On Firing Myself and Ending the Empire of One
Awesomely Luvvie

For years now after having discovered your “12 year overnight success” through Scandal recaps, hilarious Twitter commentary on Thursday nights, your raucous Facebook page (with the comment section that can only be described as fiyah) and your unrepentant hilarious use of gifs and Noap! You are and have been a hero of mine for some time. Marveling at how you manage to squeeze in so much social media into what seemed like a non-stop production of articles, constant global travel, ceaseless engagements…really made me wonder if you were the Energizer bunny come to life.

So it is refreshing to hear people both in your position or even in general speak to this myth of a Super Woman who has to do it all & smile while doing so! To those exacting standards no less, and nary a complaint. Your hustle is real, and evident to anyone who follows you, I’d hope.

That said, somewhere in my drafts folder is a pitch aimed at helping you do just what it seems you have come along & done. Expand, and branch out. I’m personally watching with rapt attention at what you will be able to accomplish with a team & more sleep! So glad to read such good news, because the world needs more Luvvie.

Especially looking forward to a broadening of the Awesomely Techie offshoot. Much success & encouragement as you continue to slay. Now if the rest of us could both get on your level and get in formation.


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