Enable 3 Finger Gesture for click and drag on Windows and Linux

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  • Position your mouse wherever you want to click and drag from and do a 3 finger tap on the touchpad
  • Move the mouse using a single finger like you normally do, except now the system acts like you’re click-and-dragging to that location. You can take your finger off the touchpad and on again to cover large portions of the screen, or even use the two finger gesture to scroll through large articles like this one and select the entire text.
  • When you’re done selecting, tap again either with a single finger or with 3 to end the gesture. You can now copy your selected text, or if you’d been moving windows around, it will now stop following your cursor. (I found that a single finger tap to end the gesture to end the drag feels much more natural, however I added the three finger as well for consistency.)
  1. Download and install AutoHotKey from https://www.autohotkey.com
  2. Download my AutoHotKey script from here (The code is available below as well)
  3. Double click the ahk file you downloaded to run it, and then test out your new gesture by following the explanation above to select this article! :)
  4. If you like the gesture and want to keep it on permanently, you’ll need to add a shortcut to the .ahk file to your Windows startup folder. Click here for instructions on that.


  1. Download the patched, precompiled binary for libinput here. It was compiled on a 64 bit Ubuntu machine (AMD64). Please comment with your system details if the binary doesn’t work on your laptop. If you’d prefer, you can also manually compile libinput from the patched code and install it. Code and installation instructions are all available from the link to the original post above.
  2. Open a terminal and cd to wherever you downloaded the file. Run the following two commands:




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