10 things I love about Flipboard
Flipboard Club

This is really interesting. Used to use Flipboard when it first came out, and love Craig Mod (which I think is how it came to be on my radar) and the way he thinks. The usage was very steady, and I even used it to peruse my other accounts (FB, Twitter…) during my commute.

However my commutes became less regular, and then non-existent as I’ve freelanced from home. So my usage stopped altogether. This article renews my interest in it, but I do recall before uninstalling that I just didn’t find the UX design to work personally for me.

Would have to reinstall to see what, if any of the things in here would be worthwhile or useful. Yet I can’t help but notice that those screenshots look like they came from an iPad (or tablet) and not from a phone. That would make it more worthwhile for me, but I don’t have one.

You know I didn’t even realize they had a web version (that must be new) and I’ll probably use that over my aging phone.

Thanks for making me pick it up again Tinu!


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