Mud-dy Memories in a Waffle Cone

Daksh Randeria
Jul 9 · 2 min read

There are few things that bring out the kid inside each one us — ice cream is one of them.

Last weekend was a really hot summer day and we found ourselves at Kilwin’s in Morristown (yes it’s a national chain — but hold your judgmental horses — it’s no Baskin Robbins). There was a girl, no more than 4 years old, who entered just before us and she couldn’t decide which flavor she wanted. I could totally relate to her — it seemed impossible to pick a single kind when there were at least two dozen of them staring at you from behind the glass barrier.

They were all so colorful, some of them looked so creamy, some were so decadent, and with such tantalizing names as New Orleans Praline Pecan and French Silk. It doesn’t help when you have cheerful teenage staff who seem like they would let you try literally every flavor on offer, before you needed to pick.

The little girl finally picked the Superman flavor with sprinkles on top, and told another customer who was waiting to order, “Rainbow sprinkles is not my favorite, it is only one of my favorites”. That girl is my role model.

The little boy in me finally picked three flavors, when he couldn’t decide on one — Morristown Mud, Cake Batter, and Fudgie Brownie, and they all melted together to create an even more unique flavor.

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