their idea of “civilization” while ignoring that the very heritage that brought them here?!?

Thank you again for being steadfast & resolute about this topic, setting the record straight, and documenting the memetic qualities of such dangerous notions.

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