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Great Post!

You didn’t reveal though what your rising, moon, and etc… are! LOL (Capricorn, Gemini, Pisces here!)

Great segue from that into the level of perception that are available, that we experience, and cultivate. Lately this same thing has been on my mind.

Yet also the ‘performative’ nature of human interactions as a whole. As a person who has never ‘fit in’ or tried to fit in, being that sort of social outlaw can also have its limits. However, when among my closest compatriots even there ~ ideas of resilience, ferocity, and other things become ‘themes’ as it were. Which when I am in need, mean they rarely, if ever know how to respond/act/advise.

Being always on the outside, but relied upon, or sometimes embraced by varying cliques, groups, allies, friends, and such … finds them expecting me to ‘tell it like it is’ and to be a mouthpiece, do the work, that they as people pleasers won’t or don’t. That has caused somewhat of a mid-life crisis. Whether they be recent friends or decades old.

That being said, we change, and are fluid. Not fixed. So those layers shift, alter over time, reflect & react to your life changes as well. We are always becoming. In some cases people think, due to my IDGAF attitude, that I am an extrovert, when honestly I’m quite the introspective/introverted person most of the time. So it is hard to find people who see us in all our complexities, not just our most apparent features or layers.

Thanks for making me think about this today!

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