Google: My Dearest Friend, and also the Advertiser’s

Daksh Randeria
Jul 26 · 2 min read

A recent New York Times article about the shift over time in Google’s Privacy Policy clearly reflects the change to the technology company’s business model. Over the last decade we, the users, have become an extremely fine-tuned product up for sale to various advertisers. Tools like Gmail, Android and YouTube have become too ingrained in our daily lives to consider giving up without sacrificing productivity.

Even self-proclaimed tech- and privacy-savvy individuals (like me) have a hard time not using Google tools like Photos, which has excellent facial recognition (your Google contacts’ photos are automatically tagged and are “searchable”) as well as accurate object recognition (“beer” will quickly retrieve all beer pictures in my account). It won’t be long before Google will use this information to try and sell me more beer. I also conceded the battle of location privacy long ago by choosing to plug-in every destination in Maps to help me get there faster.

It’s easier to disconnect from Facebook (and Instagram) than Google. Our wholehearted adoption of Google’s awesome suite of products is guaranteed to pull us deeper into this internet giant’s black-hole.

We not just love but rely on Google and confide to it our deeply personal thoughts and needs. Does Google love us back, or has it bro-zoned us, forever chasing the highest bidder?

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